Visit Madrid travel guide; San Isidro Madrid festival | Spain tourism video

Visit Madrid travel guide; San Isidro Madrid festival | Spain tourism video

Welcome back everybody, I’m
at the gigantes Festival in Madrid. It’s part of Saint Isidore’s festival San Isidore. It’s unlike anything I’ve
ever seen. As you can see, they all dress up in these amazing costumes And it’s very cool and they go for a long
ways. Look at that, wow. Alright, catch you later. See ya. A ceremonial home for the royal family, the royal Palace of Madrid, which was built in the 18th century by Phillip the V and further improved by son Charles III rivals the world’s great palaces. Before stepping into the foyer and climbing the stairs To the Stunning rooms, those filled with tapestries and paintings from Spanish masters the grounds are perfect for strolling. The colossal royal palace is a not-to-be missed sight In the Spanish capital. Truly a jewel in the
historic Heart of a city that straddles its rich past and a vibrant future An ancient Egyptian temple from the 2nd century BCE One that ponders its existence in a city park Is only one attraction that visitors and residents alike enjoy on a daily basis Throughout Madrid, one finds a city that hums with an electric energy all of its own During May the city marks its most famous festival that which celebrates Saint Isidore the Labourer. It’s a time when dancing in the street and the parade of giants go hand-in-hand What’s up everyone, I’m on Calle de Huertes and I’m On a tapas bar tour. Tapas means appetizers in Espanol If you didn’t know. Yeah, so you can have all kinds of things like cheeses and meats I had el pulpo, which means octopus and some chorizo So yeah I’m just onto my next bar. Oops, almost got hit by that guy Yeah, so it’s a lot of fun And yes, I did have a cerveza, a beer And yeah I’m having a great time as you can tell It’s a great street, really lively, lots
of stuff going on But I’ll show you more as I have More tapas and more cerveza. Hasta Luego! It’ll be difficult to forget walking through the teaming Streets to the city’s beloved museum district And the world renowned Prado museum, which is Home to thousands of works of art from Renaissance Masters Picasso’s, enigmatic paintings by Salvador Dali And other thought provoking pieces from The giants of modern art await at the Reina Sofia Museum just minutes down the road. Once inside, change your perception to understand These prints. Gazing at the brush stroke faces, The surrealist images and the cubist style
of Pablo Picasso, you won’t soon forget this Spanish museum. As a break from the energy of Madrid, Segovia, the former Roman fort town Offers visitors one of the world’s greatest ancient Aqueducts and the picturesque castle on the cliffside Climb to the top of the Alcazar, the city’s Former medieval royal palace and look out Upon the historic centre, witnessing how life Continues on in this town as it has for centuries. Thank you for watching this Madrid episode Of Traveling with Krushworth. To follow me To Cordoba and the Mezquita mosque, please click The video link above. For more travel photographs and videos Find me on Facebook by searching Traveling With Krushworth. You can also find me on Twitter at TravelwithKrush. Thanks for watching.

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  1. The Festival at the beginning of this vid looked interesting as did Madrid in general, a great video as always. I'm kind of torn now because my next Euro city break was going to be Barcelona & now I'm think Madrid looks good too 🙂

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