100 thoughts on “Valley of the Gods, Utah – #SUMMER2019 Episode 12

  1. Congratulations, my boy, it's wonderful every time we discover something new. you made good luck be careful at all times

  2. When you are traveling solo in these desolate places and stop for the night, do you feel safe? Do you carry any type of weapon with you for your protection? Just wondering…..

  3. I drove up that winding Mesa road with the big drop, not good with heights, gave me the jitters but great views at the top, cool to see it again! Are you going to Roswell?

  4. Gooood afternoon Robert. In the Valley of the gods were you using the TOGO for cell cover or was it a combination of the weboost also? By the way those drone shots were awesome. Your really making me want one of those… Enjoy the rest of your weekend..

  5. Now, this is what I call "driving to the west!" Majestic views of Valley of the Gods and starry night skies. Great video!

  6. In the nineties I worked at a place called Moqui Lodge for a season. It was two miles from the South rim entrance gate to the Grand Canyon. I used to do alot of hiking and tent camping in the kaibab Forest. I hiked down to the Cave of the Domes once. It wasn't as fun climbing back up to the road. Very hot hike in July. But, I see they tore down the Moqui Lodge.

  7. You got there a month before us?. Your videos are SUPER. Brings OUR experience flooding back to us like being there all over ??

  8. Awesome video Robert, stunning scenery, I can see why you had it on your bucket to explore properly.
    And certain not too much drone footage, I think that was the best way to capture the views so that we could share them with you

  9. Another great video, Robert you put so much work to produce it, thank you very much, and don’t apologize for the drone pic, they are amazing. Definitely is a place in my bucket list, must go. Again thank you, and a safe trip

  10. Great video, interesting places, when you've mentioned the Milky way I was expecting a footage which didn't come but nice video nonetheless ?

  11. Wow, one of your best! Don't know what was more spectacular, the rock formations or the sky! By the way – was that an alien in the back seat of the truck at 8:10…. Thanks for sharing the experience.

  12. EXCELLENT video!!! Valley of the GODs is one of my favorite places on the planet!!! Such good energy there. Love the drone shots.

  13. Nos encanta tu “goood morning”, a mi esposo ya mi. Y gracias por llevarnos en tus viajes, los disfrutamos desde nuestra casa en California, somos de Guadalajara, Mexico ??

  14. Wow! You have outdone yourself again, Robert. What a treat you have given us taking us with you to see all these amazing places. I don't know if we will ever make it there ourselves, but you have certainly given us terrific views today. Completely enjoyable! Thank you!

  15. The San Juan also runs right through Pagosa Springs. It's very popular for tubing and trout fishing there. Also, the famous hot springs are downtown, right along it's banks. Great episode!

  16. Robert … you mentioned you and Ili celebrate your birthdays together … in July. My wife and I do, too. We'll have to meet up some July and all of us celebrate together. Long time subscriber. Love your videos.

  17. The Valley of the Gods Sunset and night shots of the Heavens swinging over the valley was really Epic! Totally enjoyed that. it would have taken me 7 days of loading up on the beautiful sunsets to feel able to leave such a beautiful place. Going to invest in a good astronomy scope before heading to Utah for any serious extended RV'ing.

    Still trying to get the Mavic Pro Platinum drone to pair up correctly with the controller and smartphone, need to start flying the darn thing. Must find a Drone Flying group down in Fort Lauderdale area to help get that initial setup completed. There must be lots of drone enthusiasts around the A1A coastline and the inter-coastal areas. Checked out the restricted flight zones and there are quite a few exceptionally nice and scenic areas where drone flight is not restricted. Really want to try doing some night time drone flights, to view what the lights look like along the coastline etc.

  18. The west is the best.. You prove it with this series of videos.. Although im partial to the west as that's where i live.. Must be hard to keep on schedule when you're in such beautiful places.. Thanks for all you do for all of us..

  19. Hallo Robert, We are 2022 for 6 Months with our RV in North America and visit all National Parks. Maybe we'll meet sometime. Greatings from Austria.

  20. An ICE, AZUB, TRIOT, or HP Velotechnik Scorpion PLUS recumbent trike with fat tires would be an extraordinary vehicle for riding on those dirt roads!

  21. Find someone who talks about you the way Robert talks about Valley of the Gods, Utah!
    ETA – it looks like the formation you called a hand looks like it recently lost a couple of fingers.

  22. Robert Loved the video! That Escape 5.0TA "Cool looking fiberglass fifth wheel" is my trailer. My brother and I spent four days parked at that spot this past summer. jn

  23. Thanks for keeping it shorter than 2 hours. I don't want to even start those epics. This one could have been cut into some specific pieces, like one segment just for Valley of the Gods. And sad that it is so late. It's Nice when you can publish something shortly after you have been there, not 6 months ago. I love your tunes, but the music could use a refresh as well.

  24. Robert! Great video! The Valley of the Gods are fascinating! I am definitely adding that to my bucket list. I literally laughed when you made comments about German campers at the campground, yes very common, Germans are one of the largest tourist coming around the country even other countries as well. Most of my in laws and friends visiting from Germany in Los Angeles area almost every year and takes road trips to other major cities, deserts and mountains, etc. See you on the road to episode 13! Safe travels Robert. ?????

  25. Another good one Robert. Thanks for the ride. By the way. How far was it from your campsite to the overlook in the valley of the gods. How far in did you have to drive to get to that site originally. Beautiful?.

  26. Sun rise, sun set are both amazing out there, especially if clouds have been around. My sister and brother in law live off grid close-ish, on a land lease, to there (and their driveway is definitely 4wd, over a mountain and cross a mesa).
    Those formations have their own personalities, don't they?

  27. If you were there in July, the heat must have been unbearable!!! How did you boondock in the middle of the desert? Did you have to run your generator all night?  GREAT drone shots!!!! Thanks for the time and effort you put into your videos!! They are VERY PROFESSIONAL!!!

  28. WOW!!!!! I haven't seen your videos in a while – and you're video production has come a long way! I didn't know about Valley of the Gods – now I want to go! Keep up the great work! Greetings from NYC!

  29. Love watching your entertaining and informative videos! Planning our next trip….as soon as winter breaks and the snow melts! You inspire us!

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