Universal Studios Singapore – Tour of the best rides and attractions

Universal Studios Singapore – Tour of the best rides and attractions

I’m Gary Bembridge of Tips For Travellers, in this video I have something for fans of Theme Parks. Universal Studios in Singapore. It’s a fantastic experience. It’s a great theme park and i’m going to show you around universal studios in Singapore. Opening officially in 2011, it is the fourth Universal Studios theme park in the world. It’s the smallest but still has 24 attractions across seven zones set around a central lagoon. There are 30 restaurants and food carts. You enter the park in Hollywood Walk and along the walk there are frequent character appearances. One tip is to turn left on arrival into Madagascar as most people turn right. The rides will be quieter and less lines by going this way. It is themed around the DreamWorks films and it was fun. The Madagascar Great Crate adventure is fun. Next on to Far Far Away Land, themed around Shrek films. This large area has a number of great attractions, including the Enchanted Airways – a more child friendly roller coaster. The Puss in Boots Giant Journeys is one of the new arrivals in the park and also child-friendly. Height restrictions apply to these of these rides. I really enjoyed the Shrek 4-D Adventure, held in the theater with rows of seats that have some movement. The Donkey Live shows is great fun too. Next you head into the Lost World. The first area is Jurassic Park. There is the fantastic Canopy Flyer which whisks you over the treetops. For kids The Dyno Soren lets them ride their own flying dinosaur. The brave can ride the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. The second part of the Lost World is Waterworld. It’s a live show based on the film of the same name, set in a world covered by water. There is remarkable jet skiing and boat actions, with plenty of bangs and explosions. Make sure you check the times of the shows – and make sure you go. You leave the Lost World to enter Ancient Egypt. This is an impressive part of the park. It includes the Treasure Hunter where the kids can drive there own Jeep around a track. There are frequent appearances by Egyptian Royalty. The adrenaline junkies can then enjoy the Revenge of the Mummy roller coaster in the dark which has lots of twists and turns. Carter’s Curiosities sells Egyptian souvenirs. It’s a complete change as you leave ancient Egypt to enter the future and Sci-Fi city. The main feature here is the world’s tallest dueling roller coasters based on Battlestar Gallatica – select the Human side on Cylon and ride over 14 storeys high. If that is too much then try the Accelerator – whirling and twirling cups. My favourite ride though is the 3-D Transformers ride. You travel in small pods with 3-D screens all around you as the pods twist and turn. It’s my all-time favourite Universal ride. Beside here is New York with famous replicas like the library and Rockefeller Center. The attractions here include “Light Camera Action” hosted by Steven Spielberg. A set is destroyed by a hurricane before your eyes. There is also a fun space adventure with Elmo and Super Grover. Then you are back where we started in Hollywood and the exit. I recommend stopping at the Hollywood China Bistro for some dim sum, noodles or rice. Or perhaps a Starbuck’s coffee from the Celebrity Cafe. It’s not a far from the large Universal Studios store. It may be the smallest Universal Studios in the world but, as you can see from the 24 attractions and 30 places to eat, there’s a lot to see and to do. It’s really easy to navigate and get around as it’s in a circle around that central lagoon. I loved every minute of my time. I hope you enjoyed that video and it’s given you some great travel inspiration or ideas. If you’re watching this video on youtube would be great if you gave a like for the video and also please subscribe to the channel Tips for Travellers.

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  1. Gary, since I saw your video on the Queen Mary 2, I have to say I've been thoroughly impressed with your work. You've got a great conversational style, easy to listen to, and you provide a lot of interesting information. I'm always looking out for new videos on your channel.

  2. excellent! thank you so much for these informations. we'll be visiting singapore on june 5th with my friends, very much excited. good job sir. ☺☺☺

  3. Actually, I would reccomend to turn right as you enter, because it will be quicker and easier if you do the more popular rides first (Transformers, Battlestar Galactrica, Revenge of The Mummy, Canopy Flyover and Enchanted Airways) first. Other rides (Puss in Boots, Spaghetti Space Race, Madagscae Crate Adventure, Jurrasic Park Rapids Adventure, etc.) all have very short wait times (Usually 5 – 25 mins). I would also reccomend staying a whole day here, and arriving at opening time (so you can get to best rides first). You could also arrive slightly later in the afternoon and stay until closing time (also is less busy).

  4. Pls tell the best rides for kids apart from roller coaster which they can really enjoy without getting scared?
    How much one has to walk in universal studios from one area to another? Can we carry a backpack for water bottle n some snacks?
    The eateries inside must be expensive as well .

  5. excellent workshop, really helped me to schedule my time on my travelling to Singapore. great work hopefully have more tips for travel in Singapore.

  6. Did you say that it's better to turn left and carry and come back from right side? I will be going early in the morning to spend my whole day there and maybe buy express ticket. I made a small error on going to Singapore whilst during school holidays ax I am planning to visit it on 120318

  7. My husband and son are there today and I decided to take a look at the park. Your video was a great overview, the photography was very clear and your explanations were helpful to understand the layout of the park. Thank you!

  8. Ancient egypt is really scary
    There is alot of ghost in there
    I have go there once and then i cried on the roller coaster

  9. Is it possible to cover all the places shown in a single day ? If not how many days do you need to cover full of universal studios

  10. I wonder how you can travel the world and go on expensive cruises, you look like a Drug trafficker. Man you need to change, dont love the world, for the love of God will never be in you. Jesus is coming back soon to judge the wicked world whom the lovers of the world promotes persistently!

  11. I saw these allll… These are really so interesting. Everyone should visit Universal Studios atleast once. It may pass an wonderful time while in Universal Studios…

  12. Thank you. Very informative. In 2018 what is the best way to buy tickets? Online before we travel, at the park, etc?

  13. Don’t waste your time visiting this place. Staffs are rude. Long queue everywhere under the hot sun. Not having good time at all.

  14. Pro Tip: If you want to catch “Lights, Camera Action” do note that the shortest waiting time will be about 10-30 minutes max. It has a roughly fixed waiting time and the show’s about 10 minutes long.

  15. Thumbs up.. I learned a lot for our coming travel to Universal Studios.. Is it necessary to spend full day though?

  16. I been Hollywood studios…so much entertainment good weather to…
    But this place very hot….. and smaller..
    Nothing there …..

  17. As a Singaporean myself here are some of the must ride attractions. With or without children.

    1.the dragon ride

    2.canopy flyer

    3.transformer 3D

    4.the revenge of the mummy

    And if you are brave enough



  18. How many days should this take or can it be done in 1 day?

    Also, how long were the lineups for the rides? Thank you.

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