Vlog 16: Hospitality and Tourism Management 2019 – University of Houston | Yellow Norm

Vlog 16: Hospitality and Tourism Management 2019 – University of Houston | Yellow Norm

yo what’s up what’s up this Mikey here
and today I think it’s January 3rd and I am gonna go to a conference and
University of Houston so it’s gonna be a conference about hospitality and
tourism. and this is my first conference so I am very excited about it yeah
so let’s go So I am already on the plane but uh the line is was kind of a nightmare
and um I mean it is United Airlines so cannot complain. But I am already here on the
plane going to Houston very excited you are now free to use your phone your mobile
phone since my way vices we have of like a three-hour flight from Philly going
to Houston and we’re here at the Hilton and it’s inside the University of Houston. the room is pretty nice and yeah it actually kinda have a view here you see it like the
hotel seems nice but uh their service here is kinda odd well never had this mirror before I feel like a Youtuber now so I’ll keep you posted
and yeah it’s gonna rest for a little bit. See you guys then preparing for the conference tomorrow gotta do some of the grinding yeah it’s just uh you gotta read the brochure and
kinda see what you want to do tomorrow so there’s gonna be very quick, fast and
people just want to be in and out so you guys
just got to be prepared plan ahead so yeah this is one of the pro tip to go to the conference I mean I’m not a professional but
like this is what my professor told me so pretty helpful you interested in some of their research you just circle it, plan your schedule
tomorrow and just go straight to the room gotta be planned ahead good morning guys So today is the big day Iam gonna go to the conference now it’s 8 am right now be ready. very excited just one more shot before I go this hotel has a beautiful mirror and beautiful lighting I want to say like a quick few tips for the
conference yeah always be prepared. gotta have my
resume here got like 10 or 12 of my resumes already in my envelopes and you should be ready to give out to all the
schools and have my pocket square on point and yeah like I’m strongly recommend you guys to put your kinda this thing the inside I mean if you want to
look older you can put it outside but I strongly recommend you put it inside
and and if you want to look older like just kind of tie
your jacket, your suit but um you want to look younger just let it out and yeah
and uh same thing for the tie if you want to look younger just get the knob to be thin and small. If you are older and want to look older you can just put it
kinda a little bit bigger just depends on
whatever image or appearance you want to be like yeah tips for
the conference morning guys so last day of the
conference yeah like just going to a few last sessions and gotta say goodbye to Houston guys so the conference got suspended I guess because of the fire alarm everybody’s just right here Alright guys, it’s time to go home now. it’s been a great conference met a lot of people it was fun and uh yeah so this is the Graduate conference for the hospitality and tourism management and
it is at the Hilton in University of Houston so very exciting feel excited so we back to Philly now back here safe and sound Wanna say hi to
the camera? so yeah like the conference was pretty
awesome and yeah but we back here, it’s pretty chilly and All right. Peace

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  1. Forgot to ask if you prepared business cards. Hihi, I’m too busy recently. I should have remembered that earlier.

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