University of Oregon Campus Tour

University of Oregon Campus Tour

>>Jeff Rogers: Before stepping on campus, I didn’t know that I would go to the University of Oregon. It was definitely always an option; my sister went to Oregon and I knew it could be a place that I would feel comfortable and that I would enjoy. I looked at a couple schools out of state, but out of every school that I kept looking at, it just led me closer and closer to the University of Oregon. My first class at the University of Oregon was inside the Lillis Business Complex and just upon walking into the building I felt like I had accomplished something; or that I had reached a goal, that I had made it, I had come to college. This is a place where, there’s only up from here. Memorial quad is what looks like the college experience. It’s a big huge lawn full of trees, there’s plenty of open space for activity, there’s a ton of events on campus, and it’s just a central place of culture within the UO. When I came in I was a little intimidated, but I was surprised at how small the class sizes really were. A lot of the work was done in groups that I love. I love talking to people, and working with people with your common interests, especially for studies that you’re interested in, or classes that you’ve been wanting to take. Once you’re in that smaller environment, you’d be surprised cause it feels like you’re right at home in this really small environment. 13th is the main artery that drives through the heart of campus here at the UO. I love 13th because you’re always running into your friends, you get to walk past all of the beautiful buildings on campus, and it just creates a nice easy way to find your way around. Most of the buildings are just right off 13th and so once you’re off class you’re back out on the road, see a couple more friends, and you’re off to the next place. After walking into the EMU you emerge into a corridor on the east side of campus. Just to the left there’s the south lawn which gets the most sun of any other lawn on campus so you always see people out there on nice days. Along that corridor, there’s also all of the dorms on campus, so it creates for this close, tight knit community of on-campus living. As your walking out you’ll meet a ton of different people your age when you’re a freshman, and you’re all walking to class, and it just creates for a nice tight knit environment and it’s unlike any other place on campus. Being from Oregon, I didn’t wanna cut off all my options and just assume that I would go to the University of Oregon. So to give it a fair shot I wanted to take the campus tour, and after taking a campus tour I remember the specific spot when I knew that this is where I wanted to be. It was this very spot three years ago when I knew I wanted to be a Duck and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

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  1. Can anyone help me if they know ,,
    I plan on majoring in finance preferably or something along business ,,, what school would be better University of Oregon or Oregon State ? Looked it up and noticed that state had a finance program and uni.of Oregon had business so it seems state is better but I can’t help feel uni. Is overall a better school? Anyone help please

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