VACATION SIMULATOR #1 | Annoying Orange Plays (VR)

VACATION SIMULATOR #1 | Annoying Orange Plays (VR)

– You know what they say. A tube of toothpaste a day
keeps the dentist away. (Thrilling electronic music) Hey yellow days are back
here with another game video! Orange! Alright! Look at this I got hands and I know how to use them! Floating VHS tape, weird! That’s right we’re playing
the sequel to job simulator vacation simulator oh my goodness! Oh this should say orange
number one, don’t you think? That’s what you get! Give me– Oh okay there it is. I was worried it’s disappeared forever. Okay pull the lever, to vacation! Oh you guys I’m so excited
you don’t even know it! I got my fruit size from each TC vine and we’re playing vacation simulator! Wow!
– Welcome to the grand opening of the vacation island. – Nice! Oh, I’m ready for vacation. – Before you, vacation, look what I have. – Okay! Hey I’m over here! Talk to me! – Good job, you really nailed the standard human greeting protocol. – Oh yeah oh oh oh yeah! – Now, for the fun part. – Oh I like fun! – Let’s take a peek inside your suite. – Is it called suite
because it’s full of candy?! – Move along. What now, how do you– Oh I see, you gotta press the button. Wow, cool, sweet, sweet dude! Hey what’s up butter back? – Before we go on vacation, we need to make sure you look relaxed. Head in the bathroom to
personalize the way you look. – Oh okay! Hey man oranges got to
look good for his vacation. Alright, I’m all about this. Later hot po-ta-ter, I’m
going in the bathroom. Oh woops, I accidentally
triggered you again. Okay. Wow. Oh that should say orange appearance customizer 3000. – Clean yourself. – Are you still talking,
I’m doing things in here. You probably shouldn’t be peeking in here when I’m going to the bathroom! There’s a 99.9% chance I’ll be naked cause I’m always naked
I don’t wear clothes. Okay what’s this dial do? Whoa okay, change the color of the skin. What’s this one do? Oh, oh okay change the
color of the helmet. Nice! See what color, oh that
looks pretty good but I kinda want a nice
and bright color maybe. Yeah oh there we go, that’s looking good! Can I pick this up, oh I can, hey! Oh, I need facial hair if I’m
gonna shave my facial hair. What is this oh there’s a little thing. Wow, cool! Orange he’s not gonna be bald anymore. Oh that’s looking pretty good. Maybe one of that one there. Oh you can change the colors of it too? Let’s see. Yeah that’s looking sweet. Ah, Bob again! Hey, hey hair, razor! Whoa, there’s so many! Wow look at this one. Oh man, there’s so many that I want. Let’s see, oh that one look sweet. Yeah, I think I’m gonna go with that one. It kinda looks like
I’ve carrots on my head. Well I better get one of
them weird beards man. I’m gonna be a weirdy beardy. Oh, I like the big one! We better make it nice
and bright and colorful. Come on, oh, oh, oh, that oh yeah, looks like it fell into a little bit of, you know I might have fallen into a little bit of toxic waste? But that’s okay! Let’s get me some glasses too. Sweet. Yeah oh I’m gonna style my carrots. Atomic waste space, that’s
what you can call me. Get that outta here. Oh wait, oh wow, I can look down in there! Should I go down in there? You gotta do it now. Okay, oh I’m in the tub! Oh look at this. I wonder if I can just
squish it down to the– Oh yeah! What is this thing? I don’t know. Rubber thingy, you’re the one, you make bathtubs so much fun! What the, it exploded! Where did it go? Wow, donut! Holy moly! My donut just disappeared! Okay how come that doesn’t disappear? What the heck. What are you doing? Ah! It exploded into the water! Bubble and shine? Oh okay I think, here we go, we need some more bubbles! Oh a little bit for me oh yeah! Orange you love to eat the bubble bath. Little bit for the
bath, little bit for me. It’s all good! Put that there, what does that do? Wow, cool. I’m stuck in a whirlpool! Oh soap, yay! No, don’t eat it! I ate it, and I burst the
bubbles that was after. This is the best bath ever! Rubber thingy, yeah! Oh yeah! Hey leave me alone! I might be making a mess, I’m not cleaning it up though, I’m on vacation, yay! Where’s the water going? Oh no, it’s draining,
there’s only one thing to do, drink more bubble bath! Tasty treats. Oh, I’m actually not doing
anything in the game. I’m just having too much
fun playing with everything. What’s this over there? Oh, hair gel. Goop it on, don’t mind if I do. A little bit for the hair. Oh sparkly. Looking good! A little bit for me. He’s eating it. It’s edible hair gel,
don’t worry about it. Alright we gotta clean
our teeth too you guys, we gotta brush them up. You know what they say, a tube of toothpaste a day
keeps the dentist away! A little bit in the hair, that’s good. Yeah a little bit for the mouth. Oh yeah, look at the view. More toothpaste! Check it out on the leader of the plaque. Why’re you hiding down here, what is this? Oh, hand soap! Yay! I really gotta hand it to myself. Yeah, blowing bubbles over here. I’m just gonna eat everything in here. Okay, I should probably go actually do something in this game. – Hello human. – Orange, thanks! – Before we head out into the world, you want a place to keep
all your cool stuff. – Nice! – Here, take this one of my
human bag storage device. – Oh, we’re back to back
back on track y’all. – Bag pack. – Oh, I accidentally ate my friend. Actually it wasn’t me, I didn’t do it. It was like that when I found it. I think it was you! It was half pink when
you gave it to me right? – Wow, you look really flawless. You’re free to continue
exploring your suite. – Alright. – I’ll be outside when
you want to check out the rest of vacation island. – Before you go you need
to restock everything in the bathroom because I
ate everything in there! Okay, never mind. Sweet bag pack, that’s pretty cool. Hey, what’s that thing? Wow, camera! Wow, hey, what’s up, we can take a selfie! Looking good! Alright, my first photo! Oops okay, whatever. Okay let’s go see what’s up here. It looks like there’s a TV, oh radio. Oh, you can put photos there. What’s this do? Is dancing with the strappers on? Oh it’s the vacation zone! Oh, video games? Wait a second, does the say jerb box? Okay whatever. How do you turn this on? Wow! Oh yeah hey it actually works! Well this is so cool. A game within a game. Oh yeah! I’m totally winning it! Well, this is so weird. I’m playing a video game, in a video game while I’m on vacation? This is awesome! Whoa whoa, I made that
jump I can’t believe it! Oh yeah, yay, I won! Alright! I spent almost this whole
episode doing nothing but gaming and getting ready in the bathroom. It really is a vacation. The stash-o-matic 3000. Okay oh well that must
be a safe or something. Looks like it, oh sweet. Well let’s shoot some hoops, where’s the hoop, I
need a hoop to shoot it! No hoops? What the. What does this do? Well I can do– Oh, hey, alright. I didn’t know there’s more
in here, that’s awesome. What does this do? Oh, it changes my outfit! Nice. Feel like I need something to compliment, there, that’s looking real sweet. Oh yeah, now we’re having a ball. Yo who wants to play a
little bit of horse huh? Who wants to go, c’mon. Yeah, oh yeah. I’m a master at dribbling. Oh, cool I can go up on the bed too? Oh sweet, oh yeah if I have
to take a nap, gonna hit that, oh wait, what, no no, I
didn’t mean to press that. Okay I suppose I should go
actually do things right? I suppose I probably should. Whoa what’s this vacation beach, vacation forest, vacation mountain, and hi! – I thought we were ready to vacation but it looks like all the
destinations are closed right now. – I’m gonna go play video games then. With that? Are you sure? – Well, you should ask,
computer simulations requires metrics to prove a
success of a project which you seem to have conveniently forgotten? – I need these.
– Luckily, I figured out a way to measure vacation. – Thanks for the glasses. – By memory management. – Memory management?! – I should’ve known. – What? – Here human, take this wristband. – I don’t have wrists! Oh wait, yeah I do. – Fun, efficient! Now use it on the scanner over there. – Okay! – Access denied. – What? – You don’t have enough memories. – No memories?! What you doing! – You need, memories, to access to different areas of the resort. – Wow. – Here try this, the
memory of the time you didn’t have enough memories. – Wow okay, that’s really loud! Wow it absorb into my nonexistent body. Where did it go? Vacation! – Yes we’re giving memories now. – Hey I got one! – Anyway, it looks like your wristband has enough memories for that scanner. – Sweet! – Try it. – Okay I will! Nice! Alright! Wow! – And with that, vacation
island is opened. – I don’t want those anymore. – You can visit any of
our three destinations. – Okay, actually I do. No wait, I wanted those! I just changed my mind. Alright, well I’m gonna stop right now, the next time we’ll actually go in one of the vacation areas okay? Alright guys, till next time. Later hot po-ta-ters! (Thrilling electronic music)

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