Visa FREE Countries for Indians | 10 Countries where Indians can Travel without Visa | Part 2

Visa FREE Countries for Indians | 10 Countries where Indians can Travel without Visa | Part 2

Part 2 video of Free visa for Indian Hello friends, welcome in our channel ‘Top 10 Hindi’ Friends, who do not want to travel the world, even once in life, it is the dream of everyone to travel this world But this is not that easy, if you have money, but there will not be one thing then this dream can never be fulfilled, and that thing is “Visa”. Yes, friends, without this visa, we can not stay in another country, the visa is a government document wherein we give the written permission from the government of the country in which we are going But this is not easy to get, standing in a long line and having to rotate the visa office repeatedly. But do you know that there is some place in the world where we do not need visa for Indians to go, if you do not see our previous video on this subject, then definitely through the link given in the description box if you have not subscribed to our channel make sure to subscribe so you will get updates when we upload videos so you will know interesting facts let us see which are those countries 10. Antarctica An Antarctica is located on the southernmost corner of the earth, where there is no resident living Surrounded by the southern ocean, this continent is called the snowy desert. Here only animals like penguins, seals and tundra are found. The owner of this continent is not a single country, so there is no need for a visa to go here. But to get here, you also need special permission and help of a scientist. So if you want to go to Antarctica then increase friendship with a scientist who is doing research here. 9. Fiji During the 17th and 18th centuries, English and Dutch explorers found this place. Fiji is known as the Fiji Islands The currency here is Fiji Dollar. Vitu Levu and Vanuya levu are the main archipelago, where most of the population in this country lives Due to forest, mineral and fishery resources, this country is one of the developed economies Here you can find beach, scuba diving, coral ghatia, botanical gardens, river trips, all these things can be done here The government of this country has declared its country a non-visa country to promote Fiji’s trade and tourism Therefore, here we can go without visa for Indians. 8. Dominica This small country of the Caribbean island, discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1492, is Dominica It is said that Columbus had murdered many native residents here.Here are some tourist attractions, such as Morne Trois Pitons National Park Boiling Lake, Cabrits National Park many waterfalls and Emerald pools which make attractive. The currency here is the Eastern Caribbean dollar, which is also found in the Caribbean and is also found in seven island countries Biscuits and beautiful music on the hands make this place famous. The country has been declared a visa-free country for tourism and has good relations with other countries. 7. Qatar Qatar is a peninsular Arab country whose land is surrounded by beach and sand dunes situated on the long sea bay with the desert part of the Persian Gulf. Oh do not get frustrated, Qatar does not end here You will not believe in the eyes of the state-of-the- art Vaastu art made of skyscrapers and ancient Islamic styles of Qatar’s capital city of Doha Qatar is counted among the most prosperous countries of the world So if you are also keeping the mind of a travel in Qatar, then be happy, because if you are from India and want to go to Qatar, you can enjoy it for 30 days without a visa. 6. El Salvador El Salvador is a small country located in Central America which is famous for the Pacific Ocean’s islands, mountains and beautiful premises Tourism is a major part of the economy of this country. This country is decorated with cultural definition Samples of many archaeological sites, such as Maya and Almec, can be seen here. This country adopted its old currency colon to the US dollar in 2001. Spanish is the official language of the country and in this country there are only two seasons, one rain and the freezing cold Indians do not require visas for this country enjoy tourism freedom and here too we can stay for 90 days without visa 5. Grenada Grenada is a country made up of 6 small islands inhabited by the South East Caribbean Sea There is something else about the issues here. Wild coffee and 20% nutmeg used by the local people around the world are exported from this country, hence it is also called ‘island of masala’. Eastern Caribbean dollar is the currency here The white and black beaches here, and the world’s first underwater sculpture park are a major attraction for tourists Freedom to travel without restrictions; More security for personal or business purposes; Additional banking privacy;And the investment opportunities which can not be available anywhere else, in this country, we can go without visa and can enjoy the beauty of the 90 days without any concern. 4. Maldives Tourists come from distant places to see the beauty of sunny beach, sand, waves, and underwater beauty of this island country, located in the Indian Ocean. Maldives means white sand extending to miles. Come here for fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling and water acing, Places likehukuru miskiy, Malia Palace, Male Fish Market, attract tourists Maldive Rafia is popular here. Most of the residents of Islam are settled here The Maldives was named the world’s Best Dive Destination in 2006 in the World Travel Awards The government here also got the benefits of tourism of this country easily, so it has declared a visa free place. These countries are also very close to India and you can enjoy roaming around very little and without a visa. 3. Macau It is a modern city but here is the charm of a unique old world. These countries are popular for gamblers and tourists Macao is a small island of China located in East Asia. Macau Tower, Senadou Square, Macao Museum, Guaya Fortes, Cathedral are the main tourist destinations of Macao It is said that if there is trust in luck, go Macao, because it is the only place in China where gambling is not a crime 20% of the city’s population employs only in gambling. Makonis Pataka this is the currency of this city. To go to Macau, you have to do an online registration before arrival, which is completely free and you will get a visa as soon as you go to Macau. But without it you cannot go to Macau. 2. Palestine Territories Palestine claims to have landed in West Bank, Gaza Strip and Holy Land in the Middle East with Israel and Jordan, and Palestine has lost most of its land in 1967 in a war with Israel. The city named Ramallah is Palestine’s main administrative center. Palestine is currently passing through a very bad time, but the beauty here is still famous all over the world. Hara-Ash-Sharif Hisham’s palace and beautiful places like Hammam-Ash-Shifa attract tourists on their own. Church of Nativeity, located in Bethlehem, the birthplace of Christ, is the oldest and most visited church in the world. You will be happy to know that Indians can go to Palestine without a visa and can enjoy this beautiful land for 60 days. But keep in mind that the country where you are going to Palestine, there must be a visa. 1. Saint Kitts and Nevis Christopher Columbus, discovered in 1493, is a country made up of two islands located on the island of Living Island in the West Indies. The currency here is East Caribbean Dollar The economy here is most dependent on tourism Both St. Kitts and Nevis have horse racing, golf, historical ruins, water ports and extinct volcanoes. St. Kitts’ Brimstone Fort, the only World Heritage Site of the Eastern Caribbean, has sea theme parks, shopping and big hotels, which are more attractive for cruise If you want to take a boat tour, this country does not find a visa to promote tourism in a beautiful place from this place. So friends were the information of such countries where there is no need for a visa to go Did we know about this? No no So, what are you thinking now, do the planning and get out without even the visa. and also share with friends if you like to travel definitely look at the link given in the description in which you will get more information about tourism. Friends, we bring such interesting information to you, our channel Top 10 Hindi, our next video will be “10 Suggestions that can make India friendly for tourists” to subscribe to see our channel Top 10 Hindi and this video Like, share the thing and tell us in the comments how you felt this video. Thank you.

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