USA Visa & Cheap return flights in 28,000 Rs.

USA Visa & Cheap return flights in 28,000 Rs.

It’s 9:30 PM and finally, I’ve made it to Boston! I have been welcomed into the United States. Immigration and custom formalities have been completed. And now I’m making a start to my one month long US trip. Feels really good! Now I’ll tell you, how I reached here from Delhi, how much did it cost and why I took this route. Now, I’ll be sharing this information with you all. Firstly, a big thank you to all of you for liking the first video of the series so much! As you can see, I’m not at the airport. Today is 21st May (here in USA) and in India, it’s already 22nd May. I have come far away from Boston and it’s been already 15 days into my trip. Right now I’m in Atlanta. Slowly you’ll come to know about everything in the upcoming videos. This trip has been going in a very different way. As you all loved the Russian series, I’m sure you’ll like the American series as well. Both of them are quite similar. It’s going to be exciting! Similar to in Russia, I’m travelling off beat in USA. And I’m sure, many of you will like it. I’ve been receiving many queries. I’ll now start answering them. This is only the second video of the American series. Trust me, it’s getting very tough to make videos while travelling. Now I’ll share information about a very important point, the flights. Why did I take such a long route with two layovers in spite of having direct flights from India. And how much did the ticket cost. And the most important point, how did I mange to get the American Visa? So here are the answers to all your questions. Now I’ll share information about a very important point, the flights. Why did I take such a long route with two layovers in spite of having direct flights from India. I followed a lot of travel portals and online travel agencies as I always do. So what I came to know about finally was that if I travelled from Delhi to Abu Dhabi to Rome to Boston, it would cost me 55,000 Indian Rupees. I know that it’s not a cheap ticket. I did buy a very expensive one. Right now, if you wish to travel to the US in January, 2019, you can get a flight for merely 28,000 Indian Rupees. I’ll shortly tell you how! It is obvious that 55,000 is definitely way more expensive on comparison to 28,000 INR. The reason being that, I had booked this ticket only a couple of weeks before booking my ticket. And that is why, it costed me more. Ideally, you should book your ticket to USA 2 to 3 months prior. OTA’s recommended me for this travel itinerary and I immediately booked the ticket. I wasn’t getting anything lesser. In fact the same ticket, earlier I was getting for 60,000 INR. But using a tool on wego, I got it for 5,000 less. And I hope you can take benefit from the same too. Although I have told you about wego earlier also, now I’ll tell you about it’s that feature which will help you save some money. Thanks to this feature of wego that helped me get a ticket worth 60,000 INR for 55,000 Indian Rupees. For example I’m searching flight for Delhi to Baltimore which is near Washington DC in the USA. 15 January departure and 23 January arrival, this is an example that I’m considering. Then I put in all the other details. The good thing about wego is that it gives you options for payment. There might be chance that with bank transfer, you could get the ticket for a lesser cost. Or maybe you could avail offer on the card type you’re having. Then I search for flights with those payment options. It’s showing a higher fare now. Oh, lesser price! In fact, it was showing a higher price a while ago. Fares are always dynamic in nature. They keep changing regularly. It may happen that a couple of days later, the fare might increase or even decrease After 2 to 3 months, the cheapest airline may get full and might not be available. Always look out for offers. That will help you save money. Use this feature from wego whenever you’re booking tickets. It’s showing that the 28,000 INR fare is available on 6 websites. Delta Airlines is offering ticket for 58,059 INR. This toggle is the feature from wego that I’m talking about. It actually helps you know the final price that you’ve got pay (including the service charge for the OTA’s). In January 2019, a lot of cheap flight tickets are available. So if you’re planning a trip, do consider these options. It will surely be a great deal. But since it will be a budget airlines, you’ll have to adhere to their conditions. Like Air Asia, you won’t be allowed much luggage. So if you’re ready to compromise a bit of comfort for a cheaper ticket, this can really be worth it! This is how you can travel cheap to the United States. Now I’ll come to the VISA. A very important topic. I’ll start with the application process. It’s quite easy. Everything is online. You needn’t run too much for it. So if you understand it properly, you don’t need to consult a visa agent. An agent never guarantees you the visa. Be it the US visa or any other country. If you have the right documents and a good intention to visit the country, your visa will never be rejected. If that doesn’t happen, no agent can get you the visa. If he does then it means, it is illegal. You get a lot of help from this website. Even I started my visa application process from here. It will help you with the list of documents required, the complete process and similarly I proceeded and got the visa. First, there’s an application form that you need to fill online. To fill the form, you need to do the registration. With all your details, you complete the registration on the US Visa website. With that your User ID is created. It is similar to how you make an account on Gmail or Facebook. With that you become a user on the website. Then you fill the DS-160 form. It is more like a bio-data which includes all your personal information. Make sure while filling the form, you write your name as it is written in your passport. Otherwise there can be problems. The people who come here to work, get an H1B visa. I had applied for B1-B2 USA visa. This visa is normally valid for 10 years with multiple entry permit. It costs around 160-180 USD. That comes out to be 11,000 – 12,000 Indian Rupees. In fact, the payment is also online. It’s a great benefit that the entire process is online. After you submit that form online, it is time for taking appointments. For the US Visa application, you need to go twice. First for bio-metrics and second time for the visa interview. After you submit the form online, you need to book your appointment as per your convenience. Select the city nearest to you. As I live in Asansol, Kolkata seemed the best option to me since it has a consulate. There is the USA embassy in New Delhi and consulates in many other cities. I had taken the first slot, beginning from 8 AM for the bio metrics. It just took 15 minutes for the entire process. It is actually an outsource by the US Embassy to a private agency. Always remember that when you go for the appointment, do not carry a mobile phone, watch or anything apart from the application documents. If there is anyone with you, give it to them. Outside the Kolkata and Delhi centers, there are private facilities which keep all your belongings for a certain period of time (paid). But it is not official. The US Department takes no responsibility. Thus it is better to carry only those documents which are essential and nothing else. You can select the appoint dates as per your convenience. For the interview also I had taken the first slot. I had to stand in the long queue outside the American Kolkata consulate. After the security check, we were called inside. As per the appointment, first 3 to 4 people were called inside. Only documents are allowed inside. Now the question that arises is that which documents to take. They scan your appointment number and then let you in. Supporting documents include those documents which help you prove them the reason for returning back to India. They want to be assured that you’ll return back to India and not stay in the USA for very long. You should have permanent ties with India. If they are convinced, you’ll never have an issue to get the visa. How to prove? Well, let’s say you have a house in India. Then it shows that you will have to return to India. If your family lives in India, then you can say that you will definitely come back for them. For example to prove that, you can show them your marriage certificate (if applicable). Apart from that take your income tax return to show your financial stability. The good thing is that the US Administration helps a lot. They have made videos and uploaded on YouTube. I’m planning to write an article and share it with this video provided I get some time. These videos are made by the US Administration to help people like us. And the best part, they are in many languages! You’ll understand the process easily after watching these videos. There was an old aged couple. They did not understand any language apart from Bengali. But an officer from the US Administration (an American lady) who could speak Bengali fluently asked them questions. Similarly a person behind me was speaking in pure Hindi. He was actually from Bihar. Being so professional, the people from the US Administration helped in every way possible. They ensured that language was not a barrier when it came to getting the American visa. Try and watch those videos which have been made by the US Administration. First I gave my Passport. When you stand across the window, there’s a speaker through which you can understand what the interviewer is asking. And there is a microphone through which your voice goes inside. I was asked my name and profession. If you work in a public sector company or in any good company for that matter, it somewhat gives them an assurance that you won’t be staying illegally for longer terms in the country. The third question was about my salary. There is no minimum salary for which people are granted the American visa. No such thing has been specified anywhere. There have been cases wherein people with higher salaries have been denied the American visa while those with a low income managed to get the visa easily. I did carry some other documents with me. But I was never asked. I carried my bank statement (stamped & signed) with me. You can carry proofs of assets that you own. Like land ownership papers, mutual funds, etc. Another question that she asked me was that how many countries I have traveled to before. I told her about my travel history. An important fact that I remembered telling her was that I had the Schengen Visa, getting which is also not very easy. People without any travel history can also get the visa. And there may be chances that in spite of having a big travel history, a person may be denied the American visa. This is applicable in the case of many other countries. Thus there is no standard. You just have to follow the instructions. And accordingly apply for the visa. My interview session lasted for about 5 to 6 minutes. And when she said that my visa was approved, it gave me immense satisfaction. Because I had been waiting to hear that. I was so happy to hear that! After 7 to 8 days I received my Passport through courier. Had to pay an extra fee for that. And when I saw my Passport, it had the American Visa with a validity of 10 years and multiple entry facility. I’m very thankful to all those people who saw my first video of the series and appreciated it so much! Loved to see comments from all those people who live in the United States and invited me to their cities and home to show me around their place. Thanks to all of you! I’m really overwhelmed with the response that I got. I’ll surely meet you all. If not this time, then sometime for sure! Not really getting time. Traveled the whole last night. Keep following me on Instagram. You’ll come to know about everything! That’s the laundry where my clothes have just been washed. And I was sitting here editing a video. I’m sure you’ll love the American video series! Let’s how the remaining 15 days go! This trip is going way better than I thought. It’s really wonderful. Special thanks to the people from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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