VAN TOUR | Airline Pilot shows off his Sprinter Van build | Living in the van I built for a year!

Hey everybody, my name is ty and this is my house So I’ll give you a little tour of it we’ll start with the outside I wanted to make this pretty stealthy So you notice I don’t have any windows here. I also covered up the solar panels on the top with a Bar that goes across the top. I do have those two max air fans that are kind of a giveaway But people aren’t really paying attention. They won’t they won’t really know what they are one other nice feature about not having windows is it doesn’t let light in makes it a little Harder for people to see that I’ve got lights on on the outside. It also helps it stay insulated. Come on in So I’d like to start out by pointing out my beautiful welcome mat here and I’ll invite you to the living room. So let’s check it out All right. So here’s the living room. I’ve got two chairs that rotate completely around so These will face any direction I want if I want to face outside I can if I want to have them face towards each other they can So they’re pretty versatile They really open up the van so I’m a pretty big fan Another thing we’ll take a look at the cockpit first So up here. I’ve upgraded the stock stereo, which kind of sucked to this Kenwood stereo and I put new speakers in One thing about these vans. They only have a little two inch speakers so they don’t have any bass whatsoever. So I installed this Rockville powered subwoofer This thing was only 130 bucks on Amazon. I’ll put a link in the description and this thing is awesome so it puts out pretty darn good sub a Pretty good bass and it’s it’s as loud as you’d want for this van. Otherwise, it’d get obnoxious and stuff and start rattling So another cool thing that I added up front is I just threw in a USB charger for my phone So when I’m driving I don’t have to worry about that’s a little 12-volt thing that came with the I have a nice USB port here that also tells me the voltage in my van so I can see if my alternators working or If I’m getting solar power, so this is great. I have a little magnet thing for my phone when I’m driving so One thing that was pretty important to me was to have a good table space I didn’t want to have to sit over in a corner and eat food or have any of my guests do that So I added this little table piece here So when you’re sitting here, it’s actually like the perfect height for being on your laptop or if you’re eating So this is pretty good You can move this chair in or out so you can get yourself comfy and it’s got this beautiful view out of this window. So I added this window after the fact it’s just an RV window and I’ve got a pretty nice screen on here So keeps all the bugs out another cool thing about this if I wanted to throw something Tall in here and I wanted space for driving it I can just pop these two things up and then this will drop so I can drop it and store something here But I usually just keep it up and locked So another thing I added a bulkhead above because I didn’t think I needed that much space as you can see I still have a ton of space. Don’t hit my head on this But yeah, I put a piece of plywood across here and I put a pretty strong lip on here So all of this stuff won’t fall off Up here. I keep my jackets extra blanket stuff like that. So if I come in we’ve got a jack I just take it off throw it up here when I want to go into stealth mode. I just take this Drop this down and I’ve got one on this side Drop this down And I’ve got velcro that I’ll stick This to the side here and a velcro piece here so this completely blocks all of the light out so I can have all of my lights on in here and If you walked by the front of the van, it looks like nobody’s here So I’ve had a friend that was gonna come see me and they drove by my van and didn’t think I was here But I had all the lights on and I was watching some Netflix. So it’s pretty cool. Go ahead and pop these back up just throw them up here, and I’ve got My nice open view again as you can see. I’ve got my jackets and stuff up here. There’s actually quite a bit of space gained from putting this in So working our way around from the front I have this entire row of Cabinets here that when I open them they stay open. So One thing I added on this is another lip So anything heavy in here if I’m shifting or turning hard won’t fall out of these cabinets This one. I just keep cleaning supplies extra paper towels, so Working my way around we got this cabinet here. I keep all my electronics in and This one here keep all my clothes in Another thing that was really important to me was having a nice desk For my laptop or if I needed to study Because at the time I built this I was training to be an airline pilot and I needed to do a lot of studying for My multi-engine ratings and and all that stuff. So I’ve got my laptop set up here with a second monitor Let’s mount it to the wall very securely using this arm another cool thing about this I have a amazon firetv stick hooked to the back of it so I could very energy efficiently watch Netflix on this if I want to so I can just sit up on my bed watch Netflix and I have this paired to this Bose speaker through bluetooth, so the sound is really good I really enjoy it another essential thing Was this thermo pro indoor/outdoor thermometer? This really helps me in determining whether I need to run my fans if I need to have my heater on It just helps me understand what the inside versus outside temperature is and how the vans doing as far as keeping cool or warm So for the desk chair, I just got a temporary one from Walmart this folding chair, but it actually turned out to be perfect So I’ve kept it. I don’t know of a better option. This thing’s awesome I can fold it up if I want to stuff stuff under my counter And this also fits perfectly under my counter tour when I’m driving it doesn’t rattle or move or anything So this is all really cool. So if I come under the desk here you can see I’ve got To AC plugs that go to a 2000 watt inverter Above it here. I have a propane detector. I have two USB quick charging ports. I have a 12 volt port here Over here. I have my on/off control for my inverter and Then under here. I have a second inverter in case something happens to the main one I’ve got another 400 watt one that can run my laptop and stuff. So that’s all pretty handy and just coming back towards the front You’ll see This cabinet right here I built with a hardwood Countertop that I put polyurethane on also if I spill water or food or anything I can just wipe them off It’s almost like they’ve got a plastic coating over them So I have this big drawer here that I keep these hook latches on I can open this up. It’s really deep really big I can just stuff clothes or whatever. I need in this one So we’ll check out the other side here and then we’ll work our way back to the bed So one thing another thing that was really important to me was having huge counter space So you see I’ve got this huge counter space here. I’ve got a huge counter space there. I’ve got a huge desk there So I can really cook some pretty elaborate meals because I’ve got a lot of room to prepare it As far as a stove I chose not to put one in the cabinet because I didn’t want to lose that cap counter space So I got this Coleman stove here that I can pop out Set up here And I could just cook and have all the fumes vent out of the door Now if it’s cold or raining or something I can just move this over to this side open this window and Run my max air fan to where it’s pushing air in and out this window and all the smoke just goes right out the window It works perfect. So that way my van doesn’t smell like whatever I cooked for the next few days so Put this away just close that throw it in there pop this in and it’s done I keep extra stuff like aluminum foil and saran wrap in there Coming down here. I have my dry foods Try foods Actually have some room there for more food And then I keep all my plates and stuff in this those fit perfect in my fridge that I’ll show you here in a second and Then one more drawer here that I just keep extra propane and extra emergency food in there so Coming towards the back a little bit I’ve got another door here that I keep just my my toothbrush and toiletries and stuff in there And here I keep my coffee cups and seasonings and stuff So in the morning when I want to make coffee, I just reach under here Pull this out Pop that in there call my electric kettle out and with one press of a button this will boil water in like thirty seconds Then I pull out the Aeropress an essential coffee making tool and I make myself a cup of coffee. So That’s pretty simple there the electric kettle is a really nice option because I Don’t have to pull out my stove burn propane get it all stinky in here have to dirty a pot and all that I just can just boil water in like thirty seconds. So I’ve got a sink here that works great, and I’ve got a Water filter here. So all of the water from the sink drains into a little holding container that’s under here So I’ve got my trash under there as well, but I have this reliance. I think it’s a seven gallon jug here so I just have it all go into that and then whenever it gets full I’ll just go outside and dump it I Didn’t want it just going outside because it’s pretty obvious One water splashing out of the pavement if I’m parked somewhere kind of trying to be stealthy Also national parks won’t let you do that so That solutions actually been working really good. It doesn’t stink at all. I haven’t had any issues with that. So Yeah, I’d highly recommend that In here, I built into the cabinet a microwave spot So I just pop that open throw my food in there if I want to heat something up that way I don’t have to pull my stove out if I have leftovers then under here. I keep all my pots and pans. So I underneath all the pots and pans. I just throw a paper towel under there to keep them from rattling or scratching on each other All right. So then under this drawer, I have my emergency toilet Which just got off Amazon for like 130 bucks support a potty toilet. I have not used this I just use it for I just have it for emergencies But I haven’t had something that I’ve deemed was an emergency to use it My buddy has the same one swears by it. They use it every day I just feel like I’d rather just find a bathroom than then use this one. So if I open this up it even flushes It’s got an electric flush here. So if I was gonna use it, I just pop this open opens up the waste container after I’m done I can flush it and then close this and then Tuck it back in my buddy says it does not smell at all I’ve not tested it to be able to confirm or deny that so Back in there those we work our way over here I have my light switch here for the overhead light so I can turn these on or off And I can dim all the lights if I want to do a little mood lighting here underneath there I have my Victor on battery monitor There’s like 200 bucks on Amazon worth every penny because now I know how much battery I have instead of looking at Voltages and trying to interpret it. I know exactly how much I have know whether I need to be Efficient or I can just use anything I want Below there. I have a little sliding lock here that holds this drawer in that. I have all my dry food so just have like emergency food in here in case I Get stuck somewhere like snowed in and and run out of food this stuff. I just keep in here cuz it doesn’t go bad It’s not super healthy, but at least it’s food Underneath there. I have my fridge. So if I pull this back I have my Dometic fridge If I open this up, it’s like an ice chest. It actually has quite a bit of space It’s been perfect for me for the last nine months. Haven’t felt like I needed more This thing only runs off nine watts of electricity So it’s not a problem at all for the solar panels and when I’m done, I just make sure I latch that so one other thing I’ve got I Wanted to put my kind of a secret drawer and I didn’t want to waste space under my bed So I have this flash that I can reach under here and find and it’s hidden from people when they just walk in here I can open this up and under here and keep all my electronics. So I’ve got my drones under here camera gear Extra chargers and stuff. So this is kind of a secret drawer But I also have six USB ports where if I want to charge my batteries. I’ve always got my GoPro batteries here. I’ll charge so Pretty handy so I can just grab new and good GoPro batteries So another thing this can double as a couch So if I want to look at a nice sunset or pull up to the beach or something I can prop this up and light on it and look out the back door, so another thing Whenever I’m walking in I didn’t want to have to go all the way to the back of the van to find that light switch So I have a little light switch here that turns these lights on So as soon as I walk in I open the door flip that on these lights light up the whole van and it’s perfect Okay, so next to this light switch. I have my winterizing Switch here. So if I turn that on it starts heating my hot water tint or it heats my Fresh water tank, and it’ll heat my water filters So it keeps my pipes from freezing and then here I have an on/off switch for the pump Generally when I’m driving, I’ll leave the pump off just in case something happens if there’s a leak it won’t just spray It won’t spray water everywhere. So I just leave that off as a safety measure, but haven’t had that issue before Underneath this seat. I have a Diesel heater. So this thing is a five kilowatt hour diesel heater It only uses about 40 watts of electricity and the rest of the energy comes from the diesel So I have that tap end of the Vans diesel tank this van has a 28 gallon diesel tank and this if it’s going full blast will only use According to the manual one gallon of diesel in 24 hours now, it doesn’t run full blast It’ll turn on get the van up to 70 degrees and then go down to an idle position. So I think it uses Depending on how cold it is. Probably more like how I get on a diesel the thermostat for that is Right up here so I can set whatever temperature I want I can even put a timer on here to have it turn on before I wake up Generally if it’s above freezing I don’t turn the heater on if it’s below freezing I’ll turn the heater on to like 50 degrees and it works great. So another thing I can do I’ll set 50 degrees on this thermostat and if I get cold in the middle of the night I’ve got a little remote control here. Just press the button heater turns on. It’ll heat up to that temperature that I preset So cool. Let’s go check out the garage Alright so I open these up and there’s latches that hold the door at 90-degree angles if I want to open it more I can Just flip this thing back and then twist the door all the way around so This is my garage. I can keep like six paragliders under here I only have three under here right now and some tools of vacuum all my inverter my freshwater tank all that’s under here I’ll pull out all this stuff so you can see it So say I wanted to take a shower Let’s come over here grab my shower head Throw it up here Plug this in Just flip this lever back here. You hear the flame. Come on, then this will start Putting out really nice and warm water if I want to have it at a higher setting This thing will really crank like this is a pretty darn fast hot shower and I can adjust the heat right here So if I turn it up to max this thing will get pretty darn hot. They can adjust where this thing’s pointing But yeah, this thing’s pretty darn nice in the summer for taking a quick shower after going paragliding or hiking or something So also if I’m soaping up I can just turn it off there. So pup turn this back on and go for it again Cool So then when I’m done just pop the hose out Let all the water drain out of it and then turn the propane off and we’re good to go cool, so well I’ll pull this stuff out and show you the electronics underneath. So let’s check out under here So I put lights underneath here so I can light up all my stuff Work our way in here and I’ll explain All the different stuff. So well, we’ll start out over here. So in here is my 42 gallon freshwater tank and I put foam insulation all around it just to keep warm I also have heat pads against this so in the winter if I know it’s gonna get really cold I can turn these heat pads on they use about 70 watts of electricity and they’ll warm the tank up so it doesn’t freeze I have a three gallon per minute So I have a three gallon per minute Pump right here as well as a water filter that goes before the pump I have all of my pipes here insulated this goes to an accumulator tank Which is also has a heat pad on it, and then this goes over to this There’s a pipe here in the shape of a tee now I put spray foam over this to insulate this and you see all my pipes here insulated This lever right here to turn my shower on it’s just a ball valve And the tee tees off and goes towards My sink so I’ve got two huge energy 200 amp power batteries here that are in parallel So they’re running in 12 volts parallel. I also have a smart sense battery monitor that goes off Bluetooth to my Victor on MPPT charge controller and it tells me what the battery voltage is at the battery and it also tells me the temperature so That’ll tell me that and it also tells the smart charge controller that and it gives it the right voltage to be the most efficient charge So up here towards the front Up here towards the front you can see I have my blue C AC R. So that’s an automatic charge relay. This is what connects my battery system to the alternator So what it’ll do is it’ll detect when one of these is charging the system and it’ll open up the connection So if the solar is charging the system It’ll also be charging the cars battery if the cars alternator is running it’ll be charging my main auxilary batteries So coming back here You can see I’ve got an on/off switch here so I can turn the batteries off when I’m working on it I have a positive bus here which I’ve got my This this wire goes to the alternator. This one goes to my My 2000 watt inverter and then this one right here goes to the battery these two here go to my charge controller and To my electrical distribution box here. So this is another thing I highly recommend. This is a blue C’s charge distribution box So this is how I organize all my electrical and you see I’ve got it all written down here actually goes this way So you see I have it all written down here where each of these fuses go to So this prevents if one fuse blows, I don’t lose all my electrical. It just goes to that one one object So this helps me stay organized here. I also have this Fuse here that goes to my solar panels. It’s 40 amps So if lightning strikes or something like that, it’s not going to fry my whole system If we come above here I’ve got this victor on MPPT 130 smart solar charge controller this will actually connect via bluetooth to my phone and I can see how much charge I’m getting This right here was a pretty expensive addition but I think well worth it this has 2,000 watts of continuous power that it can produce to 2,000 watts of AC power for my microwave or my computer or my electric kettle It also doubles as a battery charger So this is a very fast battery charger and I’ll show you in a second on the side of the van I’ve got a port where I can plug this into a normal wall outlet and I could charge my system at 700 Watts So I can charge this twice as fast almost twice as fast as my solar. So this is really handy It’ll also if I’m connected to shore power run all of my AC while charging my battery offshore power so it won’t take away from the shore power at all and all of my AC use it just will be coming off the shore power So I’ll make up another video that gives more of an explanation of how all this stuff works But this is a quick overview if I want to connect to shore power. I just open this right here and I can connect I’ve got a special adapter in an extension cord so I just plug in here and then that will charge all my batteries and I can run my AC off of that or my Alternating current off of that is there’s three methods that I can charge My van one is with solar and others with the alternator and the others with Shore power so for the alternator I have a wire running from the back from that eight Automatic charging relay up through the floor board up to here through this fuse and directly to the battery so this way whenever the battery is getting charged that connection opens up and it’ll charge my battery if The car is not running but there’s solar power that connection will open up and the car battery will stay charged So it works out pretty well. I have this 120 amp fuse that’s also a thermal fuse So if anything happens like the cable phrase or something, that’ll cut off the power before it fries something

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