Waikiki Travel Tips: 14 Things to Know Before You Go

Waikiki Travel Tips: 14 Things to Know Before You Go

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  1. Apparently I missed tip number 14! What did I miss or leave out? Leave a comment and let me and your fellow travelers know!

  2. There are a lot more things in waikiki! one is the honolulu zoo for one next to diamond head,if you go towards the beach towards diamond head there are fish you can feed and the water is extremely clear its along a little wall where most locals go,pretty cool locals!!but find your own explore on your own you find your own places to go!i got lost towards north shore and found amazing places no one talks about the best way to go!! Been to maui,its more for relaxation and couples not much to do there i think but have fun, hawaii is awesome can't wait to go back! STAY AWAY FROM A-1 car rentals they will rippppp you off big time!!

  3. I live in Hawaii and honestly just keep track if your stuff it's pretty safe here lol and respect everyone.

  4. $25.00 – $30.00 dollars a day for parking additional charge (not included in hotel charge) + $45.00 per day charge (not included) room cleaning! BUZZKILL!!!

  5. Hi Chris! I'm travelling to Hawaii (waikiki) for the first time in September this year (2018) for two weeks vacay from Sydney Australia. I'm also a massive Hawaii five-0 fan.

    I'm booked into the Ramada plaza in Waikiki, and am travelling via Hawaiian Airlines ?

  6. Loved Hawaii but I felt like I was in Japan and not the US which was kinda disturbing in the way that when describing food and culture as Hawiian, it's not Hawiian, it's Japanese and I really looked forward to meeting Hawiian people and eating true Hawiian cuisine, having a true cultural experience and was disappointed but Hawaii will always remain paradise

  7. Food are awesome in Waikiki but very Expensive so be prepared to shell out a lots of money for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and especially if you are with a group of family.

  8. Do your research. The Surfrider Hotel was not built in 1901.The Moana Hotel aka the First Lady Of Waikiki was built in 1901.

  9. ATTENTION ! B AWARE AT ALL TIMES PEOPLE!!! Crime has gone up very recently in Oahu Island and most of them are not reported by fake lame news thus the system continues to trick tourists and residents alike that all is well… NOT SO! Very VIOLENT attacks and robberies are happening during daytime or night time in homes, parks, beaches, sightseeing areas like Kaka'ako, n Waikiki, and more, on mopeds on bicycles, parking lots whether be cover or open, you name it. Make your voice count whether you see, hear or experience any of these do post, comment and inform others. Hawaii is not what it used to be, be alert at all times !

  10. If you go to Ala Moana shopping center you can watch hula dance for free? I know it is not about Waikiki beach but just wanted to share this info! ?

  11. I am an Englishman who visited Hawaii’ for the first time this year. I thought the whole island was superb with a great vibe and friendly people. Sure it was a bit crowded but it was friendly and chilled. It cost a fortune to get there but was just about worth it.

  12. nice introduction, not exhaustive. but the sun is brutal even in winter so early and late on the beach is great advice. so many people overdo it the first day and spend the rest of their trips in the room

  13. Glad to know before I travel alone in February, the bus was my concern to the Waikiki hotel from Hawaii air line.

  14. Hi Chris! I just wanted to let you know my Wife and I will be heading to Wakiki this March and we have watched your Waikiki videos over and over! We can't thank you enough for your fun and informative videos. Also, we will be staying in the Hilton Hawaiian Village Resort based on your overviews. Thank you! Thank you!

  15. I don't find waikiki to be terribly crowded. There's always a place on the beach and resaraunts always have room for you.
    I also don't find it to be humid. Certainly nothing like Florida or Texas.

  16. Really good tip: DON'T ARGUE OR FIGHT IN STORES LIKE HOW YOU DO IT IN CHINA OR MEXICO because the people will simply just state, "Alright but it's still 20 bucks though" and you will make no progress at all.

    Read more

  17. I'm born and raised on Oahu and the best beaches are North Shore, Waikiki isnt that great. Shopping only id say. Stay at Four Seasons in KoOlina!

  18. One more thing be careful and don’t walk down dark alleys at night. Criminals can tell if you aren’t from there and you’ll get robbed hawaii is ridden with crime but it’s not reported to prevent loss of tourism. Be careful

  19. Waikiki Beach ? is made up via countless and countless of tons of sand dredged from the island of Molokai which is part of “Maui County” as is Lanai

  20. Also being from Hawaii, DONT BUY STUFF IN ABC STORES. They are way too expensive and it’s always best to take an uber out to a local foodland or even Walmart near ala Moana mall.

  21. #14 Pretty much nothing in Hawaii is referred to as "Hawaiian" unless it pertains to the Native Hawaiians. So, it's not the "Hawaiian government" but rather "Hawaii's government".

  22. Hawaii has become much more Japanese than even in the early 2000s when I was back home …. good thing as I'm learning a Japanese musical instrument, and trying to learn Japanese.

  23. Free entertainment = glue some nickels dimes quarters etc to the sidewalk and sit back and watch the fun.

  24. Bring born and raised in kalihi, locals dont like it. too much haolees and DO NOT TAKE THE CITY BUS.. trollys okay but get an ubers.
    There are actually more than 2 language. your tourist in this shitty video doesnt know shit about my home……MY GOODNESS THESE ARE BAD NEED TO KNOWS????

  25. im micronesian, born in hawaii. ill give you better tips than this man.
    1) Go check out Ala Moana, youre gonna love that mall.
    2) Visit the food court, they have many local and non-local resturaunts youll enjoy.
    3) Take a road trip around the island.
    4) Go to the Polynesian Cultural Center
    5) Never visit kalihi, MerrRights, or Halawa unless you live there
    6) Go to the beach, waikiki isnt the only one
    7) look out for fights n homeless n kids, they steal stuff
    8) who gives a shit about coupons? Free food? what????? thats a lie. just dont steal rocks from the island.
    9) Visit Yummys and Zippys??
    10) call another guy as braddah
    11)enjoy hawaii cuz, but dont start anything k? if a local tells you youre a mahu, you tell em they got small botto. botto means penis

  26. Waikiki is a shit hole nothing like its hey day of the 60s thru the 80s. Waikiki now is full of homeless chronic crackheads who are pissing and crapping everywhere. PEOPLE DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. Waikiki is just a high priced shopping mall for the Japan dollars. Police aren't worth a crap and the locals are a bunch attitudinal welfare, low IQ idiots. Oh yeah ride thebus with homeless stinkasses and bus drivers who have the personalities of ICE CUBES. DONT WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY YOU'LL REGRET IT. Aloha.

  27. If you want to go here just go to long beach California just as trashy. Did love the North side though. Kuai was way cleaner and didn't see any bums.

  28. lmao "this is in fact not japan"…. obviously…. IDK if it's just me but he seems kind of salty that Hawaii caters to Japanese tourists.

  29. Waikiki has the weirdest and most annoying tourists out there. While you are at the beach, just turn it into watching a freak show and what the next freak is going to do to outdo the last. The Chinese tourists will swarm the lobby of Surf Rider and sprawl out all over the furniture and be the biggest freaks you will see at the beach.

  30. Great video and awesome tips, but as I'm going to Waikiki in a few days, what I really want (NEED), is a shirt like yours.

  31. Just came back from Hawaii and stayed at the Ohana Hotel. Had awesome time but here’s a tip, be prepared to dig into your wallets cause food is expensive. I never thought I’d say this but it was good to see McDonalds on the strip cause I saved a lot of money grabbing a couple of chicken sandwiches lol but besides that enjoy cause I did! ??

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