Vivaldi Four Seasons: Summer (L’Estate), complete; Cynthia Freivogel & Voices of Music, RV 315 4K

Vivaldi Four Seasons: Summer (L’Estate), complete; Cynthia Freivogel & Voices of Music,  RV 315 4K

High summer: beneath the sweltering sun, A man languishes, along with his flock: the pines burn We hear the cuckoo’s voice; then the sweet songs of the turtledove and goldfinch. Soft breezes stir the air, but the threatening North wind sweeps them suddenly aside. The shepherd trembles, fearing the fierce storms and his fate. The fear of lightning and fierce thunder robs his tired limbs of rest and gnats and flies buzz furiously around. Alas, his fears were justified: The heavens thunder and roar and great hailstones beat down the crops.

100 thoughts on “Vivaldi Four Seasons: Summer (L’Estate), complete; Cynthia Freivogel & Voices of Music, RV 315 4K

  1. Like the veiled whisper of birdsong from the mist of the distant hills… Wow. Phenomenal job. Truly extraordinary art was created in that hall.

  2. Хорошо!
    Мне нравится!
    Синтия хорошо играет!
    И музыканты хорошо играют!
    Хорошая музыка А. Вивальди! ))

  3. This is one of my favourite channels on youtube. I used to say I didn't really like baroque music. Thanks for helping me discover it anew, the way it was meant to sound.

  4. De todas las versiones que he visto y escuchado esta es la que más me gusta…el violín barroco suena brillantemente espectacular y la intérprete apegada a la partitura original es sencillamente maravillosa…su exquisito gusto me deja realmente impresionado….este grupo le devuelve a uno la confianza en el ser humano. Vivaldi debe estar por ahí encarnado nuevamente y saboreando a todo placer lo que esta violinista y su grupo han hecho. Grandioso !!!!

  5. Is the audio in this video 16-bit or 24-bit? And what sample rate? (asking so that I can choose the correct output setting)

    Edit: I like the captions! You can add yt:cc=on to the tags of the video to enable CC by default.

  6. Tal parece que soy el único comentario latino…Qué no daría por estar en una presentación de ese tipo y verla en persona a CINTHIA MILLER FREIVOGEL…

  7. I downloaded this video to offline watching since last month so i could listen to it everyday..sriously,this is amazing..?

  8. Where can i watch your perfomance live? Where are you guys? I am willing to fly to where you are and buy your concert ticket. Pls let me know when it is available.

  9. boi that part on 7:37 we're all anticipating just came out entirely distinctive compared to all recordings on modern violin. Thank you for such beautiful playing and crisp quality. I love it so so much

  10. These go way beyond ‘reserved and stately majesty’ and into the realm of ‘life-affirming’. I don’t know if it’s the masterful application of dynamics, the slight imperfections in cadence, or the reverb of the room, but something about these makes them so much more compelling than other recordings

  11. anyone else had to remind themselves to breath? it's like watching a very intense movie. i can honestly see the sound

  12. She plays this solo violin without any sheet music. The 1st violinist gives excellent lead (purple top on the left).

    Good stuff.

  13. I must have been listening to crappy recordings because I've never really heard a the notes so clear before. Absolutely beautiful!

  14. I think vivaldi should only be played with church organs. It's as if the violins come to life to sing and the cellos , the guitar and the other strange organ are the sounds of nature.

  15. Please put these exceptional Four Season performances on Spotify. I have found many other in your Spotify handle, but not these. Pretty please.

  16. Who was Antônio Vivaldi ? An angel ?! A god ?! A supernatural one ?! None of them; he profited that great gift that was given him by our Lord God, and he worked on that gift producing great fruit for all the humanity who likes what is really called " extraordinary music ".
    Thanks my God for that.

  17. In my entire life i've heard nothing like that Presto. When my time comes and I have to leave this world, I wanna go listening to this recording.

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