Unboxing the Tigermoth Camping Trailer and Rooftop Tent

Unboxing the Tigermoth Camping Trailer and Rooftop Tent

hey it’s Dave and welcome to Folktopia. I
am super excited to share with you this brand new Tigermoth trailer from Taxa
outdoors. We have been car camping for 20 years
and our kids are getting to be the age where they want to spend some time with
us, but they’re almost out of the house so we decided why wait until retirement
or whatever. So I’m gonna share with you some of the ways that I’m outfitting it.
Okay so this is me first day just got the Tiger Moth trailer home, outfitting
the kitchen first. It’s got this cool I think it must be a CNC cut sort of kitchen
box and putting all the stuff that I typically have in just like a little
basket into these cubbies. It’s got the cool cutting surface and then the whole
thing just like slips away under the bench seat there and then you deadbolt
all the doors when you’re you know on highway. We got it really pretty much
nicely outfitted. We purchased the Primus stove, which is the one that I would have
gotten anyways, I’ve got this sort of Moroccan beach bag that we keep a lot
of like our blankets and towels and beach stuff in–so just kind of squaring
that away inside. one of the cool features is this like big batwing porch
door–and so I’m just chilling in there watching some YouTube for a minute. It
also comes nicely equipped with like the towing accessories, shore power cord, the
leveling jack dealio… leveling blocks, a trailer hitch lock,
really nicely equipped. Okay let’s talk about the tent this is the “Yakima
Skyrise 2” 3-person. We had the option of going with either a Tepui or a Yakima
for up to 3 persons. The Yakima has a lot going for it. It’s I believe 20 pounds
lighter than the equivalent Tepui, It gets secured to the crossbars really
easily so in the winter or off season it’s gonna be much easier to take off.
Now that being said I kind of like the look of the Tepui tents and the
interior color as it’s diffused through the fabric of the tent creates this like
red hue on everything which is like you know it’s kind of pretty typical for
tents to do that to be like blue or red or whatever, but I kind of like the
natural colors that Tepui has and I’m not sure that the weight was actually a
big consideration considering like our overall load in the camper is pretty
low–but the quick release feature on the Yakima is still like a pretty nice
feature, and what I have heard is that the ladder and the mattress cover at
least are of good quality on the Yakima and the only thing that I would say is
that there is a rip on the tent on the skirt that goes around the outside edge.
I’m not sure if that was an installation thing. In fact either tent it’s probably
totally good and there’d be pros and cons to either. Okay, a couple of other
things about the tent–just in comparison to regular tent camping it’s like
convenient in some ways but it’s not like so much faster or more convenient
in other ways that i would say it’s like a complete slam-dunk.
Now the comfort level of the tent compared to a ground tent is much better
so like hoorah but like the idea of like it being like raining or there’s a
windstorm or something where like you’d need to like take the tent down under
adverse conditions is a little bit freaky to me because you’re climbing
around on the trailer and you’re up on the the wheel wells and like some like
slightly slippery surfaces and there’s a lot of tension on the rods that support
the awning so like you really got to be mindful of what you’re doing is you
don’t want to get like a frickin rod in your eye. So would I get a rooftop tent
again? Yes I would cuz of the comfort. You know we had a raccoon in our campsite
you know swirling around and it just it felt really good not only to have the
trailer but also to have the tent elevated one little modification that I did right
away was I took this old milk crate and then I took some scrap cedar wood boards
and lined the bottom so that I could put like my cast iron cooker in there and
some of the like pokey things that I needed to stow in the trailer and have
them be you know nice and compartmentalized with no risk of
scratching the bottom of the trailer floor so here we are on our first trip
trying out still kind of biscuits in the morning you know really enjoying all the
aspects that you like about car camping which is that like you can bring more
ear and you know not have to pack so light you can see everybody’s kind of
cozy lounging we got the doors open we had a nice like zero Degree bag just
from Amazon we’re gonna be going out to the mountains a summer and you know it
could certainly be in the 30s and I think everything will be pretty cozy
with the zero Degree bag and then a bunch of other just sort of supplemental
blankets and sleeping bags and stuff one tidbit that I’ll just say if you’re
interested in getting one of these trailers is that the cushioning is not
like comfortable it’s like durable and hard and well made
we added a two and a half inch full memory foam topper but I think two and a
half or even three inches of memory foam on top of the existing foam mattress
would be a requirement if you want it to be like noticeably better
ten campaign thanks for tuning in if you like what you’ve seen consider

10 thoughts on “Unboxing the Tigermoth Camping Trailer and Rooftop Tent

  1. Liked your initial tour and outfitting. Awesome idea with milk crate with cedar floor. Not interested in a tent topper, separate subject content

  2. When installing the spring rods, insert into the lower hole first than bend and hook the tent awning, works way easier.

  3. Great video, thanks so much for sharing! What has your experience been with the onboard power supply so far? Would love to hear how that's been so far, both in terms of charging before hitting the road and in use out in the woods. Thanks in advance!

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