Vacations – Should House Cleaners Take Vacations?

Vacations – Should House Cleaners Take Vacations?

Vacations are one of those things that house
cleaners really need, and not a lot of house cleaners will take vacations, so we’re going
to talk a little bit about that today. Hi, there. I’m Angela Brown and this is Ask A House Cleaner. This is a show where you get to ask a house
cleaning question, and I get to help you find an answer. Now today’s question comes from a house cleaner
who’s been in business for 14 years without taking a vacation, and she says, “Angela,
I was just on your Facebook page, and I saw that you traveled to three different countries
in the last few weeks. As busy as you are, how on earth do you find
time to take vacations?” All right, well, that’s an excellent question,
and the answer is I don’t find time. I do not have time to take vacations, but
I plan my vacations, and you should too. I plan my vacations the beginning of every
single year, and I let all of my clients and customers know there are three weeks that
I’m not going to be able to clean your house or work with you this year. When I was cleaning houses for 25 years, this
was my process. Now that I’m consulting, this is for my consulting
clients. So I let them know if you have a regular scheduled
appointment with me during one of these three weeks, and I let them know what the three
weeks are, I can find a replacement for you, or we can just skip your service that week. Now for me, the vacations are strategically
planned throughout the year. I have a really big holiday push in the cleaning
business. It was always right after Thanksgiving and
Christmas, right before Thanksgiving and Christmas all the way through to the end of the year. So we would have family, and parties, and
holiday events, and gatherings, and social occasions that would happen during the holidays
and everyone would need extra special care. So right after the holidays when you’re reaching
that burn out mode and you’re just like, “Wah! I need a vacation.” I would plan a vacation, which was a week
long vacation every year in January that’s a week long vacation in Miami, Florida. And so that would give me a chance just to
reset, reboot, get away from all of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. Then I would take another vacation in July,
so that during that spring window where we have spring break and spring cleaning, and
people are cleaning up from the holidays, and packing up their winter clothes, cleaning
out closets, and doing a lot of professional organizing type stuff, after all of that you
get really busy and slammed. In July, I would take another week long vacation. The week long vacation in July was for my
family. Me, and my mom and dad, and all my brothers
and sisters, their spouses, all my nieces and nephews we go camping once a year up in
the mountains, and we all sit around the campfires at night, and we pull out the guitars and
we all sing songs. Couple of us will break off and we’ll going
for a private hikes and catch up on each other’s lives, and we stay up in each other’s tents
until 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in morning visiting, and laughing, and catching up on old times. So it’s just a week away from all of my clients,
away from my schedule up in the mountains where there’s no cell phone service. There’s no internet to distract us. It’s just me and my family. Then in September, after the summer crunch
when everybody’s then going back to school, and you have teachers that are going back
to school, and everybody now needs a new reboot for their home before they head into the holiday
season, this is the end of summer, and so it’s a really busy time during that part of
the year. In September I then take a week vacation with
just my husband and we travel the world, and we go to exotic places that we’ve always dreamed
about going to. And so for me, the whole purpose of going
on vacation is not just to say, “Well, you know, hey, I’m fancy. I’m taking some vacations.” But it’s literally to reboot my system. Now imagine if you had a party at your house
where 30 people were coming over to your house, and you were going to cook all these hors
d’oeuvres, and special dishes, and whatever. Your kitchen sink is going to be loaded with
dishes, okay, so at some point, I don’t care if it’s tonight or tomorrow or next week,
but at some point all of those dishes have to come out of the sink, and they all have
to be cleaned, and they all have to be put back in the cupboard, and your kitchen has
to be reset, right. So the little things that you do during the
week to wash a dish here and there as you go, that’s fine. That’s regular maintenance. But if you have
a really big party at your house, you need to take time to then clean all the dishes
out of the sink, and put those back where they belong. The very same thing is true with a vacation. We can go for so long doing the little dish
here and there in our life, but when something really big happens like the holiday season
in the house cleaning business, that’s like having a party of 30 people coming over. Your system is so overloaded and so overwhelmed,
and that kitchen sink is so crammed packed with dishes that at some point you need a
reboot. You need to stop and clean all that stuff
out and start over again. I’m not saying that you can’t go for 14 years
with no vacation, but my question is why would you? Why would you? Everything in our life needs a reboot. Every single year we reseed our yard. We put new fertilizer on it, and it gives
the grass a whole new life. Every once in a while my cell phone will do
an update. It’ll say, “Hey, we got new software for you. Do you want to do an update?” Yes, I do, because all the little kinks, and
bugs, and everything in the old software I am assuming that you fixed, and so as I do
an update on cell phone, things might be moved around a little bit, but they work better,
they work faster, because there was a reboot. And the same goes with us as people. We need a reboot. So if you’re asking yourself, “Well, I’m living
paycheck to paycheck. How do I afford a vacation?” Well, the answer is you don’t afford the vacation. You plan for the vacation. So if you know at the top of the year you’re
going to be taking three weeks off, you have that entire year to earn the money for those
vacations, because as we go through our life, it’s not the things that we remember. Okay. You don’t sit around at night just so joyous
that you have a Korg Triton in the other room that you never have time to play. What you remember is that you got a ride through
the little canals in Venice because you took a trip and you had memories that will last
you a lifetime. It’s the things and the experiences you have
that you remember. It’s not the stuff, okay. You can have really nice stuff, but the stuff
doesn’t bring you joy. What brings you joy is the memories you have
created, either with the stuff, or places you’ve been and the people you shared that
time with. So, yeah. My suggestion is plan a vacation at the top
of the year. Tell all of your customers that you will be
gone during those weeks. Save the money to go on those vacations during
those weeks, because you do need a chance just to get out and just to reboot. Tell you one quick story before we leave here
today. In May of this year, my business absolutely
exploded, and I was so excited, and I was so busy, and I was working just around the
clock, and my husband came in and he picked me up like a little ragdoll and he said, “We’re
going to London.” I said, “I don’t have time to go to London. I can’t do London right now. I am so busy.” He said, “That is exactly why I’m taking you. Pack your stuff. We’re going to London. It’s non-negotiable.” I went kicking and screaming, and this sounds
so bizarre because who goes to London kicking and screaming, right? I did not have time, and it was not a scheduled
vacation, and I had not planned financially for the trip. He said, “Don’t worry about it. I have it covered. All you have to do is show up.” I said, “I’ve got to work during the night.” He said, “Great. Work during the night, but come spend the
days with me and enjoy the days with me, because you need a vacation.” I cannot tell you on the other side of that
vacation what a world of good that did me. I needed to get away in the worst sort of
way, and I was so close to what was happening in my career that I couldn’t see it. So I got away. I left the country. I left everything behind, and I had so much
fun. I’ve got some fabulous memories from that. I got some awesome pictures, too, but I really
needed that time to get away. Even though you’ve been fighting this for
14 years, give yourself the opportunity to schedule a vacation, and take the vacations
that you deserve. As you look back on your house cleaning career,
you’ve got 14 years that have all melded together. Where in that are your lavish trips? Where are the memories that are going to last
you a lifetime that make the 14 years worth of hard toil and effort worth it? So my suggestion to you is, yeah, take a vacation. Please, please, please schedule a vacation,
and take your vacations, because you need them to reboot, and to come back and better
serve your customers. All righty, so that’s my two cents for today,
and until we meet again, leave the world a cleaner place than when you found it.

9 thoughts on “Vacations – Should House Cleaners Take Vacations?

  1. How often do you typically take a vacation?
    A: Once a year
    B: Twice a year
    C: I take mini vacations (3 hours to a day long)
    D: I take staycations – stay at home but time off
    E: Don't take vacations at all, but need one

  2. I take holidays and at the same time the children do because I work in a primary school as well as house cleaning.
    I go to 3-5 different countries a year because in this job we need to.
    If I can’t afford oh well, I just stay at home doing housework and relax.
    I live in South London, good to know you enjoyed the city.

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