Walking around Shinjuku by night – Tokyo – 新宿 – 4K Ultra HD

Walking around Shinjuku by night – Tokyo – 新宿 – 4K Ultra HD

Shinjuku is one of Tokyo’s most famous areas, and we’ve covered Shinjuku in the past and we will surely shoot more videos in the future of this vibrant and amazing area. But today’s video is a bit different since we will guide you through Shinjuku’s most famous street with one of our “Walking Around” videos. So please just sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

100 thoughts on “Walking around Shinjuku by night – Tokyo – 新宿 – 4K Ultra HD

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  2. I love this vid but it gives me anxiety because I couldn't help but think that, at some point, someone's gonna bump into you

  3. ha you can spot the tourists from miles away, the only ones not wearing vivid colours. All the guys using the same combination white shirt or t shirt and black or dark pants.

  4. japan population now has more in numbers and people there still have rooms for each others nice views very clean streets and shinjuku… suge na 🙂

  5. 신주쿠 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 용과같이 안에서 키류형님이 다니는 거리네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  6. Awesome! There's a guy with a channel called Tokyo Lens, all he does is put the lens on himself and chatter. This is the REAL Tokyo lens! Thanks for the upload. Subscribed. Cheers!

  7. We've just started doing natural sound and sight video walks mainly in the UK and it's lovely to find someone doing a similar thing in parts of the world we may never get to visit. I've subscribed and very much look forward to seeing more.

  8. am a Japanese but vibe I feel there ain' vibe i am feeling thorough this clip.But if I wasn't a Japanese I would feel the vibe I am feeling that vibe when I am there.the fact is that the city is not wonderful at all but
    seeing from outside,like watching this clip, it looks really wonderful.

  9. 10:38 😂 Pink Shirt "blonde" guy (**middle**) keep watching, adjusts his "blonde wig" at 10:44 😂 Kawai! Classic Natural Smiles for meeeeee!

  10. It's like whoever is holding the camera in these videos is playing sidewalk chicken with everyone and he wins…every…single…time

  11. ゲームみたいな感覚。


  12. Pairs nicely with this album: Hiroshi Yoshimura – Soundscape 1 Surround (1986)


  13. Whenever I miss Tokyo I watch your videos and the memories all come back. I've walked many of the same streets in your videos. ❤️

  14. I want to wear a white button-down and some black khakis and penny loafers and wear a black straight hair wig with some eye makeup and walk around Tokyo taking little steps, like these people, just like I'm one of them…..justa thought

  15. I notice tons of Japanese men both young and old wearing a white dress shirt and dark slacks, like at least half.

    My guess is that most work places/schools require such uniform and many are walking home or just didn't care to change after getting off work for the rest of the day?

  16. me gustaria que tambien no solo mirara hacia el frente sino tambien de vez en cuando rotar la camara a los costados muy rapidamente como para ver un poco el interior y eso… sería cool

  17. I miss Japan! i loved walking in all the back streets the best. Shinuku was stunning but i didn't like the pushy African scammers on the street. Other than them I felt so safe in japan!

  18. I am originally from near Shinjuku.
    My parents took me to a departnet
    store in 1970s.
    The place still my favorite area.
    Welcome to Tokyo!

  19. I will move to Tokyo next year😎🎵🎶🥰Yesssss🤠
    Anyone who would like to help me is cordially invited to give me tips and advice. I am a professional opera singer at a German state theater and would like to give professional singing lessons in Tokyo. I am also a saxophonist and sing and play jazz music. Greetings to Tokyo, my dream city!

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