Vacation Ka Aakhri Din | MostlySane

Let’s wake up else mom will come and kick me out of bed One minute! I have to wake up early from tomorrow so let’s sleep longer today But I am not feeling sleepy. You will curse yourself from tomorrow Montu, you’re getting the chance so go to sleep. Who knows if you will get this peace from tomorrow? Last peaceful breakfast Lets go play cricket for one last time Abroad, students get to wear whatever they want to in school Here in India I’ll have to wear the same 2 pairs of uniform and go to school looking like monkeys. Last afternoon nap Last peaceful lunch Now the teachers will ask the same question from tomorrow Students what all did you do during vacation I didn’t even visit my village Now everyone will share stories from their village I’ll also make up some story and tell them… How my maternal grandaunt would give me a head massage every day from the oil extract of the Neem tree in our village. Let me go play my last badminton game My last peaceful dinner How time flies. It feels like I had just come out of my exams with tears of joy and see now, the fear of tomorrow. So how many days are left for the next vacation? 1 2 3 4 5…. 17 18 19 20… 27 28 I have to start again I hope Roshni hasn’t forgotten me during vacations dear god, please make her my partner during the annual day dance Last glass of whatever I’ll drink peacefully was watching on History channel the other day… Bill Gates, JK Rowling, Quentin Tarentino all failed in school… So why did mom and dad get so interested in sending me to school Mom and dad don’t know anything My last peaceful breath No No keep breathing! Let’s go lose to Pintu in video games Let Rekha ma’am be my class teacher, she comes wearing a nice saree on the first day So Montu how are you doing? Back to school from tomorrow Arrey mom don’t remind me of it Now I’ll have to meet that stupid Sourav everyday He steals my pencils everyday Montu Come here From tomorrow onwards I won’t get yelled by mom unnecessarily, from tomorrow I’ll be yelled at by my teachers unnecessarily. Let’s go play table tennis for the last time Eh, I don’t know how to play that Oh god, please make roshni my dance partner only : Just like Baba gets work from home sometimes why cant we students get school from home. Doesn’t Roshni miss me during vacations? She didn’t call me even once Arrey I don’t even own a phone, I’ll have to buy one I hope that bugger Nitesh’s height isn’t more than mine. Let me go and hang in the garden. Mumbai has summers in all 12 months, so then why are there only 2 months holiday? This summer too I didn’t learn how to play the violin or do contemporary dance. Didn’t realize where time flew by, I’ll learn these arts next vacation. Damn all day went by in thinking it is the last day of the vacation, didn’t enjoy the day No worries Montu, there is always a next time, next vacation. You enjoyed a lot didn’t you. That’s it. You know how stressful a studets life is, its good you took it easy this vacation Now go to sleep in peace. Sleep for 8 hours and go to school fresh Oh shit! I didn’t do my vacation homework

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