Vacation in Vietnam: InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort

Vacation in Vietnam: InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort

In less than a week we’ll be moving to Tokyo, Japan So we decided for this last Christmas, instead of buying each other presents We decided to buy each other a vacation.. to Vietnam! um.. so we are the only people on this entire glorious beach yep.. this beach is for me I love you girl I love you too, Sunshine Happy vacation One of the best things about coming to a resort like this is that you feel like you can really reconnect with nature [screaming] Oh my god, there’s fish coming oh my god, there are fish coming! ahhh… fishies.. huh.. shark [screaming] I don’t want to be on vacation anymore! Ahh.. yes. That’s more like it I can see the ocean, but we don’t have the fear of impending death from sea creatures… There’s a bee attacking me I see that, he really is He’s right on your butt You see him? // No. // Right by your arm. Why won’t you be friends with me?? Actually, on second thought, I’m going to stick to my comforts of city life. Simon and Martina do extreme sports! You got this girl! ahhh.. motherf****** why me?? and.. she’s up! Good job, girl! Umm … what am I supposed to do now? longboard …. ahh…. Oh! Here comes a ****ing wave! You’re wiping out!!! Are you okay?

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  1. OH MY GOD I LOVE BRAISED PORK as a Chinese person, I know what I'm talking about when I say that this is one of the best Chinese dishes EVER (also its pretty unhealthy but YOLO amiright?!)

  2. Growing up as an Asian in Canada, I learned that my non-Asian friends didn't have the same food experiences as I did. I get super excited when people try the delicious food I knew growing up… even when I'm not the one making the food hahaha. I'm not even Vietnamese but I've had all of those food before (and many times over the years). Also, the star anise is very important! My mom decided to learn to make pho one time and the first batch she made, I was tasting it and knew something was missing and immediately realized it was the star anise! It adds a definite … food dimension to pho; its own je ne sais quoi.

  3. Ahhh, so many people in the comments wish to have a marriage as loving as yours and I'm sat here jealous of you guises positivity. I want to one day be able to look at each day and say it's okay to be sad today as long as I make tomorrow a feel-good day. Maybe one day eh?

  4. 'One of the best things about coming to a resort like this is that you feel like you can really reconnect with nature'
    starts hysterically screaming

  5. Why was the place so empty? I'm viet, but I'm not sure if it is because the people are Vietnam are usually poor, or are there other reasons i can't think about?

  6. This is what I'm talking about though! I'd rather take a trip, make memories, take videos and photos, instead of getting gifts. 🙂

  7. You guys are so much fun….. can u2 come travel with us?? lol
    Love your videos, we are from Canada Toronto, cant wait to move back to HK

  8. go to vungtau next time you visit, my parents lived there for like 9 years. its pretty great lots of good food. but theres good food everywhere in vietnam so. lol

  9. Hi guys! So glad you two had fun and relaxed on a real vacation. I'm Vietnamese myself, and I've never gone to Vietnam (born in USA), but I've heard from my parents and friends that it's pretty corrupt still, such as when you go through the airport, you have to pay off the workers to let you through. Did you guys experience any of that

  10. Where can I find the song playing around 3:00? It's also at the end of all their videos but I want to listen to it!

  11. My ancestors came from Vietnam!! We later moved to California by the US government because of my grandpa's service in the military.

  12. Hey Simon and Martina! So I will be traveling to Vietnam from the U.S. this summer and I will have a stopover in Korea for 4 hours. Are there any recommendations on what I should do/eat/buy? I'm thinking on the lines of trying new snacks and drinks and souvenirs for myself, friends and family. My vacation to Vietnam is about 6 weeks so souvenirs can't be perishables. This will be my first time traveling alone as I am about to graduate high school. Please help and thank you.

  13. Im glad you guys chose some of my favorite homely meals. It was also the first 3 things I had my white bf try. He also loved it :).

  14. it good for u guy to go o vietnam at winter xuz it basically like summer there, cuz in the summer… it rains.

  15. Please come to Southern Vietnam! There are my Vietnamese communities in the western world, especially in the US, including me! Vietnam is so underrated and I'm sure you guys will have so much fun learning about Viet culture. I love your channel!! ❤️ greetings from California! 🙂

  16. I love you guys so much ! My boyfriend and I gift each other vacations all the time now ! Mostly for our birthdays but this past year we didn't they each other Christmas gifts and I think this year will be the same so we can save up for our international adventure ! Glad you 2 had a relaxing time ! Would love to meet both of you one day ! It would be an honor !

  17. I love love love how you guys make the most random, even obscure sometimes and in funny but difficult-to-guess ways, references of songs to one another and within seconds the other always starts singing along. That is freakin adorable and quite superhuman of you, really. Guessing references is hard!

  18. OMG!You come to Da Nang Viet Nam?You should call me!I will be your free tour guide and take you to the best restaurants in Da Nang but you didn't!!!!

  19. if you ever visit Vietnam again, please arrange a fan meeting lols would loveeee to see you two lovely person in real life 🙂 besides, if you need recommends on what and where to eat, let me know so that I can take you around or give you some info 🙂

  20. it feels so nice to see people like vietnam even though i was born in Australia but i am with by vietnamese parents i visit vietnam once a year but i havent been there in so long its been about 2 years now

  21. Hey I have an idea. Lets go on a vacation where U.S soldiers suffered Hell everyday with damn commies shooting at them. Sounds like a fantastic getaway. You know where burning houses of Woman and children baked and cooked. Woohoo

  22. Vietnam is a wonder place both my parents were both raised in Vietnam and I went to Vietnam two summers ago and I really liked to experience where my parents came from and the food is glorious and my moms cooking is glorious too since she cooks Vietnamese food every single day but I never swam in the beaches because my mom won’t allow me too??❤️❤️❤️

  23. So I'm not sure if there's a point in commenting on older videos.. but oh my, that congee looks so interesting, do you think you could ever do a recipe for it? 🙂

  24. How is it that i never saw this video before after watching for 3+ years? You guys are adorable in this together, just like you are still adorable now.

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