Vacation Rental Potential Episode 5 | Vacations by design

Vacation Rental Potential Episode 5 | Vacations by design

Updating your home to create a cozy
mountain retreat, doesn’t have to break the bank. For an instant kitchen update,
consider removing some upper cabinetry. It really opens up the space and allows
you to show off a variety of appliances to guests. It’s an inexpensive way to transform the room, since you’re removing something and not adding it. Adding a creative backsplash will go a long way to creating a unique space your guests can
enjoy. Using wood adds interest and texture, doesn’t require any tiling experience and cost a fraction of the price. Go bold or go home with focal points. Whether it’s a contrasting paint, a stone treatment or rustic barn board, making sure key architectural details stand out, will also make your listing
stand out. For a dramatic look, hang curtains high. This lifts the eye, making
the space feel taller and more spacious. Creating the perfect mood is key to
enhancing your guest’s experience. LED candles create a soft warm glow, while also avoiding a fire hazard. Some final advice I can give you is less is more. Make sure you curate what you put in the room so that every item you add has a purpose. This will make a comfortable, intimate
space your guests can enjoy and hopefully return to.

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  1. don't use homeaway. I rented a place for 5 days in Hartselle alabama. it was trash. I did not feel safe staying there. so I did not. sent Homeaway pictures of how bad it was. they will not refund my Money. use AirB&B .. or something local…they dont care about the renter. They asked if I bought insurance, I have to buy insurance to protect me from bad Host. Is it not your job to take care of your service? In other words you make more money with the sale of insurance to protect people from your bas product.

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