Walking Tour At Dumaluan Beach Resort Blog | doljo beach | Picnic,Bohol Philippines Vlog:Ep#1

Walking Tour At Dumaluan Beach Resort Blog | doljo beach | Picnic,Bohol Philippines Vlog:Ep#1

hello guys picnic time here in panglao bohol with family mr. Cummings I’ll do Malu my baby marcelina maria i’m attack right
the remain because I’m swiping no don’t open up a limit they may be no you guys I’m on a picnic you go Vanya
is 300 cool so you can rent for the entire day
or you can get what how many cover you want so young 300 for
cable and your Impa and guys this is your public but every 1% based on whatever submission oh you don’t know man more
the belt when you buy a game over from this
another favorite but I was at another level 14 to 16
working 216 then the work then the wrong wrong there are more person more
come on – camisa my panglao nightlife Boulevard
so they took my guy said that I don’t come in hang up a guy and Ito like a
hand-up coming in Makkah Hainan man murder marital my store iron under me
and hibachi ah sir nightlife no pal oh yeah
damning another two activities metal show music video que ya little or you
just walking around here in Hangul all night but I called Boulevard
yeah mesial on database per unit time and we’re just walking around right guys yes Christ look at taps night life here
in Paulo Boulevard and the people who act upon our families
you know were just walking around did you guys coming soon yo c’mon I’m
pretty sure ito is highly highly expensive mercy for the two guys is
Danica worth a thousand per kilo and so if you are willing to pay a thousand
pesos for shrimp or Lobster you can have it here in Franklin
we’re just walking around looking for something
Moustakas incoming kuma a masseur just stop walking around in the boulevard
Ian maganda but any Nayanar FINA husband to see when a coming time namakkal at
8:01 Thailand today so sino-soviet Amin Amin
oh mama she’ll be to serve all aboard it looked like black eye volleyball –
and Mojave apparently first experience and the
Pergamon Gary took on the double arrow not follow when
Oh you hello guys welcome to my videos I’m
really really enjoy here in Palau night life boulevard close to our i think in
an hotel it’s really nice walking boulevard here in come now so
you guys not came to bajalia please come and visit on our place in the hall now
propaganda we are really enjoying walking around in how fun so if you guys
planning put in your list that you are going to the hall I’ll be back if I have
vacation time here again thank you very much if you pull out the pussy knocking
videos guys so subscribe my channel give me a thumbs up
hit the notification I can see you guys not surprised if I have you bid you
applauded sunup guys or Pushpa bush thank you for just enjoying the rest of
our vacation here in the hall

26 thoughts on “Walking Tour At Dumaluan Beach Resort Blog | doljo beach | Picnic,Bohol Philippines Vlog:Ep#1

  1. ang ganda talaga ng Alona beach wala akong masabi lalo na pag gabi sarap tumbay sa dalampasigan at manuod ng mga lights.

  2. Toured Bohol years back but didn’t had a chance to see this Dumaluan beach. It looks like a nice beach for family bonding. The shoreline is so pretty( white sand). Your beach outing turned out fun. P300 is not bad for a kubo. It’s nice to know there is a place to eat at Panglao Nightlife. Everything looks good. Naay boulevard?

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