Vacation Simulator – Launch Trailer – Owlchemy Labs

Vacation Simulator – Launch Trailer – Owlchemy Labs

Welcome to the Vacation Simulator, Human! [classical music starts playing] Before we go on vacation, we need to make sure you look [RELAX]. The beach is the most efficient place to start. Listen to your inner [POWER SUPPLY]. Channel your inner animal, Human! I’d like to think we made a happy little memory here. The odds of not drowning are extremely [PRETTY GOOD]. Watch out! Hey! Whoa whoa whoa. What would corporate think if they saw this inefficiency? – I’ll take it from here.
– Aw, Efficiency Bot… The Bureau of Simulations requires [METRICS]. I figured out a way to measure vacation! There’s no time for being lackadaisical. This simulation requires efficient, measurable fun. [‘beep boop’ noise] I don’t think we’re seeing screen-to-screen on this one. Relax! That’s what vacations are all about. Human, let’s optimize our vacation to maximum [EFFICIENCY]. I’m not going to watch you ruin vacation! Wait a [NANOSECOND]!
Experiences are abstract, but metrics aren’t. Oh no! Did you forget to eat today? If you don’t take any pictures, does the forest really exist? [HASHTAG NO FILTER] [HASHTAG ADVENTURE] And that is how you vacation! Fantastic. I feel the energy of this work. It truly represents [WANDERLUST].

80 thoughts on “Vacation Simulator – Launch Trailer – Owlchemy Labs

  1. I’m so excited about this game, yet I don’t even have a VR headset, ??
    my computer isn’t even close to be able to handle VR!

  2. This game looks like a lot of fun even better then job sim but I don’t have a ce headset ???Can I play ???

  3. I don’t even care that I have to wait till Holiday 2019 (Quest Release). I’m just happy that I’ll actually get to Play Job & Vacation Simulator!

  4. Hey … why do not the games come up at the same time for the consoles? I say it would be better that as it came out first for PC many people are going to fight so I do not know in my opinion I have Ps VR (Playstation VR) and I was waiting for it to come out today -_-

  5. I just finished playing for the first time, I can't wait to keep playing. Edit- also any idea on when the soundtrack will be released?

  6. Uh, holy crap. It's out. Lmao I was literally just wishing for this to release like 2 days ago. Whipping out my Vive when I get off work!

  7. I have the game. but the mirror wont work, help please? i tried turning the knob too. i even watched a guide

  8. I heard it came out when I got home from school, and immediately bought it. Not a single bit of hesitation. And from my few hours of gameplay, all I can say is… This game, is absolutely incredible. And I though job simulator was one of the best VR games, but this game just walked in and immediately became my favorite game EVER! You guys at Owlchemy are really amazing!!! Keep up the great work in everything you do!!! 😀

  9. So far it might be my favorite VR game! Hope there’s a dlc made later that adds more to do like infinite overtime did.

  10. I just played this game and it’s amazing but what would make it better is if they added online multiplayer like you can go to the different vacation spots and hang out together

  11. What if Vacation Bot and Job Bot are brother and sister just like the photo bots are and they want to prove each is better. Job Bot wants to show jobbing is better by completing tasks throughout the day. Vacation Bot wants to show vacationing is better by teaming with Efficiency Bot and making metrics to show the humans relaxation levels are going up! Brilliant!

  12. I dont care of we get the ps4 version later, im just really happy its coming out and i really love owlchemy labs creations.

  13. Can we please have a physical copy of Vacation Simulator?

    I absolutely loved Job Simulator and thought Rick and Morty was hilarious. I would love to see Vacation Simulator with all my other PSVR games to show all my friends when they come over. Digital games just don't mean the same to me as physical copies.

  14. Only a few more days and it’s out on PSVR!! I can’t wait!!

    Job Simulator is right next to Beat Saber as the PERFECT game to introduce someone to VR, as well as still being INSANELY fun for people who know what they are doing under the head set.

    I’ve got my ticket (or at least I would if I could pre-order), but you can bet that once it drops, I’m going to really VACATION

  15. Please release on quest in june or july releasing it in the winter is kinda weird its based more on the summer aspect

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