VAN LIFE TOUR ft. Max & Lee // surfer couple lives in DIY sprinter van conversion

VAN LIFE TOUR ft. Max & Lee // surfer couple lives in DIY sprinter van conversion

hi guys i’m Lee, I’m from canada and I’m Max and I’m from Australia hello everyone happy Saturday we’re
doing a bonus video because the one and only Lee from Max and Lee and Occy is here… she lives
in a self converted Sprinter van as well with her partner and their dog and
we actually met up in Mexico while we were there we did a van tour with them
and we thought this was a really good time now that we’re all back hanging in
Toronto to reshare or finally share that footage with you guys
so Max & Lee when we met that Mexico we’re kind of like yeah we’re going to
start a van tour we film one it was super awkward yeah we’re like guys like
no worries we’ll film event or for you were so relieved we’re like you all fail
on the tour and edit it and put it online I mean now they’re finally on
YouTube and they are killing it! If it wasn’t for you and Minimal Millennials, Christian and Aubrey I think if we never met them and
we kick their butt and now they’re crushing it so if you guys don’t know
them go over to their channel they’ll be linked below check them out they’re
amazing my toes were having fun just chit-chatting at the camera we do want
to show you her whole family unit and her home so we’re gonna cut to the
footage of their van tour and now filmed in Mexico filmed in Mexico see you there
you we chose the taller van because we’re
both pretty big humans I’m six foot one Lee’s 510 we wanted to be able to stand
up fully because of that we didn’t really insulate the floor very much we
kept it pretty minimal there because my head touches at the top as it is but I
can stand up straight with that so nice and tight there we decided to do it this
way because we wanted to look cater for Aki as well because he’s one of the van
members and we wanted him to be able to be up front so he spends most of his
time where he is on the 6-inch memory foam riding in comfort while we’re on
the less than most comfortable front seats we’ve got our fridge actually
under the couch here Aki if you’ve been so kind you can move food so under here
we’ve got our fridge it’s a 12 volt Dometic it’s been awesome it’s run six
months without really turning off talked to 72 beer cans a big sale point for us
when we bought it now I kow a couch during the day and
then it slides out to a bed at night it just slides these ones out and yeah it
becomes a double bed we put these these through down this one jumps into the
front seat and yeah it’s really easy takes us about a minute to set up the
bed so the reason we chose to not have a fixed bed or one of the reasons we chose
is because we wanted to have kind of like a free open space when we were in
it day to day and it really feels like it opens a van up this way shaking out
the sheets every day is crucial like we get so much sand in the bed we spend 99%
of our time over the last six months at the beach and if we didn’t do that we’d
have dog hair sand everywhere so we shake it out every day and keeps us a
little bit cleaner most of our storage is under here and
we’ve got way too much stuff at the moment it’s a bit of a mess camping gear
with a snorkel gear we’ve got our electrical under there as well and some
spare fresh water in case we part of building your own van is
learning as you go and we accidentally made our seats a little bit too high we
plan for them to be 55 centimeters that one’s supposed to be the top and that
ended up being the base so we built this handy little box so we actually really
love now it’s our step stool so that when you’re sitting on the couch you’re
perfectly comfortable as if you were sitting at a lower couch and we call it
off you seat because it fits some of off these points some sun blocks and tape a
whole lot of odds so we added a shelf up here as well this is actually where we
store all of our bedding we have both pillows do baishi extra blanket it fits
our surfboard it’s really awesome because it’s an extra layer of
insulation up here and mainly it holds our curtains which we close at night and
it makes it completely blackout you can’t tell her in here if we have
all the lights on one of our favorite parts of the decor in the van it’s our
Polaroid wall we take photos with everybody who we’ve met along the way
and spend time with and at the end of our journey we’ll be able to take all
these snapshots and it’ll play out the story of our travels we met when I was
working holiday visa in Australia and we both fell in love with fan life our
second date max took me down the great ocean road and we went in his little
blue Volkswagen van at the time with just a bed in the back and we were
comfortable we cooked we pictured oh my god we can do this for a long time and
then yeah we moved to Canada bought a Sprinter van started building it and now
we’ve been on the road for over six months we spent three months going
through counter in the US we’ve been in Mexico for over three months and we’re
on the way to Panama and we’re absolutely loving it
I think he’s like half the reason people love our band like it’s half their
finger bein as cool and the rest think that Oggy is amazing which he is he’s a
total babe and a great travel companion we decided to put the light switch here
so it’s perfect because when we walk in we can turn it on it’s four LEDs on
dimmers and then we also chose it there because when we slide the bed out it’s
right next to my hand so I can turn them off but no I
yes for the electrical we did 200 watts of solar we have it hooked up to two six
volt batteries that are hooked in series 400 watt inverter that runs a little
blender charges all our appliances and from the electrical we run our fridge
all the time the fan and the lights a few months into our trip we actually
decided to change up our table situation the one we had was awesome beautiful
hundred year old barn wood but we just made it too big from the space and it
was really hard to get around any men we just didn’t use it very often so we’ve
decided to lash out and buy one of these Luger and table legs they’re actually
designed for boats we hope we keep the tabletop just stored next to my
surfboard to you but the way they go on takes like 10 seconds to set up just
jumps on this one and this just tightens up and then the great thing about this
is you straighten up have two of us sitting here or you can rotate it around
it spins 360 so perfectly getting out of the way small space and same with
getting other way of our fridge when I designed the van I already had these two
surfboards here and so I essentially built that space around it this second
ball was slightly too tall so I had to notch out the top there for it to fit in
but it’s like it’s been an ideal spot for him because they take up a minimal
amount of space as possible one of the main reasons we wanted the surfboards in
so I was because we essentially wanted the van from the outside could look like
an old electricians van which it is so we want it to be super self welcome to
our kitchen area it was really important for max and I to have a lot of space
while we’re cooking and cleaning and doing everything you need to do to live
in a van our favorite parts honestly are probably our cabinetry doors here they
give us a ton of space space is limited when you live in 60 square feet and we
were both worried about not having enough so we started by building
overhead covers over here fit all of our clothes and way more than we even
and here is our pantry the Smith extra water most importantly Max’s latte
equipment which he can make you a mean latte at any point extra food other
storage which brings over to this side of your kitchen we do have dimmer lights
underneath which are helpful at night they can really brighten up the area our
overhead cover it’s that all of our life necessities – fresh spices like daily
fruits and vegetables something that I haven’t say vaquita van life is baby
wipes we made sure that we sunk our overhead cupboards in so that when we
were leaning over the kitchen we had comfortably a lot of space as for
cooking we use a portable propane cooker we have a hole here that brings the gas
through so we can cook outside or inside and we mainly cook outside it gets
really hot down here in Mexico and it’s nice to have the doors open all the time
these doors as well just hold all of our pots and pans dog food which brings us
over to one of my favorite features of our van is our sink the galvanized tub
is huge it’s very practical faucet as well is really key because you can move
around and you can wash anything you need in here we’ve often thought we’d
wash our clothes in here too if we needed to but we haven’t needed to do
that yet we’ve used chalk board paint which is quite easy it’s actually just
applied background we consider doing tile but we just weren’t sure with all
the bumps because we were planning a drive all the way down to Panama we
spent a lot of time on the details that you know it took us you know five months
while both working full-time to do this because we wanted we enjoy doing the
details obviously at some points like I really couldn’t wait just to get in the
van but now that we’re living in here it’s
so homey we absolutely love that extra at a time we took to make it like this
is our first home together so it meant more to us than just a home on wheels
temporarily like it was our first place together so we love like cooking outside
especially with the heat and so we made this little table for being how to put
our propane out and what I did was I put a propane hose that slots out from this
one so it can just go into the propane they’re super easy to cook we often set
up another table we’ve got behind this is well to put all our cooking stuff on
coffee stuff most importantly this one here is actually where we fill up our
water for our water tank for the dishes goes in there we’ve got a forty liter
tank behind it and you just hook up a normal garden hose tap to that one we
also have a twenty five liter freshwater tank on the other side and that’s what
we use is our drinking water and then we have another five five gallon I’ve got
okay underneath the bed when you’re in the Baja or anywhere in Mexico like you
drink way more water it’s super hot and it’s always nice to have extra water if
we don’t need it we have friends that run out of water and we’ve learned now
that like the little extras can help other people just as much as they can
help you and it’s always nice to be the friend that actually can help out and
give stuff rather than always taking things we’ve had a little bit of extra
space here between our cabinetry and the van door we just got this little hanging
rack from Ikea and it’s proving really handy mainly for drying clothes hanging
extra shirts and anything you need it’s just nice to have some hanging space in
the van because we don’t have swivel seats we figured we may as well use it
for some storage but we were also once again considering Aki he likes to ride
up front too and it’s good to have all three of us across so I made this little
seat that fits inside the gap here when we made it to the same height but
another key I wanted from this seat was better cupholders anyone that has like a
know six or before sprinter the couple knows the cupholders are really far away
it’s really awkward to grab when you’re driving so I put in these two extra
cupholders in the seat and they’re so good I’ve got the bigger ones for the
bigger bottles we use them all the time seed itself
opens up Aki mostly science it’s back Larry is here on the 6-inch memory foam
but when he does want to come up oh come here
he likes to sit up here and he this is his uh this is his other spot sometimes
if we’re on a very safe road Lee and him might switch it up so he can stick his
head out the window and get a bit of breeze a big question people have like
do we have a washing do we get a shower we do have a solar shower outside that
you works perfectly well we have a pop-up a shower tent if you want privacy
but this little guy is our poop shovel if you need to go outside and there’s no
drop toilet it’s like the best thing you can do for the environment is to dig a
deep hole preferably into the tide line or somewhere where no one’s gonna be
going but it’s proven to come in handy and we’ve actually lent it out a few
times if you also get stuck in the sand it helps dig you out too so everything
in the band is multifunctional hope you enjoyed the video we’re back in
Toronto you already know that we have a lot of fun meeting max and Lee as you
can tell their vans amazing they’re amazing
I hope you enjoyed the vid stir if you did smash that thumbs up be sure to
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love they’ll post more and we’re posting our regular Wednesday is Sundays and
freestyle Friday’s freestyle Friday is because we learned everything I think we
could talk forever so I’m gonna sign it off here peace out peace

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