49 thoughts on “Venison Summer Sausage Recipe

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  2. You're video sucks you to worried about the fat and freezing the Grinding and way to light on the seasoning it probably tastes like ass which you're used to

  3. When you use pre mixed spices from LEM it is not a recipe. I'm sorry but this is deception, this is just following instructions on a store bought package, nothing original or unique about it.

  4. Do you think 2 days in the fridge would be fine before smoking instead of overnight? I made some and can’t get it on the smoker till tomorrow

  5. Nice job but temp too high. Keep your temp 170 and the fat will not melt but takes longer to reach your target temp to fully cooked status. A cold water shower when taking out of smoker will keep your s. sausage from wrinkling when cooling off.  Again, nice job but im alot older and learned a few things over the years from trial and error.  Thanks for the upload

  6. Couple of suggestions. Don't let the smoker get above 190 EVER that's where your fat renders out. Cold shower them immediately after taking them out of the smoker. I'm sure they are tasty.

  7. I should have read the comments b 4 I posted. Others had already made the same. Not a hater, just worked in the industry for 35 years.

  8. You can also substitute about 1.5oz of liquor for water. Brandy, rum, sherry etc. all give it a nice bite reminiscent of a fermented summer sausage

  9. Can I use pork back? And also if I wanted to make this a head and keep this for long term, would I smoke it and then stored in the fridge? Or what I get it ready for smoke and leave it in the fridge and only smoke when ready to eat?

  10. You are not allowed to make this sausage without killing a deer. No douche bags allowed. You never said anything about farm raised vs wild game meat. Or any of the differences. ??

  11. Not to shabby. A few tricks of the trade. Use LHP starter culture and smoke at 90-100 degrees for 8-12 hours this will give you a nice traditional summer sausage “ twang”. Also after your sausage reaches temp wash or submerge your sausage in cold water until internal temp drops below 100 degrees. This will give you a nice plump sausage it will prevent your sausage from wrinkling.

  12. Hey guys love the videos i watch all the time! How long is this summer sausage stable after the cook without cutting into it?

  13. Keep coming back to this every time I make summer sausage. Best “how to” on the internet. Always planned to make my own seasoning from scratch but it’s hard to best the LEM kit. Great channel!

  14. How much smoke is actually getting through that casing? I am a huge fan of hickory smoked, I think that I would like to smoke the meat for 30 minutes before stuffing it into the casing for a really deep smoke flavor.

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