VCAM(브이캠) EP.41_VAV’s HanRiver Picnic

VCAM(브이캠) EP.41_VAV’s HanRiver Picnic

Ace – We came to Han River!
我们来到了汉江! Ziu – So good!
真好! Ace – We came here 1 year ago. Do you guys remember the game we played?
你们还记得去年我们也来到汉江, 还一起玩游戏吗? Lou – But why are we here today~?
但是我们今天为什么来到这里~? Ace – We always said that we should come to Han River again. Ayno always talked about it too~
我们之前一直说要一起再来啊. 允镐也一直说想来~ Ayno – I came to Han River a while ago…
我不久前就来过汉江了… Ace – Why you came alone?
你干嘛自己一个人来? Ayno – I am here for Vlive!
我来拍Vlive啊! Jacob – You didn’t watch his Vlive? You are bad~
你没看他的Vlive? 你好坏哦~ Ace – What are you talking about? I watched all your Vlive!
你说啥? 你们的Vlive我都有收看好嘛! BaRon – Since we are here for picnic! So I prepared my rice box!
既然今天来野餐! 所以我准备了便当! Ace – It will be more fun if we play random rice box game~
我觉得玩便当抽签游戏会比较有趣~ BaRon – I prepared my own rice box, but I can’t eat it?
那我不就吃不到我自己准备的便当咯? Ace – Yes that’s it~ Actually I didn’t prepare anything~
就是这样才好玩~ 其实我什么都没准备~ Ace – Let’s introduce us your rice box~
大家来介绍各自的便当吧~ I brought spoon and chopsticks!
我带了汤匙跟筷子! St.Van – I brought my everyday must-drink items, protein!!
我带了我每天吃的蛋白粉!! BaRon – By just listen to that… I am not looking forward to it!
你这么说… 我一点都不期待了! Lou – Today picnic is a failure!
今天的野餐正式宣告失败! St.Van – Also! Chicken breast!
还有! 鸡胸肉! Ace – Let’s anticipate for Ziu’s rice box!
让我们来期待看喜晙的便当! Ziu – I bought salad from my favorite salad shop!
我从我最爱的沙拉店买了我爱吃的沙拉! BaRon – Oh I always wanted to try that~!
哦我一直就很想试下吃吃看~! Ace – Why you brought salad here?!
你为什么带沙拉来啦?! Jacob – I have snacks!
我带了零食! Ace – It’s a not bad option for appetizer~
当前菜还不错~ Ayno – Or dessert…
或者是当饭后甜品… Ace – Lou, what you have?~ I am anticipate for it~
镐星准备了什么呢~ 有点期待~ Lou – I think I am the only one who brought a proper rice box.
我觉得我是最认真准备的. I have sushi with me, but I might not able to eat it.
我带了寿司, 但我觉得我应该吃不到了. BaRon – Hope you can get your own rice box~
你抽回你自己的就可以啦~ Lou – I must~
就那么期待吧~ Ace – Next! Ayno!
下一位! 允镐! BaRon – I have a bad feeling…
不怎么期待的说… Ayno – I brought mineral water…
我准备了矿泉水… BaRon – I didn’t make this but I brought hand-made rice box. Rice box with 9 side-dishes~
虽然不是我自己准备的, 但是是好吃的便当, 还有9种不同的拌菜哦~Ace – I got Lou’s sushi box!
我抽到了镐星的寿司! St.Van – I got junk food… Can’t I change it?
我抽到了零食… 我可以换吗? Jacob – Change with me!
那跟我换吧! St.Van – Nope!
不要! Lou – I am satisfied. I got salad!
我很满足. 我抽到了沙拉! Ziu – I got BaRon’s 9 Side-dishes Rice Box!
我抽到了有9种拌菜的好吃的便当! Jacob – I don’t like this~
我讨厌这个~ Lou – He got Ace’s spoon and chopsticks!
他抽到了汤匙和筷子! Ayno – Water! Water!
是水! 矿泉水! BaRon – I got St.Van’s…
我抽到了队长的… Ace – Can we receive the rice box now?
现在可以给我们各自的便当吗? Ayno – This is what I feel… Ziu seems to have the luck to eat!
我个人觉得… 喜晙都好有吃福! BaRon – I think so~
就是说啊~ Lou – Mine is not bad as well!
我觉得我的运气也不错啊! Ace – Is this octopus?! Octopus sushi!!!
这是章鱼吗?! 章鱼寿司!!! Lou – We played a game last year too~
去年我们不是也玩游戏吗~ Ace – So how about a random dance from Ayno?!
允镐来个乱舞如何?! Ace – Woah! I will give you this sushi!
哇! 来! 给你一口寿司! Ayno – I want to eat this~
我要吃这个~ BaRon – All kind of funny situation just to grab the food~
为了食物不惜任何代价的人们~ Ziu – Everyone! He stole my food!~
大家! 他偷吃我的食物!~ St.Van – Let’s eat faster and clean it up~
快点吃了收拾干净嘛~ Ace – Next we will have a live sketching session~
接下来我们有写生大会~ Ace – Oh that’s good~
很不错吧~ Ace – We need to draw it nicer and give it to VAMPZ as present~
大家要用心画画, 因为这是要送给粉丝的~ Ayno – I am drawing a growing flower on the ground~
我在画一朵开放中的花~ Jacob – Ziu! Ziu!
喜晙! 喜晙! Ziu – My next Vlive destination will be here~
我的下一个目的地就是这里~ Jacob – What do you think it is?
你觉得这像什么? St.Van – I am drawing the Han River I saw now~
我在画我看到的汉江风景~ Ace – Please don’t record it now~ It’s weird now…
现在不能拍~ 还很奇怪… Jacob – They recorded!
已经拍了! Ace – Recorded???!!!
拍了???!!! Ziu – Butterfly is going to fly away~ With VAV at Han River~
蝴蝶张开翅膀飞啊飞~ 跟VAV一起来到汉江~ We ate rice box! Oh yeah~ Let’s play together~ And sketching together~
我们吃了便当! 哦耶~ 一起玩吧~ 一起写生~ I want to eat fried chicken~
我想吃炸鸡~ Ace – Ziu!
喜晙! Lou – Hey! I need to confess to you~
喂! 我要告白~ Lou – with me
跟我 Lou – Let’s fight!
打一架吧! Lou – Woah~ You drawing so good!
哇~ 你画得真好! Ziu – I drew the scenery at my back!
我画了背后的风景! Jacob – This is my drawing~
这是我的画~ St.Van – My mind is blank…
我没有任何想法… Lou – Expensive drawing are always simple!
贵的画都是很简单的! St.Van – What is that? A horse?
那是什么? 是一匹马吗? Jacob – Ziu!
喜晙! Ayno – I want to express the flower as stars, so I drew a flower in the night.
我想用花朵来表达星星, 所以在黑夜中画了一朵花. Lou – Deep meaning~
很深奥呢~ Ayno – I drew VAMPZ here as well!
我还在这里画了VAMPZ! BaRon – This is my drawing~
这是我的画~ Ace – Simple drawing~
画得好看又简单~ St.Van – Nice! Clean~
好看! 简单~ Ace – I drew what I saw and my hands now are full of crayon dirts.
我画得整个手都是蜡笔, 好脏~ It reminds me about my elementary school life~
让我想起了小学的时候~ St.Van – You all should try and come to Han River with your beloved friends or families~
大家也可以跟家人朋友来到汉江哦~ Ayno – I still can’t open my eyes!

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  1. Their drawing are so good!! 😍 never knew how talented they are 😂

    On the other note… Jacob is like me, just colour in the background with green grass and blue sky and that's it👏🏼😂🙌🏼❤️

  2. Mi Felicidad es V.A.V ❤️ Se merecen ser tan reconocidos son unas personas increíbles :') llenas de talento 😍 los amo ❤️

    OHHHHHH THEY were eating OCTOPUS SUSHI ahhhhhhh koreans always eat sea food i.e., why they have GLOWING SOFT SKIN. 👍😁

  4. Merci du partage sur Instagram ça m'a permis de vous découvrir. J'adore l'idée de cette vidéo ❤️💗💕💝💓💟💖 comme quoi les plaisirs les plus simples sont aussi les plus beaux souvenirs 💮✨☀️🎇🎆🎀🌼🌸 quand la beauté rencontre la simplicité 🥀💐

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    ❤️AMA A SUS VAMPZ ❤️

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