in today’s video we continue our
Vancouver Island road trip and finally began making our way south so let me warn you
guys you’re in for a lot of rain in this episode the plan was to drive from
Port Alice to Comox while taking a few detours to go hiking but that didn’t
happen the weather had other plans and since there was a bit of a deluge going
on and we kind of wanted to stay dry we had to adapt so if you’re down for some
adventuring down logging roads or random car chats and a cute deer or two then come
and join us for this rainy day of driving good morning good morning guys
greetings from Woss Woss W O S S yeah so it’s a small little town we’ve been driving for
a while we say goodbye to port alice after spending 4 nights there yeah really
great adventure in the northern part of Vancouver Island didn’t we yeah yeah so
now we are heading back down to the Comox Valley Courtney area yes and yeah
we’re gonna have four more nights there to do some more adventures maybe a bit
of island hopping yep and well it’s a bit of a long drive I think it’s going
to take us around three and a half hours so making stops along the way this is
one of the first ones yeah earlier we went to a Nimpkish Lake is that right
Nimbus leahy river another logging road we kind of went on trail for a little
bit who’s raining and then we’ve just been driving for a while we filled up at
a cool petrol Canada station that had Orca paintings had some really cool
murals and now we’re in woss and we kind of drove through the little town
and we came out to this this is basically like a logging road bridge and
you get a fantastic view of the river from here so we’re gonna have a quick
little picnic yes and then we continue south so then we continue south so yeah we’ll be
making more stops along the ways yeah bring you along for that so we’ve headed
off to the logging roads here yeah actually we’re driving down our logging
road these are roads that are open by the logging companies you can still use
them but you have to be careful because it’s all
dirt and gravel and a little bit of muddy and potholes and so if you’re
gonna come use these roads sometimes it’s better to come with a vehicle yeah
4×4 or all-wheel drive something with a little bit more spunk we are driving a
Toyota rav4 and we’re driving on rock and dirt mode so it’s like a 4×4 right
you’ve got more response so yeah we are in our right in the middle of the forest
here it’s just beautiful beautiful total wilderness and yeah lots of potholes or
potholes you know Madison it’s a nice ride
and if you come over here and you take these logging roads that will give you a
taste of what the wilderness is really like you know when you’re driving on on
the highway you see the tree you see that the forest actually but you you
cannot gauge it like the way you know you cannot feel it once you in turn
yourself in this type of roads then you get a taste of it you know and also
we’re trying to see if we can catch an elk they tell us that in this area
they’re supposed to be a lot of them and so far no luck but we keep on trying you
know like a great luck with bear black bears on this trip black bears yeah
we’ve seen that tree so far and deer we’ve seen a whole bunch of
them too now we need to see an elk you know that’ll make the trip like cherry
on the cake yeah this is this is what it’s like to drive down roads like this
you know it’s it’s really enjoyable I like it you know I rather drive down a
road like these ones a dirt road then a paved road you know I mean this is the
type of thing I read I really enjoyed yeah it’s fascinating to take the to
take the logging roads though because it really gets you out
deep into the forest yeah how you feeling like you’re you’re you’re really
exploring out here you’re really exploring this station rugged it’s a
real McCoy you know like I mean this is the real wilderness of Vancouver Island
when you come over here you need to get off the main areas where people are
everybody goes and try to try to find this out-of-the-way places and you’re
gonna have a surprise you know you’re always gonna find something like a lake
a river you know things that are really unexpected maybe and that’s what is
going to give you the wow factor okay and like I say then on top of that you
may see a lot of wildlife but otherwise if you keep on the main traveled roads
you’re not gonna see them because the animals try to have a tendency to get
away from you places where there are a lot of cars and stuff like that you know
this this is the places where they were their natural habitat let’s say yeah
here we are now we’re gonna get out of this I’m gonna have a lunch her lunch
and keep going down south we are getting away from the total wilderness and going
towards a little bit of civilization again you know which I don’t like by
then it was lunchtime and personally I was starting to feel hungry so it was
time to get some food inside of us we found the perfect lunch spot next to an
old logging train even a classy we go one more right to one from BC to morph
emergency no I’m not drinking but we drive tonight today tonight is the night
every night every day has been the night on this trip are the sandwiches they’re
good salami and cheese that’s basically we have every day yeah great well guys
time for an update we’ve been going on a bit of a wild
goose chase down dirt roads we notice there was a lake on
the map it looked really close by it’s called Schoen Lake it means beautiful
lake it’s got a German name so we thought detour a small detour but I mean
the roads are so bumpy and not in great condition so it’s taken us a while to
get there we’re the only ones here by the way like we made it to the lake it’s
it’s beautiful it’s just raining softly they have a few campsites but like there
were no people around no tents no camper vans now we’re crossing a bridge there’s
a river it’s also quite dark I mean the trees are so tall and we’re really
shielded so that’s kind of why it looks like the sun’s already gone down it’s
really only 3:00 in the afternoon but yeah we’re hoping we’ll get to see some
wildlife we still haven’t seen any elk so maybe we’ll get lucky more bears I
mean we’ve seen three black bears since we came to Vancouver Island but we
wouldn’t mind seeing another one and yeah that is the current update
a rainy day here on the island I feel like this is typical Vancouver Island
weather low clouds great misty now I’ll pass the camera up and Sam can share
some of his Oh guys this is fascinating for me personally because these back
logging roads remind me so much of hockey trips I used to do way back in
the day when I lived on the island my dad sometimes would have access to his
company vehicle which was a big logging truck
we just throw all of our hockey bags in the back kind of tied up with a tarp and
off we go and we would take these logging roads to remote little towns
that also had arenas and community centers and we would play hockey there
for the weekend so this reminded me yes you can get the
gold river not on this particular stretch but there is a turning point
where you can take a logging road up to the gold river and so yeah I think our
next stop is going to be in sayward so right now we’re basically gonna just
keep going on the logging road for a bit turn off back onto the main part of the
highway and then I think sayward might be like 60 or 70 kilometers so like that
the back roads like here you know something potholes jumping bottles flaps
forgiving our junior dad who live in the city yeah a run for their money up here
on the back roads we got back on the highway and tried to
tack on a few more kilometers before next up in sayward which we had been
told is a good place to try and see elk well I think the elk were probably
hiding from the rain but we did see a cute deer munching on a perfectly
manicured garden so that kind of made up for it eating apples and that was that
we continued straight down to Comox where we checked into our home for the
night and proceeded to order Sam’s favorite takeout pizza well guys it is
dinner time we have our I’ve got our new air B&B in Comox and this man wasted no
time yeah we just we pizza a long day on the
road guys – pure rain we didn’t feel like getting groceries and getting
soaked you know what Domino’s is our best
friend on a day like this and what did you get I got a pizza it has three
different kinds of meat and extra cheese and feta so if you got a pepperoni we’ve
got sausage and we’ve got bacon and of course wine yeah what did we get this
time this one is from Argentina is a Cabernet Sauvignon is called Rania’s Rio
Hannah’s like is supposed to be how much of a local festival but it’s
done in the province of la rioja in argentina to celebrate mother earth and
the wine says that is devilishly rich and smooth now it has no year of
bottling sternness of a neon sign for a Cabernet Sauvignon I find it it is a
little bit too smooth it’s like a merlot yeah now this point has been cut with
something I don’t know what it is but it’s not a pure Cabernet Sauvignon
somehow you know like I mean no way the way mmm Cabernet Sauvignon is a little
bit aggressive you know when you when you drink it and it’s a few Cabernet you
can feel it that it scratches a little bit as much as the police one is you
know like I mean is totally too smooth we’ll smooth a little sweet so I don’t
know what they cut it with but anyways after a long day of driving look it’s 7
o’clock in the evening we left at 11 and it’s been driving all day with their
rain and rain and rain and rain and we got off road also and I’m pretty tired
you know so yeah well thanks for driving all day with anyone we didn’t wanna cook
tonight yeah so we ordered the pizza a little
bit of wine and for today that’s it we’ve got three more full days being in
this area and so we got a lot of things planned hopefully going to Campbell
River parksville well maybe some island hopping
we’ll see play it by ear and check the weather we’ll see you soon cheers bone
Appetit good night

33 thoughts on “VANCOUVER ISLAND TRAVEL VLOG | Rainy Day Driving on LOGGING ROADS, BC, Canada ?️?

  1. Hola Samuel y Audry !!!!! Bonitos paisajes pero lo van a subir en español o subtitulado ???? Gracias . Desde Argentina. Pcia de Santa Cruz les mando un fuerte abrazo . Ahhhh cuando vinieron a la patagonia les faltó conocer mi pcia.con glaciares lagos montaña etc. Los esperamos

  2. Hi my canadian friends . . !!!! Beautifull places….cuando regresan a Argentina nuevamente???? Se los extraña chicos…

  3. I love your VI series! So beautiful! The rain does make it so green but I’m hoping for some sunshine for Audrey in Comox. ? ? ?

  4. Part of the stingy taste is the tannins, that come from aging the wine in wooden barrels. Because it is an inexpensive wine, it is probably didn't aged long enough, or not in wooden barrels but in metal containers.

  5. Hermoso lugar che,Y con la lluvia le da otro sabor,por supuesto like,ya vi la otra entrega de hoy y Dany que buen humor le pones a los videos,saludos chicos,hasta pronto desde aquí ??

  6. Look at about 2:54 and 2:56. is that an elk in the clearing that you drive by? Hard to tell for sure but seems like it might be maybe even a couple of them? Anybody else seeing this?

  7. So fantastic to get a piece of home that well captured. I'd always go hiking when it was raining like that in the fall, some of the freshest air imaginable. Love the whole series!

  8. You guys ought to do a Montana road trip in the states. Glacier to Yellowstone parks, great driving along the way, wildlife, ghost towns and good eats. Take the Dads along. American wild west theme with better weather. I could make some great suggestions for you.

  9. Just don't get a flat tire out there. I've been to Victoria a few times, but now I really want to see the rest of Vancouver Island!

  10. Elk ir moose???
    Me encanta escucharlos en English. Practico mi comprensión. Creo que me haría entender bastante bien.
    Gracias por compartir.

  11. What is the age of the young man driving the whole day ? He is pretty fit.
    The logging roads is pretty interesting, just like some parts of Malaysia and Thailand i have driven.
    When Samuel was filming, Audrey was making very cute gestures behind. Ha Ha.
    Always looking forward to your next adventure.

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