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Hi Food Tubers, I’m Uyen Luu a Vietnamese chef and food writer This is my first time on Food Tube today I’m
so excited to show you how to make the classic saigon summer rolls, we’re going to fill these summer rolls with king prawns and pork belly and loads of herbs and noodles and then in the end finish off lovely sweet and sour dipping sauce Summer rolls are called Gỏi cuốn in
Vietnamese which means a rolled salad and for us in vietnam we eat it at lunch time like we would here, we would eat a sandwich the first thing I’m going to do is poach some pork belly in some boiling water, season it with a generous pinch of salt cover it and cook it for 15 minutes. So
after 15 minutes your pork should be cooked and then you can
just let it rest for a while and let it cool down make sure the juices run clear. It’s much easier to slice when its cool and then you can get it really really thinly with a sharp knife, so I know it looks a lot but is gonna carry across six to eight
roles depending on how much you put in So now the pork’s done, I’m gonna make some noodles, I’ve got some rice vermicelli here and I’m just going to pour a kettle of
boiling water over the noodles, make sure that its all
submerged in water cover it with a plate make sure it gets
covered for about five minutes so while we’re waiting for the noodles to cook, I want to show you the herbs that we’re going to be using we have garden mint and coriander so we want to just take the mint off the storks, so this is perilla which is a classic vietnamese herbs which you can get in Asian stores if you can’t get perilla you can just
use mint and coriander so my salad’s ready to go now so I’m just
gonna check the noodles It’s got the same lovely texture as like cooked pasta, drain the noodles rinse them under running water so now I’m ready to start rolling the summer rolls. I need
a tray of water so it can just be regular tap water we need some rice paper, this is rice paper here and its basically rice that’s flattened out and dried in the sun, so
we just get a sheet and we’re just gonna dip it in some
water just make sure you dip it, don’t leave it
sitting in there place it onto your chopping board or
your plates so I’m going to use some prawns first
place that along there and then I’m going to place some pork belly in
billion just 2 or 3 slices and now I want to
put some lettuce in but I always remove the the chunky spiny bit and then I can add in my herbs and just tearing that coarsely along and making a
layer and then there’s some coriander, can add a layer of noodles slide that on top, a little bit of garlic chives, okay so once you’ve got
everything on we’re gonna start folding so I take the sides in really slowly just
using two hands to make a line down there and then I’m going to fold the other side and so like making an envelope I’m
going to use the bottom flap and I’m going to fold that
over and once you fold it over you can then
start to tuck in everything that’s coming loose
and the paper is really, really durable so you can just push everything
down and tuck everything in and just take
your time with it and using all of your fingers like so and there you have a summer roll. So on to the dipping sauce, pan on heat put a little bit of oil into the pan I’m going to chop some chillis finely with some garlic and I always use birds eye chillis because
they’re really hot. Fry off my garlic and chilli just for
milder and not too intense flavour. Couple of
tablespoons of hoisin sauce mix that up, put in a pinch of sugar so that’s
your sweetness and just for the sour kick, going to add in some cider vinegar about a tablespoon mix that around so that’s done, I’m
just going to put some of the hoisin into the bowl and then just
a sprinkling of salted roasted crushed peanuts on top, now all that’s
left to do is to taste it dip in to your sauce, it’s not the most elegant thing to
eat So there’s like the beautiful flavours of those succulent
prawns and the pork belly and then you’ve got the hint of the chilli in there, the fresh chilli that’s just going wildfire in
my mouth this is just what Vietnamese food is about
so these are my saigon summer rolls if you like this recipe please press the
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