Varadero Cuba travel tips! | A guide to Varadero town and beach!

Varadero Cuba travel tips! | A guide to Varadero town and beach!

Hey everyone we’re here in Varadero Cuba
and today we’re gonna share with you our top tips and experiences for our stay
here in town. Okay so the top thing to do, the top
experience is of course the beautiful beach. The beach runs all along the town
right out to the resorts any part of it that you go to it’s gorgeous. The swimming
is amazing, the water is beautiful the, sand fantastic. This is the most fun
that I have ever had on a beach, and the beach is easily accessible from pretty
much anywhere in Varadero town. And don’t forget to take a walk along the beach in
the evening it’s a great place to check out the sunset and it’s just a gorgeous
walk to have. Varadero definitely has an emerging cocktail scene I would say, so
where we would recommend you go or we had the best cocktails was at Factoria
43, their daiquiris were unbelievable and we’re not really frozen daiquiri types. No
never I kind of scoffed at it at first but it really liked it was unbelievably
amazing and we went back a second time. Right beside Factoria is Casa de la
Musica, and they also serve great cocktails we had a couple of mojitos in
there and they were fantastic as well. And it’s a really great location because
it’s right across the street from the beach so it’s an excellent place to just
pop up from the beach and have a quick drink. Interestingly I did notice that
Cubans themselves mostly drink cervesas it seemed that way it’s mostly tourists
who seem like they’re drinking mojitos and daiquiris, like us!
No regrets. We found a couple of awesome places to go for our coffee our two
favorites were Dona Neli and there you can get a cafe con leche for one peso.
The other great coffee that we had was at El Golfito which was really close
to the place that we were staying it was a dollar fifty or one peso fifty and
again cafe con leche and they were amazing
We drank those coffees like I would drink six of them. They’re practically across the
street from each other Dona Neli is at 43rd and El Golfito is
at 42nd 41st 43rd the other side of the street,
right 42nd yes…. For an authentic Cuban dining experience here in Varadero
our recommendation would be Sabor Cubano they have just a couple of dishes, it’s
ropa vieja or bistek and you can have it with rice and yuca and then they
seem to have a new juice every day, their daily fresh juice. When we were in there
by far the locals were sort of the prime people there. A few practical tips the first being
getting around Varadero, so the easiest way by far is to actually walk. You
can walk along the beach you can walk along Avenida Primera but the next best
way is to take a taxi. There are plenty of types of taxis from the old classic
cars to the modern taxis to horse-and-cart, all sorts of ways to get
around. And all you have to do is go stand out on the Main Street Avenida Primera and you will be honked at or whistled at or bells will be rung
towards you, somebody wants to take you. The main tip we have around that is
to ensure you a negotiate a price before you hop in. In terms of getting to and
from Varadero there’s a bus station here with the Viazul buses and it’s at 36th so
it’s right in the center of Varadero easy to get to.Again if it’s too far to
walk you just hop in a cab for a couple of pesos you’re there and getting on a
bus and on your way to la Habana, or wherever else you want to go. One of the
things that we were concerned about when we were on our way here was whether it
would be easy to find a place to go for water or some of the little essentials
and necessities that come up and we discovered it was no problem at all.
There are quite a few little tiendas or shops some of them are literally holes
in the wall with people working and they have everything that you need. If you’re
staying in Varadero town and you need to pull out a little bit of extra cash the
best way to do it is to find yourself an ATM and they can be found at any bank
here in the town or you can go to the centro comercial where they have a
couple of ATMs. Just remember though they do not accept American bank cards.
So using the internet in Cuba is very interesting experience, and we are actually going to
publish a separate video all about that so be sure to check it out, but if you’re
staying in Varadero town one of the things that you will need in order to be
able to use the internet is an Etecsa shop where you can pop in and buy cards
for various amounts of time access to the internet. One of the things we’ve
noticed though is that being a little bit disconnected has been really fun,
it’s liberating and it feels really good. So maybe you don’t want to go buy
an Internet card or maybe you just want to buy a 30 minute – trienta minuto – and get a little bit of time in there and then spend the rest of your
days at the beach having a drink and getting some food, etc. Well that’s it for
this video thank you so much for watching if you liked the video make
sure you give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel!

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  6. Ive been maybe 20 times in Varadero you are 100% wright about the city its so beautyful i wish I be there now

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  9. That's because the Cuban people cannot afford anything the communism keeps them poor and hungry don't have any money for alcohol

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  12. Mean while the Cuban people who have been there under the communist dictatorships canโ€™t enjoy none of this, have fun supporting a criminal regime that will not give anything to his people

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