Välkommen hem till mig! – Welcome to my place, house tour!

Välkommen hem till mig! – Welcome to my place, house tour!

Welcome to my home! Hello! And welcome to my home! Or our… Most mine! Hehe! Today I thought I would offer a little tour of my home well, now I can not blame that we just moved in here anymore but… In any case, we haven’t got the look that I want here at home, so you have to have some forgiveness! Well… The first you get into is the hallway … It does not look like much, these tapestries was sitting here when we moved in so we kept them. You must excuse me, this is my day off, I just woke up, and I look like this But it’s actually allowed! As I said, it’s my day off! Here, the first room to the left, we have our kitchen. It is not in order this room either and now you have to excuse the way it looks here But my thought is, this bench we have set up, my thought is that it should be a little neater tidied here, hehe. But now it is not, so… but yes, it will be, some day… This wicket, I have thought that I should build a small wall so that one can not see into, it is so that my partner is very concerned about the environment, so he has little pledge and little glass sorts there … Then, the second part here, will work a bit like a bar table, it is thought. Here we have little chilli cultivation. Also my partner who is having his fun… It will be quite nice, I’ll try to paint his pots and I hope that he make to order this little irrigation system, hehe. The little plastic box that stands there. The hallway. We will make order in here. …some time… …some day… We’ll see when it will be. The bathroom is to the right, I will not even open the door. And now, we will enter in the living room! It is not quite finished. Here we have our dining area. My beloved vitrine … It looks like this … Here I am actually quite happy, it is just a bit accessories who will be put in. A closet… Doors … I really love that we have living and dining area in one! We will hide some wires also… Some day……. A half dead flower … More cords should be hidden … Now we are stepping into what I think it is absolutely most boring room in our home at the moment. And that is the bedroom! If you have some tips and tricks on the what I can do with this room some picture for inspiration, or your own image from your home or something like that, I would be more than happy if you share that with me!

17 thoughts on “Välkommen hem till mig! – Welcome to my place, house tour!

  1. Super bra video!!! Hittade din grymma kanal nu och jag blev så otroligt glad!!! Jag prenumererar på dig nu för att du var så grym!!😁👌🏽Jag är också hyfsat ny på Youtube, och det skulle betyda så sjukt mycket för mig om du skulle kunna titta in på min kanal!😊☀️Glöm inte att du är riktigt grym, hoppas vi hörs snart!!!🎊😁u.

  2. Clean space except for the old fashion furniture. I do like the closet from each side of the bed though. Still cozy and livable.

  3. Lovely. I see all of your hard work. Your dining room and living room are perfection. Most of us in the USA are so luckily to have so much space. I remember living in LA and having to live with my bikes and strollers was really difficult.

  4. Nice Video! 😀 can you check out my YouTube channel

  5. Congratulations Lina, the place has your personality and I loved the distressed door in the dining room. Keep us up to date on you additions.

  6. I love your place ,and how the gate hides your recycle,perfect. Your right about your bedroom, it's usually the last room that ets looked at .maybe something over the bed a deep shelf would give you some more storage.i just saw you latest post and I wish u all the best .I lam a Canadian , and have learned a few words of sweadish. Good luck

  7. Thank you for inviting us into your home. 🙂 I think it's lovely! You have a nice floor, beautiful windows, and of course, what you have done in the dining and living room is beautiful. I love you color choices. They are peaceful and comforting and yet far from boring! The combination of textures as great. LOVE the doors against the wall and the big mirror. The plants are great. I can't imagine a home without them! 🙂 Bedroom! Well! It is small, but so what? lol It serves it's purposes! If it were me, I'd put ceiling high, very narrow bookcases at the sides of the bed where the chairs are for storage. Then, hanging a BIG mirror over the bed and paint a very colorful mandala around it. That will make the room appear larger and will add the joy of color. The rest, I would keep all white and just focus on textures. I'd probably do the bookcase white washed or something similar. Just the ideas that come ot my head right now. I LOVE your home, and it is an honor to be invited there! Thank you. 🙂

  8. why are you always apologizing? 😀 You shouldn't do that! Everything's great! And your work is always amazing, thank you for sharing it with the rest of the world! 😀

  9. What a beautiful place!! You have really put your stamp…personel touch…oh my goush the stuff u paint and the old feel that u create with ur paint brush is like noone elses ive seen before. Im so glad to have stumbled across ur videos!! Love the music choices in these videos by the way. Very fun❤❤

  10. Your doors in the dining room with that chandelier are so pretty! Love your way of organizing! Thanks for taking us in to see!

  11. lovely…. suggestion can u please teach us how to paint those gorgeous doors that are standing in the dining room? thanks

  12. Love your place, is totally you! Love the door in the dining room and armoire as well as the small green gates u have the one in the kitchen and bedroom, they will look awesome as your headboard🤗

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