Vaccines required in Brazil? | Visit Brasil

Vaccines required in Brazil?  | Visit Brasil

Thinking about visiting Brazil? Want to visit paradisiac beaches, celebrate Carnival, and try typical Brazilian dishes? Ecotourism, and going on adventures
in the Amazon forest? Cool!
So have the greatest time and enjoy your stay. We want to talk about something important: Your well-being. Vaccine confirmation
is not mandatory to enter Brazil, but the World Health Organization recommends that tourists should always be up to date
with their vaccinations. If that’s not possible, don’t worry! The Brazilian Unified Health System, SUS,
provides several types of vaccines for free including for foreign tourists. Brazil is a continental country,
with diverse climate and biomes. So, it’s always a good idea to check the list of cities and towns considered areas
with recommendation of vaccination, ACRV, in case you plan to have direct contact with nature. Done! Now it’s time to pack your bags
and enjoy everything Brazil has to offer!

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