VLOG 16 // AMSTERDAM – holidays with the family

VLOG 16 // AMSTERDAM – holidays with the family

Good morning. well, Laurens’ Mom is asking me if I want some bread. We got home yesterday from Dubai and now we’re in Holland, and I’m having breakfast with the family and they’re all here! So I just had breakfast with the family and now we’re heading to Amsterdam because my best friend Pauline is pregnant, and we’re gonna pick up the stroller from Bugaboo And then we’re gonna do our last Christmas presents, and I’m gonna get some leggings for under my dresses, and that’s Eileen Hiiiii So yeah, see you guys later in Amsterdam. Hello, we’re on our way to Amsterdam and this is Pauline and she’s pregnant, look! So we gotta pick up the bugaboo stroller And then we’re gonna do some last-minute Christmas shoppings. I want to show you guys what it looks like driving in Holland. Romee Romee Strijd VLOG 16 OK, I got my Christmas shopping done and now we’re gonna go pick up the stroller. bugaboo @BUGABOOSTROLLERS Okay I’m walking through the canals of Amsterdam, oh, it’s a little cold. I got a makeup box from Charlotte Tilbury. Hey Okay, we’re going back to Zoetermeer. That’s where our family is. We just got our last Christmas presents here in Amsterdam, and we’ve got a bagel for on the way, with chicken and avocado. It’s a tomato bagel Are you going to be able to eat it? No you’re not going to be able to eat it whilst driving. Chicken and sun-dried tomatoes, looks really good. but it’s too big to eat here. it’s really hard to eat it because it’s like massive like pesto Salad, avocado, sun-dried tomatoes, lettuce and the bagel has like Tomatoes in it or something, because we got a tomato bagel right? Good morning guys are we getting ready for first Christmas day leaving in 10 minutes Lawrence to my dad’s My dad’s doing a little brunch with his side of the family and then this afternoon We have a birthday of his cousin And then we do dinner here at house and everybody makes something and we’re gonna do the sides and then Today, I’m wearing the Screaming(?) dress, Chloe bag, Rpuash lily(?) clothed. I tried to do like a shimmery makeup with Charlotte Tilbury. Boots are Stuart Weitzman. Hey Lauren, What are you wearing? GUCCI, *Gucci, Gucci, Gucci* All right. See you guys later. Okay, so we’re on our way to my dad’s. Laura just said that he misses driving his car right? Yeah Because in New York, we don’t have a car We always take Ubers, because it’s a little crazy to get a car there because we will always be in traffic, and it’s so much time to like find the parking spot and then park. That’s just something we want to discuss with you guys how do you guys, feel about driving cars? Yeah. I’m here at Ketch brunch(?) with my daddy. Yeah! Okay, so we are in the kitchen with the whole family. We’re making dressings for the sides. some of them making appetizers, some of them making the main, and the mom is taking photos as you can hear. So the guys are chilling and the girls are in the kitchen. cheese cake summer tiramisu and kinder boy no chocolate mousse Wow, that looks nice! That looks delicious! Give morning guys, so it’s second Christmas day and today we’re gonna be at Lauren’s family here, and we’re doing a brunch and then we’re going to my mom’s place in another city in Holland. And that’s why are we doing like high tea or I didn’t call it like afternoon drink and then dinner and then? Christmas is already over and it’s so much fun to be with the family and be back in Holland. Yesterday I got this cozy like dress. Kinda, it’s super comfortable. Anddd This is where we sleep. I just did quickly make up, mostly Charlotte Tilbury because I think it’s very like Shiny and a lot of like cream products what I really like mmm I’ll do a little tutorial of how I do my quick everyday makeup. If you guys are into it (?) Well so right now, it’s my mom’s place um We had breakfast at Lauren’s parents’ family house you are thirsty are you gonna finish the one? All right So we’re doing dinner here And then tonight we’re going back to tsutsumare That’s the city where we from and we sleep there again because tomorrow is Lauren’s mom’s birthday Wow you crazy okay. see you guys later you will get meet my family hello. Hello, this is my mom hey Flin So this is what we do on the morning of December 27th, we go work out Have some buddies today. I’m not so excited about this. but This is why we got to do after two days of eating It’s a kind of friend I am Pauline is doing pregnancy training, and I have her belly in my hands Okay, we’re done. There was a 45 minutes workout, but better than nothing after those Christmas days, right? Okay after my workout I’m doing a quick lunch with my sister, this is Issa She’s my real sister maybe she doesn’t look like it because she has brown curly hair and brown eyes but she really is And Laurens’ sisters And yeah, this is what we’re eating No, so we’re gonna go to the ultrasound of funnine’s baby And I’m so happy that I’m able to come because I’m here in Holland then after that we’re going to Amsterdam To the winter parade for a lawrence mom’s birthday, and then we do dinner tonight, so it’s another Christmas day, but a lots of fun so we just came back from the ultrasound and look how cute Look at this little nose and the lips so crazy Oh hello guys so we’re in Amsterdam is Lorene mom birthday right so we’re going for dinner all altogether at Young Amsterdam Good morning, so I’m in my strength in the south of the Midlands with my mom and sister and we’re doing a girls trip so yesterday we went to the movies and we had dinner and Today we just had an easy morning have breakfast in the hotel and now we’re going to do some shopping Okay, so we’re off to The Hague because we’re gonna do a massage and some shopping and maybe dinner right yes, maybe I’ll give you guys a little impression of what’s Holland looks like So we’re in The Hague Going for lunch and again. I found a spot where we can find some avocado toast, so I’m really happy about that And it’s cold Oh my God! Come on!

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  1. Awww!! This video just kept getting better and better! I love that you can balance your career and social media, yet you’re a good friend, sibling, and daughter. I’ve followed a couple models who just love the camera too much and are a bit narcissistic; you’re a sweetheart! ? blessings to you and your family! Wishing your friend a good and healthy pregnancy and a beautiful, healthy baby!

  2. Hi Romee! Great video! I was wondering if you can make a video in Vegas at a fashion show n doing dramatic make up? Much love, from Texas!????

  3. omg was that the baby shower I love the idea of a cute spot and everyone is cozy soo cute in pink omg love it !

  4. That surprise at the end was really sweet. I've noticed you fly back to the Netherlands quite often. Do you experience homesickness often, or are you very used to your lifestyle?

  5. Hi Romee! Amazing video! I was wondering if you can do a video of meal preps and Valentines Day or a family party. ????☃️????????❄️??

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