‘Vinny’s Mom’s Surprise Dinner’ Official Sneak Peek | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

‘Vinny’s Mom’s Surprise Dinner’ Official Sneak Peek | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

– [Jenni] Oh, I think
the house was cleaned. – [Mike] Yeah, it looks like it. – [Nicole] Oh, it smells clean. – [Jenni] No way! – [Mike] Oh wow. – [Vinny] Oh my God,
what are you doing here? What the hell is my
mom doing in the middle of the kitchen right now in Miami? – I’ve been calling you for a month you don’t pick up the phone. I said what’s the next best thing, right? – Right now I’m in shock seeing my mom but once the shock wears off, this is the best surprise ever. – Are you happy to see me? – I’m happy to see you but I don’t know how happy I am for you to
be in this crazy house. – Why? – Because they’re crazy in here. – Where’s the music, god bless (beep). – Uncle Nino’s in the back! – Oh my God, are you kidding me? Why did you bring him? I know everyone loves Uncle
Nino and I know he’s fun, but he’s the most annoying
mother (beep) that exists. – Hey what are you doing in my house? – [Jenni] Uncle Nino! – What the (beep) are you doing? – Don’t bother my girl. – He’s loud, he’s obnoxious, you can’t understand what he’s saying. – [Nicole] I see your balls. – No. – His body is offensive,
his tan is offensive. You can’t take him in public. – What’s up bro? Yeah, what’s up, you look tan, you look good, you got burned out there? Oh my God. – What the (beep)
– Uncle Nino. I never thought I’d see the day where we’re in the confessional together. – Jesus forgive me of my sins. – Yes, you are forgiven. – My craziness and for my– – Alright, I gotta go I’m hungry. – Yeah, we gotta go
eat, God bless America. – [Vinny] Is this from– – [Mom] Yeah. – My favorite olives. – His favorite olives, they’re caseri. He’s more excited over the food than me. – Seeing my mom in the kitchen with all the food that she’s making, I’m happy for myself that my mom is here but I’m actually more happy for Mike. – [Mike] Oh, oh, oh. – Oh Mike.
– Oh, oh, oh. – I thought Mike was on a diet. – He on a seafood diet. He sees food, he eats it. – Oh my God, this is so awesome. We have mozzarella, cheeses,
prosciutto, sopressat, peppers, garlic bread, and
that’s just the first course. Oh my God. – Look at Mike going in. – [Mike] I’m going in right now. – Mike.
– Calm down. – [Vinny] Ma look, what I’d tell you? – [Nicole] Look at Mike. – Oh, good for you, God
bless you, we got plenty. – Us Italians, we know how to feast. This is the best surprise that we could come home to, oh my God, it is. – I brought everything from Staten Island. – Oh I figured. Oh my God, everything’s so delicious. Forget the yachts, forget
the trips to the Bahamas, I want the second course,
which is fettuccine okay? Yes.
– So, if you want to add cheese you add cheese, alright? – Oh man.
– More sauce. – Oh my. (beep) – [Vinny] Now he’s cutting
his with a knife and fork. – Oh my God.
– ‘Cause he’s seven. (laughs) – And now the third
course and not the last freshly fried chicken cutlets. – Oh my God another round? – Oh my God.
– Oh my God. – With mashed potatoes, tomato salad, and don’t want to forget
the lemon and onion salad. Tell me where that. (mumbles) Oh, I don’t want to forget the funfetti cake which is my favorite. I love funfetti cakes, it’s my favorites. As you could tell.

100 thoughts on “‘Vinny’s Mom’s Surprise Dinner’ Official Sneak Peek | Jersey Shore: Family Vacation | MTV

  1. I weirdly enjoy see mike eat food. he looks adorable enjoying everything and more because its mommas love food.

  2. Mike is me at the family bbq lol "ill have some of this and some of that and ooooh alot of that too!" 🤣 food is life! ♡

  3. Yeah some Italians you guys are, dont you know your not supposed to wear your hats while eating dinner you stupid chooches

  4. Mikes me, my cousins, and my uncles on sundays in the summer🤣 and we Italians know how to eat😂❤️

  5. This is why I love my mom. When she's around the house is no longer mine anymore. Food of gold from a mom who loves her kid. Just don't talk back or you are getting whooped no matter the age!

  6. Vinny s mom and uncle are so Sicilian…They're like old fashioned people from the Caribbean….Clean the up the whole house then cook a feast!…it must be Sunday out there!

  7. I want to try her food so bad. Just the reactions on their faces when they eat it ughhh makes me so hungry

  8. Vinny talking about his uncle is just so funny he said, “His body is offensive, his tan is offensive, you can’t take him in public”😂

  9. OMG answer your mom's phone calls. I think she is an amazing mother. I envy your mother's patience Vinny. She reminds me of my step mom, she is Greek not italian but same motherly personality and instincts.

  10. Vinny looks a lot like uncle Nino. I think Uncle Nino’s body offends Vinny bc that’s probably how Vinny’s going to end up lol

  11. Every man that was raised baby like status has Manitis growing up!!!! Shut up and except it!!!! Not every mom is loving and caring!!!! I wish I had ninanitis!!!! Boys it’s ok 👍 to have mamitis !!! It’s not our fault!!! You just have a mom that gives and loves and lives for you.

  12. I just want to hangout with Paula and learn to cook all her foods and make everyone dinner and hangout lol

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