Walking in Podil Ukraine one sunny Afternoon – Travel Guide – Vlog – Kyiv / Kiev Tour

Walking in Podil Ukraine  one sunny Afternoon  – Travel Guide – Vlog – Kyiv / Kiev Tour

Hey! Welcome to another one of my videos!
I’m Alex. Hello there! I’m in Podil at the moment. Podil in Kiev!
You may remember in my last video. I walked down this street.
I kind of left it here – Deciding which way I was going to go. Well it
turns out I’m gonna go…. I’m not gonna go that way. I’m gonna go this way.. Because
I’m gonna go meet someone for a late Lunch. Lunchy Munchies And I need to go this way. So, while
I’m heading this way you may as well join me…. The nice thing about this way. The streets
aren’t cobbled. So, I can actually, probably hold the camera a little bit more steady. Than, if I was walking that way. Because literally, it’s very, very Cobbly that way… I think…. I think I spoke a little bit too soon! As
you can see… Cobbled streets! I was mistaken! The footpath though, a little bit less Cobbly. But it is very difficult to talk to the camera while you’re walking down
such steep steps! I didn’t really want to fall on my arse like that! I have to say, some of my favourite buildings in Kiev are around here. I’ll be honest if I was to buy a place in Kiev right now it
would be in the Podil area I just love, the sort of… You got the Tall, high ceilings, big rooms, very traditional type architecture. It kind of
reminds me a little bit…… I mean it’s, it’s actually less Soviet and almost and a little bit more Western European I think. A little bit anyway! One of the, one of the big differences
about a weekday in Kiev and a weekend in Kiev these streets because there’s a lot
of offices around here. Generally office workers tend to drive into the city and
they park their cars pretty much anywhere. What I’ve noticed… Has been some changes since…. certainly, the new presidents come into
force in Ukraine. There’s a lot more barriers on pavements. In the old days it
was, literally Cones that would stop people parking on pavements. And the only reason those cones were there. Was basically, because someone would be
working the pavement and expecting a tip. Or, expect a payment, with the ability
of parking your car there. The one thing you’ll notice…. I mean it could have
changed… But I’ve never seen it… I’ve never seen a traffic warden! In the UK
there’s traffic wardens everywhere! And trying to park in the UK… Pretty, pretty
impossible! But in Kyiv people park in the street! However, what I like is…. Things have started changing! All these new barriers! These are new barriers! And all
over the city they’ve now, they’ve now put up barriers, across some of the major
pavements! Which has stopped a lot of cars parking on them! On the pavements! Now, that is probably causing a little bit more congestion. But hopefully if it
persuades a few more people to get out of their cars and maybe take the bus or
the subway. That’s not such a bad thing. This little bar over there….. This street as we go along… There’s a…. At night time comes more alive. During the day…. Obviously, I’ve
pointed out there’s office workers and sort in the buildings. There’s a few shops
around here…. but you know, not to much… One of the things you’ll notice compared
to this, about this Street, compared to other Kyiv Streets…. It’s the fact that it’s
actually quite narrow compared to most Kyiv streets. In the center of Kiev…. Excuse me…..
In the center of Kiev, most the streets are very wide. You have four-lane streets
here, five lanes Streets. I think some streets are six or seven lanes, it’s
ridiculously wide! Now with some good Town Planning, they can convert some of
those lanes into cycle lanes, into bus lanes. But the reality is, the car is king
here! But in the streets of Podil, they’re clearly trying to make an effort. ….
Making the car a little bit harder to use and a little bit harder to park. But
in the centre of Kiev they haven’t thought of this example…. There’s been a lot of development in the
last few years. Certainly, in a lot of these apartments. Apartments where people
vanished during the revolution. But, people have come back to the city. And now
because there’s so many interior designers in Kyiv. I’m sure that if you
get the opportunity to go in some of the apartments, you’d be massively impressed! So, this is one of the, one of the many
squares in Podil and this is possibly one of the more beautiful squares in
Podil. Don’t get me wrong each one is unique. But, I could imagine having an
apartment just there is….. Well, what a fantastic location! And this… This, as we go down this street
that shops become a lot of…. There’s a lot of designer shops on this street. But, a few
very fancy restaurants. This is definitely the high market side of Podil….
Obviously, not every side of Podil is like this. But this side is the high market
side… It’s Definetly a street, I’d imagine a lot of women come to. We’ve got a nail shops, we’ve got dress shops, we’ve got nice little coffee shops. We’ve probably been past…… Apart from the odd bar…. There’s not much for men around here….
But, I can see why women enjoy it. Come and get their hair done. And come
get their nails done around here. And a…… See, prices keep going up! Americano now is 20 and 35 for a large. I remember….. I mean…. It wasn’t so long ago where you’ll
be paying less than 10 for an Americano. I appreciate that this is a slightly
more expensive area. But prices have gone up! However, you put it in perspective of
London. That’s not too bad! I have to….. Make a conscientious effort to try and talk over when there’s terrible pop music going on.
It seems anytime I get a little bit of background music in my videos… The video gets claimed by the terrible commercial artist and I don’t get a penny! And they
get all the money! All because …. That song appears in the video for less than
10 seconds, in the background……. And then here we…. Here we start to experience the
problems that Kiev has. With a lot of traffic. And this is when things become…..
Kiev is an incredibly congested city! Now, don’t get me wrong it’s not as congested
as somewhere like Moscow or a lot of countries you see in North Africa or
the Middle East…. But it’s a congestion city nonetheless! We need to really hope
people start embracing public transport more. But there’s a real stigma behind it!
Like I say… I think I mentioned in my last video… If you have a little bit of
money…. You… You simply won’t be…. You won’t be inclined to take public transport.
Which I think’s a real shame because it’s a cultural thing… And that’s a
cultural thing that needs to change! Just in the same way that we know the
Dutch to be keen cyclists. The Dutch didn’t always use to be that way…
It took a cultural shift for the Dutch to suddenly become obsessed about bikes…..
And in just in the same way Londoners take public transport as a sort of you
know…. Every man and his dog takes public transport in London. Because it’s just
the thing to do. See it’s quickest way to get across London. Unless you’re on a
bike! This hasn’t mean ingrained in the
culture yet. It’s a class thing! Literally … a lot of….. Certainly, a lot of women don’t like to be seen on public transport. They…… If they can afford it. They will take an
Uber. They’ll take a taxi. They want to get picked up by whoever’s….. Whoever they date…
Whoever they’re dating. Whoever they’re married to or whoever their driver is!
They would rather sit in a “BOLT” than take public transport. And to be honest,
sometimes I don’t blame them. But there’s other times where it just doesn’t make
any sense! They do have, they do have the public
transport! But a lot more needs to be done! And that’s pretty much the end of
that pretty street! Things get a little bit busy from here. And I don’t think… I
don’t think it will make too much… Too much more entertaining. Because I’m
literally almost at my destination. But speaking of public transport. They still
have trams and buses…… So, people do take them…..
And they do work…… And, I tell you something… Google…. Google, though it is the mega Giant. And it is a little bit of a….. It does lean to the
political Left of the spectrum and it will Prosecute (persecute) those on the Right of the spectrum….. Google is a useful tool in here Use Google Maps! Google Maps is your
friend! If you want…. For example…. if you were stuck here and you have your phone out and you need to get back to your hotel, your
apartments or anywhere in Kyiv just use Google Maps. And Google Maps will tell
you that’s the right bus to take. And where the bus stop is. And there’s live
information! It’s actually very…… Google Google works very well in
Ukraine! And I urge you to use…. I urge you to use Google Maps because it will save you a fortune. If you’re willing to take public transport… But, anyway! As it’s getting a bit
noisy, a little bit hard to hear me. So, I want to say; Thank you for, Thank you for
watching! And I’m gonna catch you in the next video! Appreciate it!

5 thoughts on “Walking in Podil Ukraine one sunny Afternoon – Travel Guide – Vlog – Kyiv / Kiev Tour

  1. Never a fan of the communist regimes of concrete blander architecture that they left behind. At least now the post soviets are getting rid of it by putting up new buildings that are more appealing. Unfortunately communist (whoops I mean Labour) run councils in the 20th century also built horrendous concrete council blocks. Fortunately it seems many have been knocked down and I hope they all become extinct in the not so distant future.

  2. This dictrict called Vozdvizhenka and it is a new one. It was built in 2000-2008 (in pseudo-europian style), when there were high prices. Real estate prices collapsed after the 2008 crisis. After that, the area was called the Dead Town because no one lived there. This place came to life only 3-4 years ago (banks, restaurants, clubs, shops etc.)
    Only a few building were from 19th century. They are at the end of the street.

  3. Below is the article in UK newspaper about Vozdvyzhenka

    PUBLISHED: September 2013
    The 'oligarch's ghost town': 42-acre estate of mock 19th century houses at the heart of Kiev which have sat EMPTY since they were built because of the economic crash.

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