VIVA PERU! In the HEART of LIMA – What We Learned!! | PERU Travel Guide 2020 ??

VIVA PERU! In the HEART of LIMA – What We Learned!! | PERU Travel Guide 2020 ??

Hey there world travelers. Hey there. I’m
Tanya and I’m Dave and we are Turn It Up World. Welcome to . . . Lima Peru! I fell. That’s right we are in Lima Peru, well actually back in Lima Peru. Back again, yes. I know last time we were here we actually didn’t get a chance to explore much of the city but this time, this time, we are definitely going to be
exploring quite a bit of this gorgeous city. Absolutely and we are actually in
the heart of Lima and really the birthplace right now in Plaza Mayor. Yes,
also called Plaza de Armas and we were here, if you recall, in the evening one night. It was dark beautiful, it’s gorgeous at night, very gorgeous and you guys should check out that whole series. We put together a whole series of Peru starting
with a little bit in Lima and then did a whole trek through Cusco. We’ll put the link
somewhere so you guys should definitely check that out, but he is absolutely right. It is stunningly beautiful here at night with the lights. Oh it’s just amazing right. And there is great history to this as well. Back in, back in 1535 Francisco Pizarro
actually founded the city effectively here, now it was part of basically a
conquest. He was a conquistador who conquered the Incas and the indigenous,
you know, people of Peru and really built Lima and planned Lima, and actually
this square, this plaza, is classic Spanish plaza, yes, you really feel like you’re in
Spain, it’s, it’s some historians have said that this is actually even more
Spanish than some of the ones over in Spain. It’s just really incredible, the design and everything about it. Yeah and we’re gonna show you not just this beautiful Plaza
but some of the other incredible things here in Lima Peru. I think we should just get this day started. Don’t you think so? I think so. Let’s rock and roll. We’re now in the historic Centro
District of Lima and this is Plaza San Martín and San Martin is considered
the liberator of Lima. Actually in 1821 he helped liberate Peru from the
Spaniards and this plaza was dedicated in his honor, and to the honor of the
liberation of Peru, in 1921. It’s a really really cool plaza. A lot of activity going on. You can hear horns behind me and there’s French, beautiful French
buildings all around as well. It’s really cool. A fun place to check out. Another really cool thing about being
down here in the Plaza San Martín are all these amazing flowers that look
like carnations and, if you could smell, the smells those flowers it’s quite impressive just the grounds that are so well-kept
here the beautiful architecture that goes on down here, David’s absolutely
right this is definitely a place you want to come check out for sure
just to either have lunch there’s a lot of cafes that are scattered throughout
even shopping right around the corner from here so it’s a great place to start
your your Lima trek if you’re coming here to Lima just to kind of experience
some of the history as well as the beautiful ambiance that surrounds it. Oh, hey fancy seeing you again no we
were lucky enough today to be able to witness the changing of the guard, which
happens here every day around noontime and this street was packed full of
people. Now guess who else lives in this place? The President of Peru lives here
must be nice to be the king but just look at the beautiful architectural
detail that’s going on in there this place is stunningly amazing and I’m
so happy that we had a chance to come back here to explore Lima Peru. So one of the best ways to get here to
Plaza de Armas and most of the times are gonna be staying if you come to Lima
you’ll be staying in Miraflores right so one of the best ways to get here is by
the Metropolitano, the bus, yeah the bus system is actually really good and
it’s super cheap yes right it’s basically it cost us about five pesos together, five soles, you still think we’re Mexico, yes exactly correction five soles, right, we’re not in
Mexico we’re in Peru and five soles is about $1.70 or so. It’s pretty darn cheap. It’s
very cheap. Now one thing about the bus though, it can get super super packed
yeah super packed, Dave was literally rubbing bummies with like folks that were
just standing on they’re holding their bars and there is no I don’t know they
don’t have like a restriction of capacity because it was crazy packed
yeah it was crazy packed and you do want to be careful too in any of the buses
and subways in any of these you know any place really when it is this packed just be
careful with your belongings make sure you have your wallets and things secure
as well maybe in zip pockets and things like that, yeah, just be careful, and take your backpacks if you’re gonna have them on your back you might want to flip those around and put
them in your front just to give yourself that extra protection and like Dave was
saying it can happen anywhere I mean any place where there’s a high population of
tourists any place there’s like a high population of people in a confined space
you can definitely get your junk taken. Check out this building behind me it’s
really cool the architecture is incredible it’s actually the
Archbishop’s house here, Palace here in Lima, and I have a question for you
when do you think it was built? Because it’s really interesting let us know in
the comments and don’t google it take your best guess we’ll let you know at
the end of the video. David, what is this beautiful, beautiful creation behind me? What is this? Well my dear they’re balconies, those are balconies. Lima is definitely known for amazing balconies. They’re carved out of cedar, mahogany, wow, absolutely incredible, that’s so impressive, they’re so beautiful, yeah and they have something
of the the Spanish influence and that’s you can see that all around Plaza
de Armas including these beautiful balconies and all the detail that comes
along with it, yes absolutely gorgeous and supposedly there’s 1,600 of them, 1,600, across Lima, wow that’s an incredible number and it’s I think they’re right around the period
of 17, 18th century, well just you can see the detail and the beauty and I will say
this the last time we were here was kind of at night I don’t know if I
really captured the great detail that you see in these balconies from the
nuances, it’s just absolutely stunning but this place with the sun
shining those balconies are amazing. All right so hold on one second this
beautiful building behind us that’s City Hall that is Lima’s City Hall
look how beautiful that building is. Wow, that’s City Hall? Yes that is City Hall. It’s incredible I mean that has got to be one of the
nicest city halls I have ever seen. Right, how would you like to work in a place like
that that is gorgeous and actually if you notice there’s a couple more
balconies and since we just spoke about the balconies one more thing we think is
important to know that they’re doing a major preservation on most of these
balconies because of the history because they’re made of wood they they’re trying
to make sure they don’t rot and wither or deteriorate because they’re just
stunning and it would be awesome to keep them around forever. So this gorgeous
fountain here behind me I am so happy to be back to see this fountain well before
this fountain was here there was one built I believe it was in the late 1500’s
and this one was built in 16 late 1600’s or actually rebuilt and it’s just
spectacular now we’ve heard that during their Peru’s Independence which is July
28th of 2020 or I think I heard it was somewhere on the fourth Sunday of the
month of July they fill this fountain with Pisco. I love Pisco Sours so I
might have to bring the sour if they supply the Pisco, but it’s absolutely
gorgeous an interesting fact that before any of this was here there was actually
this Plaza de Armas area was used for bullfighting ah oh my gosh a gallow was
right where this fountain was a gallow and you know what a gallow is hang
it was kind of creepy kind of scary but it’s very cool to see all of this beauty
here today. Behind me is the Aliaga House. It’s
actually the oldest house in all of the Americas, which is really incredible. It
was built back in 1535 and I gotta say it looks looks today it looks incredible today, I mean look at that it’s absolutely beautiful. Viva Lima! One complaint, there’re a lot of traffic here. Yes, it’s funny they say Mexico City has a lot of traffic but Lima, Lima is right up there with lots of traffic which is probably why
the bus might be a nice quick bet. There are so many cars honking horns like that’s
the way they communicate it’s like hi honk, how you doing honk honk, oh yeah, it’s a symphony, a symphony of horns, masterful, a masterpiece A very quick fair warning when you are riding in an Uber just focus on the beautiful things around you don’t focus on the driver because they drive a little crazy around here, right, absolutely a little crazy They’re very good drivers. I will say that though and you have to be. You have to have great instincts. Super close, look how close There it is Y’all so we are now freshened up we got
back after an amazing day and we got a recommendation for a restaurant that we
are dying to try tonight it’s an authentic Peruvian restaurant what is the name of
that it’s called Mama Olla, Mama Olla yeah and it was recommended by our
concierge of our hotel, she said it’s a really tasty place traditional food
which is what we requested so I’m ready to try this place yeah let’s do it, so we made it to Mama Olla yeah I’m pretty excited and already kicking off this
evening with a couple of cocktails yes the traditional of course is the pisco
sour which probably it’s about 20.5 so lazy what did you get looks pretty
strong over there I went for the traditional Johnnie Walker red nothing
special here for sure and it also was 20.5 ah I don’t know some apparent
reason I think that one would knock you more on your house than this one here that’s just like I remember this is it’s
actually great to be back to have this I mean I remember the first time we came
here what eight months ago I mean got to the hotel it was really late and the
staff was really accommodating and they actually opened the restaurant just for
us and our first piece go salad yeah they just go sour they think we’re there
but like 2:00 3:00 in the morning or something exactly 2:00 in the morning it
was pretty crazy all right so we narrowed it down and
we’re actually gonna split these just because the portion sizes seem to be
right up our alley yeah and then what are we getting there country does Pam
Rosanna you know that name but are those so it’s actually made for two it’s an
appetizer of scallops with a nice parmesan cheese I think this like you
said twelve pieces and it’s made for two so that’s really nice I think that’s
about 40 that’s 45 so they close to 14 almost 14 hours they go oh good there we
go then of course for the main we’re
actually gonna go for the Lomo saltado which is something that we love anyway
so we’re gonna stick to what we know with the pop-up it does so nothing quite
that you know there yeah I want there we go
look at that yeah we wanted to mention while we’re waiting for our food that we
actually just kind of realized you know the peak season is when
what December through April, December through April alright and so coming right about
November is a really nice time to come well you’re just missing the busy high
season but you’re also starting to get into some of that sunshine that happens
here versus the typical overcast such a tense gig on a normal off season ever
you know stuff today yeah definitely a lot of sigh look at
this I’m not a Red Lobster yeah what do you need to make sure you do is use
extra sunblock I have a little tiny thing at sunblock all the time with you
if you can don’t be stupid you know living in Texas I thought hey I can take
the Lina Sun yeah the Sun is really strong here to put on sunblock because
you might turn out like a lobster and I got a lot of red going on here I didn’t expect me to be so long and
they look really like the right amount of Parmesan cheese just kind of right on
top look at I’m just like right in the scallop shell like a shadow I know I
almost you almost gonna like keep this like a form of art I don’t know Portugal
or scalloped hmm you can definitely taste that Parmesan cheese it’s really
kind of taking over now it was big I don’t know got a little slimy no
coating on top of it but I don’t know after that second bite into that slimy
coating it really tastes like a bikini I will say it’s very fresh actually I got
head low some sand in mine that’s a she had a crunch it’s gone and it crunchy
covers on but I mean that’s that’s part of being fresh yeah it’s right out of
the ocean that’s true and um that’s really good plenty of Y minutes yeah
like the whole meal man I think so there is I mean it’s no wonder the appetizer
costs cost because you’re getting these really giant sized scallops full at
twelve of them so you have like six th basically Monterey Cinco david’s plate
my boy I’m stuffed don’t snap too so when we
ask you if we always ask every place we go what do you think of this place where
do you think of it it was good but not dance worthy but I’d give a little
shimmy a little shimmy I thought it was good but I would say it wasn’t like a
WoW kneel for me yeah I agree but because of all that food I think it’s
time for us to call it quits we had a great day we just wanna say thank you
guys so much for joining us and if you haven’t already please be sure to hit
that subscribe button and that notification valve so that you get a
every time you put something new and exciting again thank you guys so much
for joining us and we look forward to seeing you on the road behind me is the
Archbishop’s Palace where the Archbishop of Lima lives an amazing building some
look at the architecture is incredible

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