unforgettable road trip experience in the shayadri hills/beautiful tourist spot in maharastra

unforgettable road trip experience in the shayadri hills/beautiful tourist spot in maharastra

hallo friends,welcome to secret of samayal today we are not going to see any cooking video today i;m going to tell you a different road trip experience of mine this is a highway in the western ghats,shayadri hills this is in maharastra some years back we went on that highway these clipings are taken during that time clipings are little shaky,please adjust with it it was a beautiful experience wonderful place it was i think you all will enjoy this video the speciality of this highway is ,within20 km stretch there are hundreds of waterfalls all the waterfalls are on the highway i haven’t seen any highway like this before this highway is near pune there was beautiful valleys over there full of greenary with clouds you could notice the white lines,those are waterfalls water flow over the highway throughout they have covered many hills with iron net,to control land slides this route is little risky to travel during rainy season see this falls perfectly at the center of the highway this is nature’s free water wash look at the vehicles passing through the waterfalls not only four wheelers,two wheelers also take the shower people also take a good shower have u ever seen a waterfalls like this on the road see that bike person is coming through watch this jeep i think,they have brought this jeep only to water wash it the jeep will turn back to water wash its so beautiful know? nobody passing by can’t go without taking a shower in this falls even if we are inside the car ,we feel like as if we are taking a shower we enjoyed well see that jeep is coming back but here for only 2 months this season will be there only during august and september that is the monsoon time in maharastra only during that time you could see this waterfalls and greenary during other seasons this area will become totally dry this is not like our hill stations ,it doesn’t maintain a climate throughout the year you could enjoy only during monsoon here see the beautiful valleys you could see in the long sight,there are lots of waterfalls we saw about hundreds of water falls there how this spot developed as a tourist place? when they were developing the highway the gov noticed the difference in monsoon then it attracted people and became a tourist spot if you like road trips ,you will definitly like this experience it is an experince which we can’t miss we have seen in our hill stations too,waterfalls when we travel but that will be here and there, but here in short distance we can see lots of waterfalls people enjoy bathing in the falls this waterfalls is in a distance,that we couldn’t reach there are wild rivers too it falls from a great hieght,looks awesome isn’t it see the clouds the area is totally misty and cloudy looks like megamalai of north see this family…how they enjoy the shower waiting for the vehicles to move they were enjoying to the core that boy is running inside the waters kids will enjoy well this is the only tunnel route in this highway i will say,this is only 50% beauty you could see through the camera if you see live you won;t believe at all it was so beautiful to see they have kept a huge rock as a structure see this monkeys,they do their work perfectly picking up insects for his friend picking up insects for his friend you could notice the falls at the back see this baby monkey,drinking pure rain water but we should be careful in places where monkeys are this is a 360 degree view watch the white lines,those are all water falls i anybody has a chance to go there ,should try this trip on this highway it is a worthy experience you all would have liked this video if you like this video,please subscribe my channel till i meet you in my next video,bye bye

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  1. Good morning friends..
    Have a beautiful day.

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    Problems are not..
    Stop signs,
    They are…

    Thank you !!!

    இனிய காலை வணக்கம்..
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    நன்றி !!!

  2. ஹாய் சிஸ்டர் குட் மார்னிங் பார்க்கவே அவ்ளோ சூப்பரா இருக்கு இந்த வீடியோவை பார்த்து நாங்கள் ரொம்பவே என்ஜாய் பண்ணினோம்

  3. Superamma stillnow i cannt see like water falls onthe way road. Romba romba nalla irukku. All water falls r look v.beautiful

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