Unemployed During the Holidays

Unemployed During the Holidays

There’s really no good time to be unemployed,
but if you’re unemployed during the holiday season, life can really suck, I get it. In today’s video, I’m gonna share with you
three strategies that you can use starting right now that’s gonna help you remain focused
on your job search, increase your positivity, and also increase your optimism. So stay tuned. Hi everyone, my name is Bill Benoist, I’m
a certified professional career coach here in Silicon Valley. I upload new career tips and strategies every
Tuesday, and I’m also the creator of the online course, Finding Work That Fuels Your Passion. So if you’re in career transition, definitely
check out the notes below. There’s a link to the online course, I think
you’ll find it quite resourceful. The holiday season is stressful enough without
the extra burden of being unemployed. I mean, that just adds a lot more difficulty
to the situation. It’s not only because of the obvious, lack
of money, and the holiday season in itself and what it brings, but just the stress of
the days growing shorter, and getting darker earlier, and it’s gray outside, and it’s cold
outside. All of these things can have an effect on
our body. Now, this is actually not one of the tips
that I wanted to incorporate today, but I’m gonna say it as I’m thinking about it, and
that is light therapy. There has been a lot of research on how beneficial
it is to bring light into your work area, so make sure that as you’re working you’ve
got some really good lighting in there, lighting that maybe resembles the outdoor sun. You can find these kind of lamps and bulbs
on Amazon, so check that out. Again, that’s not part of the tip, but it
is something that has a lot of medical research behind it. The tip that I do wanna give you is something
that I’ve been practicing for some time now, and when I say that, probably a couple of
years. That is maintaining a gratitude journal. As I’m recording this video, I live in Northern
California, and right now there is one of the worst fires in state history that’s been
happening in Northern California. Actually, the entire state seems to be on
fire. The last I heard when I turned on the news
was over 80 people that’ve been killed in this fire, and another 1,000 plus that are
missing. These are things that are hitting the news,
right off the bat what I’m being exposed to. On top of that, I learned this week that a
childhood cousin of mine has been diagnosed with stage four cancer, I had a $500 expense
that was, I was not expecting to happen. All of this within just the last few days. This video’s not about me, but where I’m going
with this is that for the last couple of years, I’ve been keeping a gratitude journal. At the end of every single night, I write
down three good things that happened to me during the day. I’ve gotta tell you, it’s made such a significant
impact in my life. Because if I wasn’t doing that, it’s all of
these negative things that I’m going to be going to bed and sleeping on every single
night. But instead, what I’ve done is I’ve kinda
rewired my brain that I’m going to bed every single night with three good things that have
happened during the day, and it really does work. There’s a lot of medical research behind this
as well. It’s something that, if you’re not doing this,
I highly encourage you to start. The second non-negotiable item in my life
is a mindfulness meditation of 15 minutes every single day. Again, just like the gratitude journal, I
started doing the mindfulness meditation a couple of years ago, and I’ve gotta tell you
15 minutes a day has really increased my focus, my optimism, and my positivity. If you think about it for a moment, don’t
you want as much optimism and positivity as you can muster when you’re going in for that
job interview? Because there will be job interviews out there,
and you want to go in feeling like you’re on top of the world, not that you’re being
buried by the world. This is a great way to really increase these
things. Now, with both the gratitude journal and the
mindfulness meditation, I’m gonna leave some links to some free apps in the notes section
below, so make sure that you check those out. Now, as promised, I also wanna give you something
transactional that you can be practicing during, not only the holiday season, you can be doing
this every single day of the week. This is a great time to start networking if
you’re not doing it, because you’ve got built in subject matter, and that could be the holidays,
whether it’s Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or New Years. Heck, it could even be Valentine’s Day, but
this is something that you should be doing all the time, but for the holiday season,
it’s a great time to do it because it gives you something to do. It makes you feel better. You can use it in your gratitude journal. Hey, I was grateful that today I was able
to start networking with three individuals, or five individuals. Open up your LinkedIn account, and I want
you to go to my network. On your connections, go ahead and click on
see all. Then filter those connections by recently
added, and unfortunately with this you cannot filter it by the last added. You have to go to the recently added, but
once you have that there, you’re gonna have all of your connections down in the order
of which they were added. I want you to go to the very bottom of that
list, and that may take you a little bit of time if you have a lot of connections out
there, but go to the very bottom of the list. I want you to click on one of those connections,
and this is what I want you to write, this is the message I want you to send them. Hey, and just call them by name. Hey George, hey Bill, hey Karen. I was going through my contacts and I saw
your name, and it’s been a long time since we last saw each other at, and let them know
where it was that you last saw each other, ’cause they may have forgotten about this. What’s going on in your world nowadays? No rush to reply, I know people are busy,
but would love to hear what you’ve been up to when you have a chance. All my best, Bill. It’s as simple as that. You want to start reconnecting with people. If you said anything else in that, it’s like
why are they coming out of the woodwork a year since I last saw them, or two years? What is it that they want? But you’re just going through and you’re saying,
“hey, I was going through my contacts, and I saw your name and I wanted to reconnect
and say hi, and see what you’re up to.” There’s no hidden agenda there. Once they do start connecting with you, and
about 70% of the individuals will when you take this approach, then you can move it a
little bit closer, and when they ask you what’s going on, you sit there and say, “well, right
now, I’m focusing on a job search. I’ve been pretty active.” Let the conversation flow this way. It works. It really does. Remember, networking is not about collecting
people, it’s about connecting with people one on one. Keep that in mind whenever you are networking. It’s not a deal where you’re going out to
some hotel, the Hilton, or the Biltmore, throwing a name tag on, getting a cocktail, walking
around trading business cards. No. Networking is connecting with people. Whether it’s somebody off of your LinkedIn,
or your dental hygienist, or the grocery clerk at the store. This is what networking’s about. All right, I hope you found this video informative
and useful. Again, please check the notes section below
as I have links to a gratitude journal and also a meditation app, both of them are absolutely
free. Again, check out the online class I have,
if you’re currently in career transition I think you’d find that a great resource. Thank you for stopping by, and I will see
you in the next video.

10 thoughts on “Unemployed During the Holidays

  1. YES!! The attitude of gratitude will change your life!! The fires have definitely had an impact on some of my loved ones, but its incredible to heat them say, I may have lost my house, but I still have my life!! Great tips Bill!

  2. I keep a gratitude journal daily as well and I always ask my family what they're grateful for. I agree that it makes a significant difference in your mindset and overall health. Didn't know you were into mindfulness meditation as well – something that's changed my life, too! It helps with any stressful situation. Great video, Bill, with some key points for anyone dealing with stress (so everyone!) Cheers!

  3. Bill, this is such a tough topic. My heart goes out to those that are unemployed during the holidays. I love the ideas you shared to help folks stay focused.

  4. Great point about the shorter days and the colder/wet weather closing in. This is where you need to keep your mind in positive mode.

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