Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon shows For Kids | Himalayan penguins | Animated cartoon| Wow Kidz

Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon shows For Kids | Himalayan penguins | Animated cartoon| Wow Kidz

Vir, son the school camp is going to Himalaya. Everyday have warm milk with turmeric and share it with Imli too. Haha!! Grandpa I am a robot, you always forget this. Oh! Really, I forget this every time. Gintu, Chulbul hear me out properly, you both are not coming with me, ok. Only students can go in this camp. Ok we promise, we won’t come with you. We are going alone, what say Chulbul? Hey, wait!! Such a beautiful place!! Swear on my childrens tiffin, I feel like staying here only. Hey, who came here and is doing a picnic at that place? You both are here too. I said not to come behind me, but still you both never listen . Incorrect, we keep coming here too often, to see penguins, white tigers, wolfs and play with them. These animals are found in arctic and antartica, not here. And they go every time in their dreams, right Gintu? Hahah!! Stop laughing, I can prove it, that these animals are found in himalayas too. Agadam bagadam aalam phaalam ikadam tikadam dum dumadum Bye Vir, see you. Stop, Gintu!! Food smells so good. Penguins are here, really. There are many things in our life, we get to see & hear for the first time. That means Gintu was right, he must have seen penguins here. But its impossible, definitely this is some kind of magic done by Vir. Oh no! One wolf is coming. Hey Gintu, I mean penguins, stop there. Robo boy suit on. What am I doing here? Oh no! He lost his memory again, Gintu give me your head, let me hit you once and you will be normal. Dare you touch my head. Let me try again. Friends teach him a lesson, he wants to hit me. Friends, where should we go now? Lets go to the camp again, they still have lots of food to eat. Lets go. Stop there Gintu, I say stop. Now its enough. Gintu always creates trouble, let me go and teach him a lesson. Who is this? I guess he his new to this place. Excuse me. Hey, they are back. Now, what will happen? Nobody will go out. What an animal is this? Whatever shape and size it is, but they look tasty. Lets party! Friends party is on, enjoy!! Stop!!! Robo boy! Look, Robo boy is here. Robo boy!! Those are our meal, hand over them to us. Animal talking machine on. These are my friends, dare you think to touch or harm them. Friends, attack!! Friends, he is fighting for us. Lets help him. Haha!! Vir do something, get his memory back. Come, lets have a competition, lets enjoy the picnic. Dance with me. Ok, we are ready. Hey Imli, dance with me. Wow!! What a scene, penguins are dancing, lots of fun. Hehe! I will dance too. Hey, what magic is this? Whatever you see is done by you only. Gintu make me normal, please. Gintu lets vanish from here and hide behind the tent and go and join them in the dance. Let them believe that penguins are there in the himalayas. I knew it, Vir is the Robo boy and his friend Gintu has done the magic. Vir is the Robo boy, Gintu is the penguin and Chulbul is the wolf. Listen to me, listen!! Gintu, you were right. Penguins do reside here. Look they are very friendly, we are lucky to see them. Thank you Gintu, thank you. Sir, listen to me sir. Come kid’s, lets enjoy with himalayan penguins. No one wants to listen to me. Everyone is enjoying with the penguins.

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