Warwick, England: Medieval Castle – Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide – Travel Bite

Warwick, England: Medieval Castle – Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide – Travel Bite

Warwick Castle has been turned
into a virtual theme park. It’s a hit with families,
as from dungeon to lookout, the enterprising Earl of Warwick is wringing
maximum tourist dollars out of his castle. Along with
all the entertainment, there’s centuries of history. The man-made defensive mound is
where the original Norman castle was built in 1068. Back then, a wooden stockade
defined the courtyard in the way
the stony walls do now. -Hello! -You can climb the towers
and ramble the ramparts. Today’s castle is
a 15th-century fortified shell surrounding a 19th-century
noble residence. Inside, the cavernous Great Hall is decorated with 16th-century
weaponry and dazzling armor. Imagine 500 years ago, the pageantry
of a jousting tournament. The elegant state rooms are
brought to life by wax figures. We’ve dropped in
on a royal weekend gala, and we’re going to party
like it’s 1898. The countess of Warwick, considered
the most beautiful woman in Victorian England,
greets her guests. The latest hits are played live. There’s no other way, and big-name aristocrats
have dropped in, including a young
Winston Churchill. ♪♪ The castle works to bring
the Middle Ages back to life. Out at the moat,
an archer shows off his mastery of the all-important long bow. [ Cheers and applause ] And down by the river,
families gather for a demonstration
of a catapult-like weapon called a trebuchet built from
13th-century drawings. The crew powers the treadmill, which raises
the six-ton counterweight. When triggered, this hurls
a boulder 200 yards. [ Indistinct shouting ] [ Chatter ] 800 years ago, if this machine
rolled up to your castle, it was a very bad day.

21 thoughts on “Warwick, England: Medieval Castle – Rick Steves’ Europe Travel Guide – Travel Bite

  1. so proud to be british its easy to forget that i live in such a beautiful country, with an incredible rich long history, mind blowing stunning architecture old and modern just love this country ??????

  2. Amazing!!! Beautiful place England thank you Sir. for sharing your videos God bless you ?? From Nagaland

  3. I was here last year, but only for about 2 hours, which really isn't enough time – it was only about enough time to walk around the ramparts, climb up to the top of the towers and explore the dungeons – next time I'm going longer

  4. I live about half an hour away. If you ever visit, I recommend combining this castle, which is more of a theme park type experience (great for kids btw) with Kenilworth Castle, which is just 12 miles to the north. Kenilworth Castle was partially destroyed in 1649 during the English Civil War but most of the walls are still standing. Most of the structures are a little bit older and show a different aspect of English history, as well as a different architecture style as it was built earlier and with red sandstone. Kenilworth is great if you want to learn about that period of English history, but not as good for kids as it doesn't have a 'theme park' feel like Warwick does.

  5. Very nice. When I visited there in 1971 it was very different, no museum or public demonstrations of archery etc. We did get to walk up one of the towers and I remember a very nice rose garden with peacocks walking around.

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