Vacation in Ibiza

Vacation in Ibiza

hello my dear students I want vacation right now which means I’m supposed to be relaxing on the Sun having good time not doing anything especially not working but as most youtubers in my position know it’s really hard to stop working especially when you love what you do for a living like I do now how about if I told you that the word vacation and vanity you know being stuck up thinking you’re better than everyone how about if I told you that the two words come from two similar meanings back in the old Roman times does that mean a vacation is all stuck up vain people ha tourists must investigate allocation comes from the Latin word vicara which means to be empty where vacant comes from but how would vacations come from that well that because to be empty also means your plate of things to do your plate of duties is also empty and for that matter your mind is empty and you can relax have any clear mind while on vacation right but where does the vanity kick in do people get all stuck up waiting because they on vacation and others have to work well the word vein comes from the Latin word for MC but this time it comes from the word Donald’s not piccata even though it has the same meaning Vance made its way into Old French as vain and it meant worthless which became vain in English in the 1300 and still meant worthless what’s great is that people when people originally called vain they were being called worthless which is great because when thing lady took on the meaning of a whole sense of worth : town on Wayne had a double meaning not only being accused of having a false sense of worth but actually being worthless at the same time so vacation and vanity both came from original meanings of being empty but vacation ended up meaning being empty of all duties while vanity meant have any false sense of worth while actually meaning being worthless so I guess I can have a vacation without being vain thank God there you go an animus result by a trusty hotforwords for your homework when did you take your last vacation and where did you go I am gonna be dry right now and it’s gorgeous and we’re going to the magnetic lock which is called as Vedra and it’s the third most magnetic field in the world after north and south pole so I’m just going to jump on it and lie down and get some magnetic and maybe I can see UFOs maybe Shh [Music]

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  1. What does she say in the beginning of every video? "Hello my ____ students" Not being rude I just seriously don't know what she says


  3. this hair do on you is 100000000 times better looking then long blonde hair!!! dont ever go back babe, you are so fuckin hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  4. She is extremely hot, and I do quite enjoy looking at here, especially in a bikini, but maybe I'm just a nerd too, because I find her language history lessons pretty interesting!

  5. There were like 20 related videos for the last one I watched and I always end up clicking on the boobs.

  6. arggggghh,, the only way to stop myself from masturbating these days is when i go on vacation to some place that i don't have internet access!!! my dick needs vacation!!! dammit~!

  7. Road trip not surprising !! Around the mountains here in central North Island of New Zealand. first night we camped pretty much the closest camping site to where one of the mountains has been erupting mainly stream near Lake Rotoira. Then Taupo at Debretts Thermal Pool Resort in a cabin, after soaking in hot pools. On to Napier on SH 5. Blue Water Hotel, very nice view of the marina. Returning back to Taupo to see a Johnny Cash impersonator perform while again soaking in the hot poois. And Home!

  8. I don't think anyone really cares much about origins of words so I just mute it and enjoy your video more, TIP you might try to stand up and jiggle more
    P.S where does the word "jiggle" come from? LOL

  9. Почему не совсем голая? Была бы голая совсем подписался бы, а так нет. 

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