Uppa Baby Vista Travel Bag: Packing your Vista

Uppa Baby Vista Travel Bag: Packing your Vista

Hi guys Michelle here with the Baby Cubby
and today we’re gonna be reviewing the UPPAbaby Vista stroller travel bag. This is a wonderful piece of equipment for
you world travelers out there who also love the Vista Stroller for a couple reasons. Number one you can gate check your bag. Number two it’s super easy to roll around
the airport once you put it in your bag and then number three UPPAbaby is fantastic and
for and has a great warranty on the travel bag for your stroller so for the first two
years after you purchase your Vista Stroller it is under a full warranty. And if you travel with the stroller in your
travel bag, UPPAbaby will actually replace your stroller or broken parts if anything
gets damaged so that’s an awesome warranty that we haven’t heard of anywhere else which
is why we wanna talk to you a little bit more about this bag. Kay guys so I’m gonna show you how to set
up the Vista so that it can go in the travel bag. So you cannot do it with both seats they do
have a separate bag for the rumble seat, so we’ll start first by removing it, so just
unclip it right here on the edges and then we’ll remove both of the adapters as well,
and if you have any questions about how to remove these we do have a how to on our Vista
Stroller on our Youtube channel so feel free to go check that out so you can learn more
about how to take everything apart and set it all up again if you need to. SO now we’ll go ahead and fold it down, the
handle bar does need to be at it’s lowest setting. The toddler seat actually needs to be at it’s
second incline setting. So what you’re gonna do is go ahead and put
it at the very top, press the button and just let it recline until it clicks into that next
setting, it will be even with the bar. Now we’re gonna go ahead and fold it. And it will automatically lock into place. And then this footrest needs to be at a 90
degree angle. So go ahead and push these buttons in and
then go ahead and push that down until it’s at that angle. Now we are ready to remove the wheels and
place it into the bag. So now we’ll go ahead and unroll the bag,
it is rolled up in a nice like travel size so it’s not gonna take up much room in your
hotel room or anything. Go ahead and undo the velcro strap, unthread
it through the plastic loop and then unthread it through the loop as well. And now we’re gonna go ahead and unroll it. SO I do wanna note that you do need to register
both your bag and your stroller in order for that travel protection warranty, so you we
will link it below that webpage on UPPAbaby.com and then you’ll need the serial number for
both of these. The serial number for your bag is found in
here- just at the edge of your zipper, it’s this little red number right here is the serial
number for your bag. So, just make sure you register it so that
you can get that warranty cause that travel protection is like one of the best things
ever. So we’re gonna go ahead and remove the bag
for the wheels right here. And then if you look inside the bag, there’s
actually a great picture of the Vista stroller, and so it’s just really straight forward what
you actually have to do to put it in. So before we can put it in though we do need
to remove these wheels over here, UPPAbaby’s made it really easy, all we have to do is
press this gray button in the middle of the wheel. So just press it, and then pull it out. Done. Same thing on this side. And then what you’re gonna do, one wheel with
the spoke facing up, one wheel with it facing down and you’re gonna put these together so
that the spokes kinda go through the other wheel. And then we’re gonna take these and place
them in the bag. This will just protect your wheels as well
as your stroller from the spokes themselves. So, always a good thing. We are also going to remove the belly bar
from the Vista from the toddler seat, again if you need any information on how to do that
we do have a how-to on our Youtube channel. And this has a special pocket in the bag,
we’ll add it after the stroller since we have found that it’s easier to add it once we put
the stroller in the bag. Kay, now we’re gonna go ahead and add it in. So we’ll just have to flip the stroller around
and match the picture. And it should be noted that you have to get
the frame in just right otherwise you’re gonna have a really hard time zipping it up. In the picture it shows the wheels being kinda
upright we found that it’s much easier you can get a much better fit if the wheels are
turned a little bit. So they’ll just kinda be turned in a little
bit. And then you’ll just wanna shimmy as close
to this side of the bag as you can. Keep in mind that you’ll know you have the
right fit when these edges can go up over the frame like this on both sides and when
your handle bar is pretty even with the top of the zipper over here. So now we’ll go ahead and add in that belly
bar. And the belly bar pocket is just at the base
of the bag. So we’ll just add that in so it’s nice and
safe. And then we’ll also go ahead and add this
wheel bag on top of the toddler seat. Now we’re ready to go ahead and zip the bag
up. Keep in mind it is a really really tight fit. That’s to protect your stroller, but it shouldn’t
be so tight that you like can’t zip it up. If that’s how tight it is then you’ve probably
put the frame in wrong so you’ll just wanna make sure, like mess around with it a little
bit more. Until you can get the frame in correctly. So it’s especially tight over some of these
like over some of the adapters like where the belly bar goes and things so just kinda
tuck and stretch where you need to. And you can stand it up, this one they do,
Uppababy did say that it will stand with the Toddler seat inside of it, however it does
need to be at like exactly the right place. SO it’s a little hard to get, but it still
rolls super easy and then what you’ll do is you’ll just store this strap by putting it
through this fabric loop right here and velcro-ing it. That’s all there is to it! So you can also put the bassinet with the
stroller frame into this travel bag as well, you can’t do it in conjunction with the toddler
seat this is instead of the toddler seat. So let me show you how to do this too. So what you’re gonna do is go ahead and unzip
this little foot muff cover. And then we’re gonna take out the mattress. And then inside there’s two little tabs that
you can pull to go ahead and collapse this, so we’ll just pull them tight or pull them
out so it collapses the bassinet. We’ll go ahead and collapse that all the way. And you’ll also need to collapse the canopy
with these two inside buttons like I did obviously because the canopy isn’t gonna be able to
fit in there. We’ll go ahead and zip this foot muff back
on. And then what we’re gonna do is the canopy’s
gonna go in the same place that this seats canopy went. So the canopy’s gonna will go up here next
to the handle bar. So we’ll go ahead and place that in, there
is a little trick with the bassinet you do need to raise the Vista’s handle the stroller
frame’s handlebar just a little bit in order for it to lay flat in the bag. And this one with the bassinet is does stand
a lot easier by itself so it’s a lot easier to get it to stand by itself than it is with
the Toddler Seat inside. So now we’re gonna show you how to put the
travel bag back into storage so you can store it in your hotel room, or in your stroller
basket as you’re getting to your hotel. So first we’re gonna take the wheel bag and
put it right back in, then we’re gonna go ahead and zip up both sides of the bag and
I always like to leave a little bit of space at the top in the zipper just to let some
of the air out as we fold it up. Just makes it a little bit easier. Then we’re gonna go ahead and take this you’ll
kinda fold in both sides, and kinda fold this at the same time. And then you’re gonna go ahead and just kinda
roll it the same way you’d roll like a sleeping bag, so just nice and tight. And then we’re gonna take this velcro strap,
it’s already through our fabric loop for when we stored it once everything was in the bag. And we’re gonna put it through the plastic
loop up here. Pull it tight to keep it all tight. And then just velcro it in place. So if you’re traveling with two kids we hear
the question a lot “what do you do with your rumble seat or with a bassinet if you have
it as a second seat” The answer is this handy dandy second seat travel bag. So, it’s just a little bit smaller than the
regular size one but it’s still set up the same. You do still need to register it along with
your accessories so if you bought a rumble seat kit you need to go register your rumble
seat kit as well as this bag. And the number you’ll find in the same place
it’s just gonna be at the base of the zipper right here on this little tag with the red
numbers. So, there are no pictures to guide you in
this one, however, there are well there are some pictures for pockets um so what we’ll
do there is a picture for adapters to go into so we’ll take our two adapters for our rumble
seat and place them in this pocket- and then we’ll also take our belly bar and we’ll place
it in the belly bar pocket which is right here. So we’re going to place our rumble seat in
here with the canopy up by the zipper just like how it is in the regular travel bag. And then the nice thing about this bag is
it has a carrying handle but then it also has a shoulder handle too. Like I was saying, this has a nice carry handle,
it is adjustable so if you’re short like me or tall like my husband we can all be comfortable. Once you’re all done this is your whole travel
system so this one will roll with you and this one you can go ahead and carry. Either with the handle or with the strap. Kay so at this point I just wanna remind you
guys if you have any questions email us at [email protected] or comment below, we are
more than happy to answer questions for you and we love finding out new information for
you guys. So I just have a few tips for you when using
your travel bag system for the Vista Stroller. So number one make sure you register it, again
you need to register your stroller as well as the bag system. And it’s good for the two year warranty that
comes with the purchase of your uppababy vista stroller. Next, make sure that you place the belly bar
in last, we found that that was a lot easier to get the frame in rather than having the
footrest get caught on the belly bar as you were putting it in. After that we always recommend if you do have
a partner that can help you it will be a little bit easier and faster, and then please practice
before you go, we do not want you in the airport trying to figure out how to get this in and
not being able to and missing your flight or getting stressed so it’s easier to zip
it up on both sides rather than trying to zip all around like I did on the video and
then as well keep in mind it will be tight, and it’s supposed to be cause that will protect
your stroller the best but it might stretch out a little bit with use so it might get
a little easier over time. If it’s super tight maybe you wanna let it
sit overnight before you go on your trip just to kinda stretch out the bag a little bit. Kay guys thanks so much for watching our video
if you enjoyed it, please like it down below and then remember to subscribe to our channel
for more information reviews, how-tos for new parents as well as experienced parents. We loved to help you guys and we’d love to
hear what you want to watch. Remember you can shop the Vista and all of
it’s parts at babycubby.com as well as this travel bag you can stay safe on your travels,
if you need anymore information on the TravelSafe Program from UPPAbaby which is that warranty
information that we talked about we have linked that below for you as well. So we’ll see you soon!

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