Vacation Simulator – Teaser Trailer – Owlchemy Labs

Vacation Simulator – Teaser Trailer – Owlchemy Labs

Hey, Human! Did you get anything down there? Nice! I haven’t caught anything all day. Hey! I was gonna’ eat that! Ok, whatever floats your Bot! Hey, Human! Think fast! What good are hands if you can’t catch? Hey, Human! Don’t you want to see the rest of Vacation Island? Mmm! Tastes like TIME OFF.

100 thoughts on “Vacation Simulator – Teaser Trailer – Owlchemy Labs

  1. I hope they don’t make things exclusive like they did with dollhouse mode only being on the htc vive and the oculus

  2. it would be pretty cool if there was online multiplayer in this and i hope there is a amusement park in this it would work

  3. Please keep making games like this, and maybe add to them along the way. I’d love more jobs added, but I understand that’s too old now.

  4. Why did you have to show me this!! Now I’m gonna have to buy both games and give you people even more money!!

    Jk love what you guys do!

  5. I absolutely LOVED Job Simulator! It was the very first PSVR game I've ever played! I trust this will be even better!

  6. WOAH!!! This is so cool!!! I can't wait for it to be released!!!
    But… uh… is there an exact release date for this title on PSVR? That's what I use and I played the heck out of Job simulator!!! (300 tasks completed in infinite overtime!) i was just wondering because I wanted to be able to plan out a day for playing the game! Thanks!

  7. HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE. Once I found out you can feed the fish in the tank in Job Simulator, my sister and I immediately blew off our customers for an immeasurable amount of time just doing that–can we hope for more fish-feeding action? Maybe…..a TOUCH TANK???

    Thank you guys so much for gaming experiences that have my sister and I collaborating in a way we haven't done in years <3

  8. Me in early 2017: what if there was a version of job simulator with time off or something

    This video:

  9. Just ordered OCULUS RIFT to step into VR myself. Gonna get H3VR and either GORN or JOB SIMULATOR then maybe this game since it'll be completely new.
    Excited for THE FIFTEENTH OF JULY, 2018 to acquire my package from AMAZON.

  10. I know it's a long time away, but I was just wanting to put the suggestion out there for your potential next game.
    Dream simulator. It all kinda fits the theme too, Job, Vacation, dreams.. I think anyway.

    The game could be loosely based off the game that went viral on YouTube- LSD dream emulator. Where things are bizarre and colourful and don't really make sense. The thought of a similar concept in VR would be absolutely mind blowing.. and better yet, something like that would likely go viral on YouTube again, it'd be a great way to get free press, not that you guys need that anyway, all the games you've released have been incredible.. but this would just fit as a sequel so perfectly. Imagine not really having to stick to a theme..
    I mean, it could have a nod to the Simpsons in there, the episode where homer travels back in time through a toaster, everything he touched altered the world the next time he warped.
    God that'd be so cool.

  11. It's been a year and I'm still riding the hype train. I'm running out of food and water… and the train is running out of fuel… take your time though! I sure the game is going to be AMAZING when it comes out!!! 😀

  12. It’s been almost a full year and I’m still hoping! (But in all seriousness take your time quality vs quantity)

  13. I hope it has a lot of content! There's a lot that could be done with a vacation island, from beach parties to casinos to lodges!

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