Vienna Tourism : Vienna Tourist Spots

Vienna Tourism : Vienna Tourist Spots

In Vienna there are a variety of things you
can do in the evenings. You can hear music, you can go to the disco, you can go to concerts,
the Opera, Operetta. Vienna’s famous for all types of music. You can even do things like
walk along the Danube. There doesn’t cost you anything or you can try to get tickets
for the Musikfreunde, behind me. It has 2000 seats. Almost all of them are in subscription.
You can try and get in line in the evenings to get a ticket for the famous Viennese Philharmonic
Orchestra which always plays here. It’s harder to get a ticket for the Musikfreunde than
it is for a football game or soccer game in Vienna. You can also visit one of the famous
churches. Some of them charge entry fees, some of them don’t. The Peterskirche across
the street, you could take the elevator up to the top. There’s many museums that you
can go to. You can go out across the Danube. There’s a big tower with a restaurant on top
that turns around the Danube tower. Down by the Danube Canal, there’s a disco called Flex
for the younger people if you want to get into some heavy music. It varies. Every evening
they have a different kind of music. Most people don’t go until about midnight and then
they stay until about 6 o’clock in the morning and when you tumble out of the place, be careful
not to fall into the river.

One thought on “Vienna Tourism : Vienna Tourist Spots

  1. 0:11 Yes, nice…where can I see/hear that? Name some places pls!
    0:27 The Musikverein has 7 music halls – 2000 places is just the golden hall.
    0:33 In line in the evening of a concert with the Philarmoniker? U really have no idea – those ticket are sold MONTHS or YEARS in front. btw the Philarmoniker doesn't ALWAYS play there.

    u know there is more than one club in Vienna right?

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