Unusual Indian street food | TRADITIONAL Bengali food + massive Indian food tour in KOLKATA, INDIA

Unusual Indian street food | TRADITIONAL Bengali food + massive Indian food tour in KOLKATA, INDIA

we’re in Kolkata India and this video
is gonna be all about some crazy good street food we’ve got so many delicious
eats lined up to share with you in this one the street food culture in Kolkata
is one of the most exciting in India this is our third video from Kolkata and
we’re eating some of the city’s tastiest food we start the day with one of the city’s
most popular breakfasts of tea and toast before devouring a traditional Bengali
lunch of fish and mutton curries at one of the city’s iconic Pice Hotels an
establishment which has been around since 1938 watch out for a street food
hub with a third-generation stall serving up a surprising twist on British
fare, a frothy creamy beverage perfect for the Indian winter and stick around
for some of Kolkata’s famous deep fried snacks in this India series we’ll show
you some of the country’s best food from heritage recipes to street food in
India’s local markets you don’t want to miss this series
get ready for some mouth-watering food I’m Thomas and I’m Sheena and we’re Chasing a Plate we hope you’re hungry let’s eat India is such a special country to be in
filming there’s just so much going on here in everyday life but there is also
so much street food I mean look at this strip here there’s nothing but street
food lined up there’s not many countries in the world where the concentration of
street food is as high as India we’re already at our first stop for the day so
we’re gonna grab breakfast at this little place we’ve come to this chai stall or
tea stall to order tea and toast for breakfast
now chai stalls are common all around Kolkata all around India and they’re always
busy all hours of the day early morning right through the late evening and
that’s because the chai is always so good and this place is famous for its
toast so let’s go and order shupru pat ek chai and ek malai toast yes please ah sugar breakfast is served
and look at this little bits of white toast with cream on top and we went for
the sugar option so you can see all those huge sugar crystals all over there
so you can get a salt version or a sugar version we’ve got a cup of chai to go
with that I want to give you a quick look at this stand before I eat this
because this is a very cool little street stand wow this looks so good
the stand is neat so they’re making the chai up here on the ledge really often
here in India the stands are sort of raised up from the ground so he’s
sitting up there making the chai which smells incredible and then over the
other side here this guy’s doing the toast and cream and I’ve got to say it’s
the first ever street stall I’ve seen with a toaster he’s got sort of a pretty
much a normal home toaster there which is pretty cool I’ve never seen that at a
street stall so he’s whipping up the cream and toast so let’s get into this
actually let’s go with this chai first cause it’s just calling out my name look
at that beautiful skin on the top there chai in India unreal Oh oh that is so good
I got all of that skin oh so it’s a milk based tea so a lot of milk a lot of sugar
spices unreal I’m gonna have to give Sheena the chai so that I can use my
hands for this toast so let’s get a nice big piece of toast so literally toasted
bread so toast nice thick white piece of bread with cream on top and sugar oh that is so good so it’s a really thin cream basically like the cream off the
top so they’ve skimmed it off the top it’s
still got a little bit of wateriness to it to it it’s super creamy obviously
there’s a lot of sugar on there which really sweetens it up so it gives
it a beautiful sweetness but the amount of sugar on there I thought that’s gonna
be a bit much maybe that’s gonna take over from that cream but it hasn’t you’ve
still got the beautiful dairy flavors the creaminess from the cream oh that is
so good it’s so rich in your mouth it’s not just full of sweetness it’s richness
in there that is delicious and you can see how busy this little
stall is it’s just a constant flow of people coming in and I mean like check
this out so you’ve got street food stand street food stand street food stand street
food stand fruit stand there is so much going on in India so this is the perfect
way to start perfect way to start the video and the perfect breakfast right
here in the middle of all the amazing chaos Kolkata is the capital of the state over
West Bengal and there is no way that we could visit West Bengal and not eat a
traditional Bengali meal and so when I was doing my research I was trying to find
where we could eat a really sort of homestyle local Bengali feast and the
same thing kept coming up time and time again and that was to go to a Pice Hotel
so Pice Hotels are no frills restaurants serving sort of authentic
Bengali dishes we’ve just arrived at the Pice Hotel it’s been around since 1938 so
let’s go and eat it’s quite a pokey little space so it’s
upstairs and they said to get here really early because the best dishes
sell out real quick so I hope we’re here in time shuupu shondha kemon achen, two please do you have a rui maachar jhol and
mutton kasha yeah perfect thank you now I ordered a couple of
traditional Bengali dishes so a mutton curry and a fish dish and then I think
what happens is you get like a default meal with rice and dal and whatnot so
I’m not really sure what happens we’ll see what comes before our food comes I
want to just see if we can have a bit of a nosey into the kitchen so this is
part of the kitchen here and you can see all of the different dishes set up there’s fish there’s meat all sorts and then if we come over here they are cooking up
huge pots of dal so you can see it cooking over charcoal wow the smell is
beautiful shushadu how neat what a feast, shushadu
it looks so good thank you okay so our meals have arrived and whoa they are huge
and they look delicious and smell so good
Pice hotels are where locals come to eat traditional homestyle cooking so dishes
that your Mum or your Grandma would cook and this is exactly the type of food
that Thomas and I were really keen on finding and what has shown up looks so
good let me talk you through what we’ve got okay so this here is the rui maachar jhol it is a traditional Bengali fish curry that’s the piece of fish in
the middle there and then this here is the mutton kasha so that’s a Bengali
mutton curry mutton in India is actually goat this here is a little pot
of potatoes chips so very crispy be great to add some texture to all of these curries
and then we’ve got a pile of rice we ordered one dal to share between us the
Pice system is that everything is priced individually so every single dish is
priced individually right down to the lime that’s on our rice to the banana
leaf and then to the little clay cups that the water is served in the big pots
of dal cooking out in that open kitchen were awesome bubbling away
what I’m gonna do is just pour some on my rice and then I might just chuck some
potato chips on the side here I love this potato crisps with our meal and
then I might go for this this mutton curry first so get some of that gravy on
that rice and then a bit of that meat so this is a really low and slow cooking
style style dish so the mutton is cooked for a long time with a ton of
aromatics so ginger garlic lots of tomatoes spices then meat is beautiful
tender as anything it’s got a great hit of chilli heat so it’s very spicy quite
a sharp spice but you can also taste the tomato flavor and all of those spices in
there so the ginger or the aromatics the ginger the garlic it’s amazing mix up
that dal through that rice I may get some of these potato chips add a bit of
that texture the potato chips are very crispy and
that dal so creamy full of turmeric I want to get into this fish now so this
fish the Rohu or the Rui is actually a fish from this region of Bengal so
you can see here a big piece of fish I don’t know if there’s bones in there but I
find with eating with your fingers it makes it very easy to pick apart all of
those bones and whatnot so oh yep there’s bones in there for sure let’s
just get a big piece of this fish it’s fried golden so you can see there and
quite big bones so look at that big bones in there so pull those out the the
gravy that it’s cooked in is made up of ginger and garlic and lots of turmeric the gravy is so creamy very subtle you
can still taste all of the aromatics and the spices but it’s very nice and gentle
there’s no sharp burst of heat or anything like that I love the concept of
these Pice hotels where everything is priced individually because you don’t
have to spend the earth I’m looking around and seriously some people are
just eating rice and dal whereas other people have got seafood they’ve got meat
they’ve got a huge feast in front of them so if you want to cut down on cost you
could go without the banana leaf you could go without the clay cup and just drink
from a a aluminium cup it’s a really neat concept and the food it’s so good that was such a great meal my hand’s
actually stained from the turmeric in all of those curries and the flavor of the
mustard seeds and whatnot are just lingering in my mouth whoa onwards to the next spot we are now in Deckers lane now this is
one of the street food hubs here in Kolkata and so there’s a lot of street
food all the way up this laneway but like any good street food sort of hub you
can always tell the best places from the biggest crowds and this stall here is
very famous with a really interesting dish this is a chicken stew which comes with
toast which sounds very dull but you’ve got to check this out it’s a very
interesting dish with great history very unique history this is the most famous
stall on Deckers Lane and it is famous for a chicken stew like Thomas said and it is
fourth generation so it’s been around for over 70 years we’ve got to move forward and put our order in shuupu shondha, kemon achen, good, only a tiny bit so ek chicken stew ek toast please this stall is absolutely all go you can see the constant line oh dhonnobad, napkins
you can see the constant line of people and they’re using all the space
available so down underneath in this tiny little gap they’re cooking the
bread so toasting the bread over charcoal that’s hidden down underneath
above that they’ve got a little pot of stew on the burner they’ve got another big
pot of stew hiding under the counter this guy’s doing the tea it is all action
this guy’s doing the dishes right here in front of me right in the middle
of the lane and middle of all the action let’s get into the stew this is a super
cool street stall all action like I said and the stew looks super
interesting but I was saying this is quite a unique dish and I think it is I
mean if you look at it to me I think it just looks like an English stew and
essentially that’s what makes this unique so India was colonized by the British
and this is a leftover from that period but it’s been twisted and changed into a
Indian style chicken stew so you’ve got your chicken stew which is in this very
thin sauce you see a whole lot of pepper on that got a carrot in the stew and
this here is actually papaya so very lightly colored pieces of papaya
you’ve got some toast that’s been cooked over the charcoals a little bit of
butter and a little bit of salt and pepper on there let’s just get a little
bit of that broth that the stew is in Oh yum
very simple in flavour good hit of that pepper from that it’s got a bunch of
spices I’m just gonna rip into this chicken whoa this is a bit tough with one hand I
don’t want to drop all my stew on the ground oh yeah there we go huge big bit
of chicken hmm very mild in flavour so nicely spiced a big hit of pepper cause
there’s a lot of pepper on that chicken chicken the chicken is a little bit tough not super tender, not falling off the bone but a lovely mild taste very much unlike
you expect in India it’s much milder than you normally get with food here and
I think that is a hang on from the British side where British food can be a
little bit more mild but so they’ve used a few more spices and lifted it more to the Indian taste oh the papaya that’s really taken on the flavor
just dunk some of this peppery buttery toast in there mm oh man yeah I think I said it’s got a
little bit of butter and some pepper actually it’s got a lot of butter and
it’s soaked right through that bread it exploded in my mouth with butter that is
an insanely good addition now I can see now why everyone gets this toast with
this stew because that takes it up so many notches let’s really get it sodden that’s what it’s all about for me I’d happily have just this broth the toast
and the papaya I’m so glad there’s two bits of this peppery buttery bread
because that’s totally the winner on this tray of food but I love the
atmosphere I mean look how everyone’s just lined up on these bench seating along the lane
we’ve still got cars and motorbikes coming through it’s absolutely full on
and it’s very neat there’s a dog just right behind Sheena there’s crows all around us
very cool environment that chicken stew was super tasty now as we
were eating I was noticing everyone was finishing their chicken stew and then
making a making a beeline to this shop right here because they are serving
full cream hot milk they’ve got this big like a wok full of hot milk so let’s go and
order a glass shuupu shondha kemon achen can we have one milk please ek milk, yep thank you wow all right that looks so good oh and some
cream off the top oh perfect wow dhonnobad that was really neat watching him do it so he scooped some of the milk out of this big pot added a bit of sugar asked
me if I wanted sugar pulled it so to froth it up a bit so from one glass
one pot to another pulled it and then he scooped you can see here the cream on
the top and he scooped a bit of that cream and popped it on the top it’s
piping hot this thing looks so creamy super fluffy sweet creamy silky it’s
very hot that’s delicious I love the stall too so they’re cooking
over charcoal it’s heating that milk it’s so bubbly and frothy and then the
guy on the inside is serving up some other desserts I think there’s lassi
there as well and this lane it’s just all action so there’s
street food that way if you look behind me here there’s street food this way
and it’s just packed with people constant foot traffic there’s ohhh so good had to have another taste there’s constant foot traffic constant
motorbikes honking it’s just all wild eating street food on the streets of
India is like no other experience in the world it’s just phenomenal makes you feel
so alive Kolkata has a really vibrant street food culture
and Kolkatans really love to eat they’re passionate about eating now with
street food you can eat it all hours of the day obviously there are endless
opportunities but once night falls certain vendors come out and it’s
just gone five o’clock which means it’s the perfect time for a bit of fried food
we just arrived at this famous stall they do all sorts of fried food actually
you can see all right here all of their different fried foods and cutlets sort of like croquettes let’s order shuupu shondha kemon achen, good so
much good food can I have ek mutton chop and ek fish fry yeah I’ll eat here thank you dhonnobad I’ve got the goods
but before we get into it I just want to show you the cooking set up so
come over whoa shuupu shondha it’s so neat so they’ve got this bag vat of
bubbling hot oil and all of the bread crumbed food is going straight in there so you can see that stack the trays of all of the food up there all crumbed ready to go into
that hot oil whoa I can’t wait to eat this this stall is so
busy they’re churning out all of the fried foods and everyone’s tucking in
standing on the side of the street now everything was in Bengali script so I’m
not a hundred percent sure what the menu is made up of but I ordered a fish fry
and also a mutton fry or a mutton chop which is sort of a cutlet so as you can
see you’ve got the the piece of protein which is just bread crumbed chucked into
that hot oil and then it comes with a splodge of mustard and also some cucumber
carrot and I think I see maybe even some beetroot so let’s get into this one
I think this might be the fish fry oh no whoa look at that this is the mutton
chop so it’s got mutton in there bits of mutton and also some capsicum stick it
in that mustard hmm oh that’s good that wasn’t what I
was expecting it’s fantastic please so it’s got onion
there’s some I think maybe coriander in there and then the mutton is sort of
like a more of a paste that mustard was perfect with it gave it a bit of heat very savoury quite salty and the
crumb is very dry so it’s not oily I’ve eaten more of this mutton chop and
it’s actually not capsicum at all it’s a mix of coriander and green chilli really
strong in that mouthful the first mouthful that I had didn’t have much of that
in there wow that’s really good let’s get into this fish alright lets rip
a piece off of that oh look at that so you’ve got the the fish
in there and then also actually a layer of what was in the mutton so greens
and also onion hmm very good it’s a lot more subtle
than the mutton so the fish is very flaky quite mild so tasty

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