Visit Poland – 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Poland

Visit Poland – 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Poland

Peter pill Travelers Mark here with [walter] [sterling] today. We’re the main square here in Krakow Poland beautiful cities Definitely worth checking out and today We have for you are the [10] things that Shocked tourists when they come here to poland and the first thing that shocked people when they come to poland is The Polish Faith the Polish look when you come here, you’ll notice that people walk around Like this just there’s no motion. It’s not happy it’s not [sad]. It’s just neutral It’s funny because you [see] it anywhere looking the train station you going out to eat you’re going to the stores You’re going all over the place. They just have the same look Okay, it’s like wait a minute kitchen Be happy or sad [or] something up they have it’s like dead on look which works really well because you’ll see the women here are Gorgeous okay, and when you see them longer. Oh, they’re just preparing for their supermodel career because when you’re on the Catwalk You don’t show any emotion so they actually works really well, but it is kind of funny How the people you know you do have this? Look, and that’s the first thing I shock people also kind of going along with the people you might be shocked at look the [polls] are not like the jokes you heard as a Kid they’re not done. They’re not alcoholic stuff like that. You don’t have that. I mean. Yes there are but that’s everywhere It’s not more or less than you get another country so that also kind of [shocked] the people they come here cuz I’m you saw Those Polish jokes where what is it for Polish people, and how do they don’t move the bed or something? You don’t have that here the second thing that will shock you when you come here also deals with the polish people are how catholic and how religious the people are I mean I remember going on the buses and Lovely and he’s like punk rock guys are on the in there and and they go by a church and they all do the sign Of the cross I’m like whoa. [I] didn’t expect that people here in poland are very religious and the churches this is st. Mary honestly the first time I walked in there 20 years ago I would just draw drop [wow] the booths are all blue altar the blue steel and everything It’s just amazing and the churches around the country are gorgeous, and they’re actually building more churches here. You know other countries They’re turning churches into apartments and hotels in bars here people still go to church They still do believe and you do have a very religious conservative feel when the people are here Which is kind of a different thing [and] you go and when you go in the churches? That’s the real thing [about] it You really see the beauty of the churches the ones that have them been destroyed during the war that Maybe they’ve been rebuilt but like here and other ones you really go and just see the majestic beauty of the churches here So do take the chance to go into the churches don’t just go oh, it’s another church Go in and check it out that kind of leads into the third thing [that’ll] shock you when you come to poland It’s how much poland was destroyed during the second world war I mean, Krakow was lucky didn’t really get destroyed during the war But a lot [of] the other cities were just leveled for example Warsaw when you go there You’ll go see the uprising [museum] and realize that everything old and Cracow is actually younger than top of your dad Because they had to rebuild it all after the war because [it] got leveled by the nazis and you’ll see that and you go around That’s why you’ll see the [communist] architecture and the big square long rectangle buildings and stuff like that Because there was nothing there It was all destroyed so they had to rebuild and when you really see the level of destruction Throughout the country and how much they’ve come back and built new stuff You’ll be very proud [of] the people and that’s what’s really cool about it now the fourth thing [is] Gonna Shock you [anna] come to Poland is how completely incomprehensible and illegible the polish language is look if you don’t speak Polish [it’s] okay the locals know you don’t speak polish [also] try to think polish with you, but oh Just to one of those languages you’re listing at the train station. You’re like. Yeah, I got nothing yeah, I don’t know it’s City I’m going to it is [a] very tough language It’s very hard to pronounce like how do you say? Prz in a row and there’s like a hat and there’s an L with a line through it Is that a zero well? What is that you do get pretty confused when you are here? And it is kind of shocking that you can’t even make out some of the stuff now We are developing better for tourism so you will have a lot of you know English menus and stuff like that But it is a really good idea to know some polish before you come like [Julia]. Which is like Thank you for the steam is please things like that because it really get those people to go from You say not pure protein oh Yes, they polish, and they really open up then okay The first thing [that] might shock you is your eating experience here the [poles] really love their potatoes And their cabbage and even if it’s not on the menu like it might tell it to cutlet [night] It’ll come with Cabbage and potatoes here I go [ah] I’ll have [the] port of the pork knuckle and said oh it comes of pork and calves what? I’ll just have the rolls oh cabbage roll, okay Look, you’re going to have a lot of cabbage. You’re Gonna Have a lot [of] potatoes when you are here and there are some pretty good foods like the pierogi You’re going to have that when you’re here I might actually like the meat when I was here too in the potatoes good show the potatoes [but] [it’s] all the time with the perfect cabbage of the potatoes again and again and again. That’s why yesterday I just got the cabbage rolls I’m like look because that I know I’m getting the cabbage Haha, but it came with a side of mashed potatoes And I just liked it laughs okay also kind of interesting is they really love their tea here, too Now the sixth thing that might shock you as a tourist is You notice there’s not very many tourists now in Cracow you do get about ten million tourists a year I mean, this is a very popular place because it’s gorgeous, and I’ll talk about that towards the end But honestly there’s not a lot of tourists actually come to poland and so when you go around you really are kind of a special Tourist because you are actually here you might get people going Why are you luling and wiring? Whoosh? Why are you here? You know [some] places like cracow it’s obvious You know we go around and there’s just so few tourists out there that you’re like Hey
I can kick back relax And do [ok] and what kind of [leave] thought of that is our next shock is how Cheap it is here because there’s not a lot [of] [tours] driving up the prices It’s nice because you can have a very affordable vacation here in poland rooms Accommodation food drink making merry all kinds of stuff And you’ll see a lot of people come to like krakauer Warsaw to go have a party weekend and stuff like that because you really can your money goes a lot farther here than other places And that’s what’s really cool now the next thing. It’s going to shock when you are here is the amount of natural beauty and space In poland look it’s the huge countries are the biggest countries in Europe and the thing is you’re going to be going between these different Towns, [but] it was on a bus or a train things like that not super fast razor fast enough trains And you’re going to run and it’s just Amazing how big the [crush] [me] is but also the natural beauty you see when you go through there And what’s nice is when you go through and you can go if you’re in the [north] you’re going to get on okay? Well, that’s one right there drock alan and ganache on my [food] favorites [yup] [and] ganache You come down a bit you go over the [missourian] legs and see the castle. That’s right by there the [montmartre] castle which is on the way towards there go to the lakes and enjoy that go to the coast in [the] north in this south you’ve Got the Tatras [mountains] and you go to Zakopane and stay there tons of Europeans Go there to Ski in the winter because yes, it’s beautiful And it’s cheap remember I said before but you have this [natural] beauty like wow this really is I Understand why they have all their tourism? Propaganda is about you know the natural beauty of poland because it really is beautiful having said that the next thing else shock you is how Amazing the town squares are here in poland yes here in Cracow You’ve got the the cloth hall over here the checkout. You’ve got the st.. Mary’s church over there You’ve got all these [things] inside you’ve got all these things to go and see and this is actually the largest town square and the European in Europe and it’s Amazing, but it’s not just here you go to Warsaw the [Fuel/air] Old Town square They really built from scratch Rock club goes through the [old-time] [Lublin] combat GDansk the portrait of garage man You just walk around there see the neptune statue you like man. This is so cool. [and] you have all these beautiful Squares you have all these beautiful Buildings that have been rebuilt after the war or maybe they’re still there from before the war you Have that beauty that I’m not a lot of people think of because when they think of poland you’re thinking of you know It’s just it’s farmland and stuff like that and look there is just amazing places here in poland so it’s definitely worth checking out And the ten thing that might shock you we need to come to poland is the lack of service so remember that polish Faith This is your service It’s not the most attentive. It’s not the most friendly you’ll get your food. It’ll just take some [time] But just [no] homelessness are the most Service-oriented economy out there so you need to have some patience when you are when you are coming here and Probably, that’s the only thing that shocks you kind of in a bad way is really the service here isn’t the best But it’s getting better. [I] used [to] come here a lot in the early 2000s for work and compared to you know 2017 versus 2007 Or 2002 And it is it’s completely different anyway I hope that helps [you] know a few things that might shock you before you come to poland it is a great country to visit Because you’re one of the few tourists coming here to see something [real] [emitting] like right now So I will learn more Five things you love and hate about Warsaw what you should eat when you come here to poland check us on our website at Walters [worldcom] [where] us on Twitter Facebook Instagram [YouTube] and we really appreciate your life subscriptions and if you do subscribe to our [channel] We actually put out two travel videos every week every Wednesday and Saturday And we really appreciate those likes and it’s got comments the things that [shucks] you about poland who did that comment section below? So I’m sorry talk so fast this video. I just got really excited about my time here in poland live from Krakow or Chuckles. Sorry my

100 thoughts on “Visit Poland – 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Poland

  1. Wolter!
    Polish people are passively religious 😉 A lot of older people are real chrisitans but its fading away. Don't let the religious/christian symbols mislead you 🙂 it's sad (/not sad depends how you interpret it), but true.
    And it's "PROSZĘ" in Polish, not PROSIM! 😀 😀 😀

  2. Just got back from a 3week trip to Poland— eye-opening place. Small towns are interesting places to visit especially… you'll likely be the only foreigner there when you stop by a small town.

  3. Yes it is true Polish people don't smile as much as American. Actually is someone smile too much they think they're crazy like something missing under the hood😂😂😂

  4. People don't smile because they don't want to look like they trying to pick you up or look like they're too friendly. If you go to any of the European countries people really don't smile as much like they smile in United States on the streets and in the stores.

  5. Don't worry we all love you and soon as you open your mouth and smile and say kind words they will do the same because they're very friendly and nice to everyone who is coming here for vacation and they love to help you if you're nice polite and smiling.So keep smiling my friends the younger generation smiles more often so there's hope one they were will be smiling like Americans do👍😊😊😊😊😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣love you all💋💋💋💋💋✌

  6. For someone who visits a lot and is supposed to love the country, it's surprising how little effort has gone into learning the correct pronunciation of important words like please or the names of big cities.

  7. Western ignorant with smilling fucking face… If you knew the true history of Poland you did not say such things about Poland. I advise you to learn history from Polish sources not from abroad.


  9. English . Polish
    W. V
    Krakow in polish (w in English is v in polish
    To say it proply if u r English try saying it like this

  10. I can name at least 6 shocking things in Poland off the top of my head:


  11. @3:00 Where did you get that information from? The city was almost undamaged, when the red army arrived. Even on the polish Wikipedia you can read:

    "Kraków jako jedno z niewielu miast polskich nie odniosło podczas wojny większych strat substancji materialnej"

    which google translates to

    "Krakow as one of the few Polish cities did not suffer any major material losses during the war"

  12. Just want to point out for potential tourists, most of the photos in this were from Warsaw, just in case you're thinking "wow, he's in Krakow, its beautiful there"

  13. My grandfather and greatgrand father was from Poland & they were very committed with family and history.. I wish to visit someday—-God Bless my dear Poland –from Atlanta Ga–USA

  14. Visited Warsaw a few years back: people and places all phenomenal! I really want to go back and tour around a bit more. But nothing shocking. And nothing shocking in this vid except the degree to which the word 'shocking' is so ignorantly misused.

  15. dude i really like your videos and also whenever i want to visit a new country i get tips usually by watching your videos and ya one more thing your observations are all spot on

  16. Ahhhhh The polish face! Very much from the Moscow owns us period of 1945-1989. One of the many things they took (other than our watches) was our ability to smile.
    Yeahhh There's quite a church problem. Not a real bad problem, just an over supply problem.
    Yes. There is a metric tonne of cabbage and potatoes on the menu but the menus in general are far more comprehensive than we're used to in North America. Not a bad thing at all.
    Oh yeah. It will not be expensive. Especially if you visit a regular market or store. Your dollar will go a long way!
    The natural beauty is spectacular! Great mushroom picking.
    The service is still the lingering attitude from the aforementioned Moscow period. When clients were treated as problems…

  17. Another shocking fact about Poland is that half of it used to be in Russia, before Russia took that half and gave them a quarter of Germany.

  18. When you learn Polish a little bit and get used to all of the consonants, it's actually not that bad. You are correct, though. When you first encounter the Polish language it's like: 😳…😰…😫

  19. Remember: "Hard is not impossible". #woutersworld. You might also enjoy #theslaviclanguagesanwhatmakesthemafamily by #langfocus.

    Yes – Polish is difficult – though the achievement; effort; commitment is sweet.

  20. I live in England and all of my friends are polish and I want to visit their contry so much
    This videos are helping me so much but you are saying prosze wrong
    Greetings from portugal !

  21. Poland is oriental mentality. Like russian they smile original smiles in case of real sympathy. Western smile only for duty and politeness

  22. I spent some time in Poland, Lodz as Erasmus student back in 2017, i really had a good time, all the Polish people i met starting from the embassy staff in Ankara who were processing my visa were nice, i had only one racist insult at one point in Lodz from some crazy guys and that is erased by all the nice people i met. Poland is great country.

  23. I prefer the neutral face expressions over faked smiles all day. Cant stand it if someone pretends to be happy and kind when they dont like something or someone.

  24. You would be surprised that most of the French historical royals were Polonian. For example Marie Antoinette was actually Marie Antoinette Lotarynska. Her father Francis I is Lotarynski. The Polonians were colonizing Europe from 500 AD. The Eclair is actually Polish from the Carpathians, a region in Poland and Bourbon is also from the region of Poland. And you should try expensive restaurants that will surprise you.

  25. The guy is ALL WRONG. I've made a few comments on him before, but YT removed it.
    He confuses polish language with chech/slovak language. The food stuff he talks abuout is all wrong. And then he's making laugh of "L with a line through" … it's a language you [insert offence here] :/

  26. Nearly all the houses in pictures and such youtube videos look German, were made when that territory was Germany a century or two centuries ago. Every time the winning allies of ww2 had a chance, they gave HUGE chunks of German lands to from Germany to Poland. eg. Gdansk, nd 700 German villages, and 70 percent of East Prussia was given to Poland. So most houses in Poland look Like German country-side houses.

  27. If I have an opportunity to start a new country then polish would definitely be the national language even though I have no clue on how to speak polish. The only reason I'm here is because that I heard a video game character speaking polish and I thought it was beautiful.

  28. يلعن ابوك اعرف مقامك
    فقط بلاد وسخة ممكن تقبل فيك
    نحن لا يشرفنا شهادتك

  29. You've WON me!! I'd love to visit Poland after seeing this video!! I fell in love with Poland, it is stunning to my senses in all ways, bar the blank registered trademarked look!! I can see how that can be daunting. I find something to laugh at in most situations so I'd feel my discomfit amongst a sea of blank looks 😆 if you get my drift. 😁🙏 But that would'nt stop me from enjoying the beauty I see in the landscapes and the buildings, architectural heaven for me..and a big ..Yes to stepping inside some of those Churches!!! I had a love of that in my birth country NZ because of the beauty and architectural designs of them, being inside always brought out the wonders in me, I loved it so.
    I feel as though I've made an exciting discovery thanks to you. 🙏

  30. Someone made a comment about one being labeled a psychopath if someone smiled 24/7 in Poland.
    I'd fit that bill somehow lolol.

  31. with out a doubt the nicest country i visited in Europe. I mean the receptionist told us about the restaurant in the cellar and I asked if they had kielbasa and they said no. They went out and bought kielbasa and cooked it for me with saurkraut. never had i seen such Hospitality before. I now go back every year though i'm Irish

  32. I absolutely love Krakow. It is my favourite city to visit, especially during December when the Christmas market is on. I couldn't get over how clean and litter free it is compared to where I live.
    If you've never visited here then you are missing out. You really MUST go.
    A beautiful country, with lovely people. The ones that I met were more than helpful.

  33. Smiling at people, being jovial in public is an American thing. The first time I left the states, I learned this. People don't expect that in other countries. It's actually refreshing to me.

  34. I'm Polish. For me it is strange when a person whom I do not know l, and whom I only pass on the street smiles at me. Smile means something to us. We don't smile because we have to. Smile means something. That is the difference.

  35. What I admire about the Polish people.They are not stupid about Islam. and Poland is for the Polish not Afriza or arabia.In 20 years Poland might be the only people in Europe thatare not living is a sharia law islamic state.

  36. If you want to taste some real Polish food at Poland i do not recommend going to this kind of "tradicional" food restaurants since most of them are kinda fake and more expensive actually . For example if you want to try pierogi i recommend going to something that Polish people call bar mleczny 🙂

  37. Thats why west people fake you smiling even you dont feel inside your happy, btw you cant smiliing 24 hours. But when we smiling at least its honest

  38. It's KrakOW not Krakaw… 🥴 (W you say as v)
    Please is prosze not prosim.
    The way you talk about us as people.. it looks like you are laughing at us… 🙄 can't get it why..
    It's not cheap! You feel this because you came only for a few days! Try living there.. 🙄
    You are strange. Food in our restaurants are made from scratch!! It's fresh! So if you would get your food in 2 min you think it would make you happy? Don't think so! You moan a lot, not surprising you get a service you deserve.. 🙄🤦🏼‍♀️

  39. Ad. 2. Not exactly. Some people are deeply religious. Some are Sunday Catholics. Some are occasional church-goers. Some are completely irreligious. The first two groups are probably a little larger than the European standards – hence your 'shock'. If you like numbers: the official data of the Catholic Church for 2017: 38% of Polish Catholics were attending mass every Sunday and half of the people present at any particular mass were receiving holy communion.

    Ad. 6. Actually lots of tourists visit Poland. In 2018 there were 19.6 million foreign tourists visiting. Not even close to France (90M) or Germany (87M), but more than i.e. Belgium (17.6M), Netherlands (17M) or Portugal (12.8M).

  40. After hundreds of years, betrayal of their Jewish neighbors, even after the world war. War ended in 1945, Kielce pogrom in 1946. Can't blame that one on the nazis or the germans. The Jews who survived the Holocaust thought they could return to their "polish homes". Were they ever wrong. Thank God for Israel.

  41. Haha! My first impression of Poland was that they had pretty cows. Second impression was of the smiley warm faces and greetings of people selling or serving things, plus those just walking by. I also found them a bit goofy. This was after coming directly from my first stay in Slovakia (1995) and seeing the faces of lady shopkeepers, et al. Things have changed a lot since then.

  42. Poland sounds like an ethnic town in 1950s New Jersey…..many of these towns were mostly Polish and Cathiolic in the 1950s in NJ.

  43. yes, you nicely pick up all the stuff what matter in Poland, credit for that. Country is still marching and long road ahead to glory and prosperous land which once Poland was.

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