VACATION ESSENTIALS + Amazon Haul! (Summer, 2019)

VACATION ESSENTIALS + Amazon Haul! (Summer, 2019)

Hey everyone, welcome to my channel I’m Julia a dallas-based flight attendant now, I’m actually on vacation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with my boyfriend so I thought it would be a really good time to show you guys some of the products that I have brought with me and That I am loving for this vacation and just so you guys know Obviously all of the products that I do talk about I will put a link to them in the description box below The first product I actually want to talk to you guys about is a leather Electronics organizer and thank you so much to our toast travel for sending me this organizer to review I have loved it so far. This is the electronics organizer. You can see the front and right now I have stuff in it So you can see what it looks like well It is packed but part of the organizer has a zipper that you can open up and put stuff inside right now in here I actually have These like little fog things for my GoPro And I’ve also put some memory cards in the front pouch And then when you open it up, you can obviously see that I can fit a bunch of stuff in here This might be a better way to show you guys the product itself So when you open it up there are different pouches along the tops and then there’s also these little Organizers right here that you can move and adjust to your different Electronics you want to organize so I have my portable phone charger right here I have some headphones up here my GoPro right here along with a phone charger Some different dongles for my laptop my headphones My vlogging camera charger right here. And then I also have some other cords right here What’s really cool about this electronics organizer is they come with these little leather? Straps so you can wrap these around the different cords to keep everything together Truthfully, I did not even realize how much I needed an electronics organizer until I actually had one it is so much easier to go Into my bag and to grab all of my electronics my cords out of the organizer than it is just when they’re all Sprawled out in my back, you know if I’m looking for headphones and I accidentally grabbed my phone charger It’s just it makes it really messy and this really helps for organization my boyfriend Eric also works in software development so he is always traveling with electronics and He even said that it was a product that he really liked and that he is looking into buying as well if you guys are Interested in this product artists travel did send me a discount code. The code is artist. Julia 24 a 20% discount and I will make sure to put that in the description box below So you guys can check that out while we are speaking about electronics I know that I did talk about this in my Amazon haul I love it that much that I want to talk about it again. It is my portable phone charger I just think portable phone chargers are so important for when you’re traveling and they’re like the perfect vacation essential because You never know when you’re gonna need to charge your phone and you cannot always rely on The airplane or the bus or whatever you’re taking the train to provide outlets for you. It’s great about this charger Is there are two USB ports at the top so that way you can charge two different devices at the same time it comes with Its own little charger you just stick that in the side and then this can just plug into any USB port I will say about this portable charger though that it does have spare lithium batteries in it So you cannot check it if you are flying it has to go in your carry-on luggage I have been looking for a new bag to bring as a carry-on for so long, and I finally found the perfect overnight bag This is what it looks like as you can tell it is pretty large and you can fit a lot of stuff in here Let me just tell you I was able to like jam pack this and fit so much I’m pretty sure I was able to fit like my laptop some drinks My like computer charger my new electronics organizer All of like my passport boarding passes a book a blanket even yeah I was able to like completely stuff this thing and there are a lot of different pockets There’s actually three different pockets on the inside And then what I really like about this bag is it has like the short strap so you can wear it Like this and then there’s also a longer strap So if you want to wear it, like just a typical shoulder bag you can do that as well so really love about this bag is It does have this pocket in the back could stick it through your suitcase So it just rests right on top and there’s also another little pocket in the back right there, too So this is the whole bag, but I love it. It’s sturdy Even when it was stuffed I was still able to fit it beneath the seat in front of me Which I think makes it the perfect carry-on item speaking of bags. I also wanted to talk to you guys about this Water-resistant backpack and my sister actually gave this to me for my birthday, and I’m really excited to use it Especially on my cruise because I just think we’re gonna be doing like a lot of different beach activities and excursions so I think it’s gonna be great for that and it’s gonna be really nice to just store my stuff in and know that it’s Water-resistant and that it’s not gonna get wet There’s a front pocket right here and then you open it up and you can As you can see you can fit a lot of stuff in here and the bag is like a mesh material, too Which is really nice because you can pack it up very tight just by rolling it and then on the inside There is this top pocket right there with a zipper and then on each side There’s the mesh pouches so you can bring water bottles with you. This is the Zomig joy of life backpack So I am just super super excited to use this and try it out I’m normally not the type of person who would ever buy swimsuits online but I did have some friends who recommended cup sheet to me and Honestly with being so busy as a flight attendant and just life in general I ended up buying three bathing suits through Cup. She and I have been very pleasantly surprised I thought the product is exactly what I wanted and is very good quality So the first bathing suit taupe that I got is just this green little top and it almost looks like a sports bra this is a size medium and Then these are the bottoms that came with it So this is the first bathing suit that I got from Cup sheet and just so you guys know I am 5 foot 4 and all of the bathing suits that I got were size medium. So I really like this one Let’s definitely provide like a good amount of coverage as well They go up pretty high on your hips That can be the suit that I got also kind of fits like a sports bra This is the top really like the ruffle details at the top and the bottom of the bathing suit. These are the bottoms I really like the crisscross on them and you can also see the ruffle detailing on the top and these are the back It is the black bathing suit and I also think this one is really cute So you can see the ruffle details on the top and then there’s also like the v-cut on the bottoms and there’s the ruffles right here and you can also see the ruffles and the back of the bathing suit as well as you can see the back just Clips like a normal bra And this is the final bathing suit that I got from Cup sheet and it’s actually my favorite of the ones that I bought this Is the front of the bathing suit and then it’s kind of hard to tell the back when it’s not on but it’s like super crisscross see and Then these are the bottoms which I just think are so cute. These are the bottoms and I just really like the side detail, too This is as I mentioned earlier my favorite bathing suit from Cup sheet The top is really supportive and I love the floral print on the bottoms I also love how the sides have this cute string design. And then the back of this bathing suit is just super cute I love all the straps you did talk about these sunglasses in my Hawaii blog But I wanted to talk about them again on this video because I do think they are a vacation essential. These are the sungate oversized aviator women’s sunglasses and I have loved these I think the quality is great for me a good book is always a Vacation essential because I love to read so right now the book that I’m reading is big little lies This book was actually turned into a TV series on HBO So as soon as I’m done reading the book, I am going to watch the show read a ton of books So I was thinking that I’m not gonna have time on this video to talk about every single book that I’ve read this year But I am going to provide the links to all of my favorite books in the description box below another product that I am just such a fan of that I bring on every single flight attendent work trip with me as Well as my vacation are my go Knicks packing cubes And what’s great about these packing cubes is that they are compressible So there are two different zippers this right here is the compressible zipper and then this is like the main zipper where you open it up and you can put all of your clothes in and Brought about eight or nine bathing suits with me for this trip and I was able to fit them all in his small packing cube Which I just think it’s awesome. I was able to save so much space While you’re on vacation, obviously a huge vacation essential is sunscreen. So me and Eric did use the Sun bomb SPF 50 sunscreen today at the beach The only thing I will say about this sunscreen is you kind of have to use a lot So with most sunscreens a little goes a long way and I didn’t really find that with this sunscreen But what I do really like about this sunscreen is that it’s good for your skin It’s good for the environment because it is oxybenzone free. It is also gluten free vegan antioxidant enriched with vitamin E and dermatologist tested So I really like products that I know are good for both me and for the environment I ended up getting two bottles of the SPF 50 and then I also got the broad-spectrum spray in SPF 30 and then obviously I think your face is like one of the most important things that you need to put sunscreen on So I ended up getting the broad-spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen that is specifically meant for your face. Alright, everyone So those are all of the products that I have to show you for this vacation I just wanted to make a quick little video and show you guys the things that I brought with me on this vacation that I am just super happy with and I hope that you Guys really like them as well. So thank you everyone so so much for watching this video Make sure to comment below and let me know some of your favorite vacation essentials and Different things that you cannot travel without if you like this video go ahead and give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe To my channel so that you never miss any of my travel tips and adventures. I’ll see you guys next time. Bye

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  1. VACATION ESSENTIALS! I am back from my vacations and have so many exciting vlogs coming out soon but wanted to start with this video about some of my favorite products I brought along with me. ๐Ÿ’™โœˆ๏ธ

  2. I love that backpack! Wish I had seen it before my vacation. Hope you two had an amazing time!

    Btw: over 2k on the subbies! The channel is growing quick!

  3. Hi Julia. In your opinion which additional language (except English) can be helpfull to get a job at AA as a flight attendant for a non-Ameican person.

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