VEGAN + GF MEAL PREP for CAMPING! (easy plant based camping food)

VEGAN + GF MEAL PREP for CAMPING! (easy plant based camping food)

(upbeat music) – [Alison] Hey there, Stump! (Alexis laughs) (music screeches to a halt) (beep) (plodding music) – [Alison] How’s it going? – It’s so good! (beep) (upbeat music) – Oh! I think something just bit my butt. I just didn’t put any
DEET on my butt crack. (Alison laughs)
That’s where it got me. How do I get out of this? (Alison laughs) (beep) (upbeat music) (water splashes) (Alexis makes silly noises) – [Alison] Hey. – Huh? (Alexis laughs) – Look how delicious it is. – [Alison] Yeah. – [Alexis] Hey. (both laughing) (beep) Ow. Thank you. – [Alison] (laughs) Caught. – [Alexis] How many times
have we had a swim today? – [Alison] At least three each. – Yeah. And two of them we’re naked. – [Alexis] Oh yeah. Oh
yeah, look at you jump. Little beaver had a snack. – [Alexis] Time to make some Pad Thai. (upbeat music) Look we made Pad Thai. (music screeches to a halt) – [Alexis] Kale yeah! – [Alison] Wah-ching! (Alexis laughs) (beep) – [Alexis] I’m sorry I sat on your muffin. (Alison laughs) (beep) (humming) ♪ We’re brushing our teeth ♪ (beep) (plodding music) That was the worst sleep of my life. (Alison laughs) (upbeat music) – [Alexis] What did I find here? (Alison laughs)
– Ah, hello. – [Alexis] Look at this
(bleep) gorgeous– (sighs) (upbeat music) (beep) – [Alison] Camping fashion number one. Camping fashion. (beep) Sun safety. (Alexis laughs) (beep) [Alison] Very nice. (Both laugh)

6 thoughts on “VEGAN + GF MEAL PREP for CAMPING! (easy plant based camping food)

  1. Why did my food never look like this when our only holiday as a child was camping in a wet field in rainy England????

  2. Loved this video Alexis. Your editing is awesome! I adore your flower cap, so cute! All the food you made looked delicious, I want some of that pad thai, lol ?

  3. Love love LOVED this video!!! I died at the socked foot trying to fit the flip flop – that is SO me every camping trip – LOL. You guys are too cute!

  4. This is amazing!!!! I just cooked and packed food for the lake today, but now i want to make everything you had!!! yum!

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