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if you’re thinking of planning a trip to
Utah’s many national parks, then this is the list for you. How’s it goin? Welcome to the Campendium
YouTube channel where it’s our hope and our goal to provide you with the
resources and the information to get out there and camp. And today we’re looking at
Utah’s mighty five national parks. They have Arches National Park, so they have
Canyonlands, they have Capitol Reef, they have Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park
and a lot of areas in between that are definitely worth exploring. And I think
it’s safe to say that the Moab area is one of the most popular of all these
areas to go to. There’s just so much packed into that area so if you’re
wanting to go to Arches National Park in the Moab area, where you can get a slice
of pizza and still get outdoors and see these amazing sights. You could look at
Devil’s Garden Campground where a review from MLD says we camped here for three
nights while exploring Arches National Park. We enjoyed the ability to hike
right from the campground. We parked our RV and didn’t move it for three days. We
had a back-in site that was quite nice, well spaced from the neighbors. Also in
this area, you could check out Ken’s Lake Campground where a Aluminarium said “Great
price and lots of space between the sites made us happy for a week. There’s
also some great hikes on site one to a beautiful waterfall.” We know that people
flock to this area because of the off-roading opportunities and the
mountain biking, so if you’re looking for some off-road opportunities you could
look at Sand Flats Recreation Area this one is well known for four-wheel-drive
enthusiasts so it might be a little noisy during the day but it does quiet
down during the evening. Now if you’re all set up for off-roading and your rig
has some good ground clearance you could check out Lower Gemini Bridges. I don’t
recommend going in here if you don’t have ground clearance on your rig, but if
you still want to be in the area and you want full hookups you could look at the
Moab Valley RV Resort. With all the boondocking opportunities around
sometimes it’s nice to hit a full hookup RV park so you can empty your tanks and
reload to head back out there. Canyonlands is our next National Park
and it shares Moab as its hub but it definitely comes with its own flavor and
own experiences for its National Park. So the first place that
we’re gonna look at for this area that you can camp at his Potash Road where
Kaylie be said “This place was amazing, you have a great view of the Colorado
River in the back side of Canyonlands with the beautiful views for a quiet and
clean place to camp.” Next on our list is Dead Horse Point State Park. The
Journeying Jackson said “We found one night available and we took it. This
place is amazing. This place is an amazing park in one of
the most beautiful parts of the country. We would love to stay longer but we had
a great time during our short stay.” The next National Park in the Mighty 5 is
Capitol Reef National Park and the first campground we’re gonna look at in this
area is Fruita Campground. Zamia Ventures says “This lush green campground has shade trees (but not so much that solar power generation is impossible), adjacent orchards, flowing river water sounds, prolific deer, and delicious fresh baked goods just steps away. We loved it. It’s also perfectly located to explore the hiker’s paradise that is Capitol Reef National Park, with several trails.” If you
can’t get in there you can look at Capitol Reef Overflow some of the titles
to the reviews say beautiful and close to Capitol Reef. Free beautiful, just a
little bumpy. The road apparently can be a little rough getting in there. Now if
you’re looking for something a little less busy then maybe Bryce Canyon might
be more of your style. And the North Campground at Bryce Canyon is an
excellent option. One review said “This is a nice campground and is a great way to
see Bryce Canyon. Sunset point is only a few minutes trek from most campsites. The stars were incredible and the canyon itself was awesome. It’s really all about
location location location. Walk to the visitor center, access several hikes and
the paved bike path right from the campground. If that one’s full you could
look at Sunset Campground where it’s a first-come first-serve nice campground
in the heart of Bryce. Just outside the park where just about everything’s named
Ruby’s something there’s Ruby’s Inn RV Park and Campground. It’s a private owned
park with just about the closest access to the National Park if the park is full up. But these aren’t your only options if you’re
looking to get into Bryce, there’s some excellent boondocking opportunities just
outside of Brylce. Like George’s Gift and Tom’s Best Spring
there’s also Whiteman Bench and Cabin Hollow just to name a few of them. Now to finish off the Mighty 5 is Zion National Park and is definitely a must-see. That’s
why we did a whole video just on Zion, we have a whole article just on Zion
National Park. But it’s worth mentioning a few of them so we could look at South
Campground which is officially in the National Park along with Watchmen if you
want that in the Zion National Park experience. But if you can’t get into
those the next best option is probably the Zion Canyon Campground and RV Resort. It’s situated along the Virgin River with the same gorgeous canyon views
you’ll find in the park and a short walk to the park entrance. Southern Utah is
absolutely amazing with these mighty five national parks, but you don’t want
to miss some of the areas that are in between. You don’t want to overlook and
miss a place like Valley of the Gods. So for the entire list and to see so
many more places to stay in Southern Utah,I’m gonna put a link down in the description to the article that gives
you so many options if you want to check out this amazing area. Also in the
description, I’ll put a link to each of the places that we talked about in here
so you just press the link and it’ll take you right to the Campendium page for all the details and all the reviews so that you can get as much information to
plan your trip to this National Park Haven.
I don’t know what else to call it. There’s a lot to see in there. So I think
that’s gonna do it for today, if you liked this video give it a thumbs up, hit
that subscribe button if you want to see more videos and remember to get out
there, to stay safe, and keep exploring we’ll see you in the next video

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