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Mr Rusheb dropped me here This is a local bus terminal I am going to take a bus for the nearest Metro station Today I was supposed to get up early around 6 am but yesterday night I slept quite late because while transferring the videos from my camera to the laptop I was how poor the quality of audio was! I expected GoPro 6 to be much better than my old GoPro 4 but this GoPro 6 has 2 inbuilt microphones… They are so wierd The audio was so poor I don’t think I should trust GoPro 6 audio for making videos Thats why now I am using an external mic This is Boya M1 mic Though that is also a big hassle GoPro’s adapter to connect the external mic with the camera is so bulky Now he is going to drop me somewhere From there I will catch a bus and then metro to reach Washington DC Its 8:30 am A lot of viewers said that they don’t understand the numbers in Hindi, so I should atleast speak them in English Though considering Non-Hindi speaking viewers, I put English subtitles in every video Overthere is a bus terminal When I was making the video there, someone came and asked me to stop I am scared of all the men in ‘uniform’ !! Everyone seems like a Cop Though that person was a security personnel from the PRTC, the bus operating agency Then I went inside and asked for the ticket to Smithsonian Actually, Rusheb told me that Smithsonian metro station is the nearest one for most of the attractions in DC So prefer Smithsonian station If you are staying outside the Washington city area. as it is quite costly to stay there The suburbs of DC have quite cheaper hotels After I went inside, I started talking to the person on the counter He was happy to see my camera and gimbal setup Thereafter, I gave him a bill of 20 USD to purchase the ticket but he said he didnt had change I did not had smaller bills than 20 then he did a favour to me he gave me this this is a free pass What a decent way to start the day! These are fare vending machines I am going to charge my smart card now Here are the peak and non-peak hours fares its 9:25 am after 5 minutes off-peak time will start I will have to pay around 5.40 USD in peak hours whereas in non-peak hours the fare is just 3.85 USD for Smithsonian So why shouldn’t I wait for 5 minutes to save money! Sharing this with you so that you also keep this in mind if you are here If you visit DC, you must be taking a metro You can also get a ONE DAY PASS If you want to ride a lot in these metros, then take this pass it costs 14.75 USD This offers unlimited rides for 1 day in all metrorails and metrobus in Washington DC You can charge your smartcard with this pass check this website for updated fares you can also call this number if you are in USA This is the train station I have reached DC Over there is the Washington Monument its 3 pm i am still near the Holocaust museum This is a big museum. I could not see everything. You need atleast 5 hours to visit this properly This place is near the National mall I am going that side its 3:20 pm over there is Holocaust museaum Now I am at Washington monument This dedicated to the first presdent of this country this was completed in 1884 It was the tallest building in those days This is still the tallest monumental building of the world 555 feet over there is Capitol building Most of the iconic monuments of Washington are located in this area Hire a bike to visit all these places Thats the best way to explore these places I think I am going through bad times I lost the Mic adapter I recently bought it after coming here in the US It costs 50 USD I have lost a lot of things on this trip when is this going to stop! Probably this leads to the White house what is happening here! some security personnel are shouting why! is anyone going to come? probably there is some VIP movement, that is why all the tourists are cordoned off to this side I am happy to be here its 4:45 pm Thats White House, Now I am going to visit some other places Everyone in USA said that tap water in USA is drinkable this is the first water fountain which I saw, is publicly available till now I used to refill my bottle from the places where I stay Wow! No water!! Public fountain in the capital city of the USA has no water!! its 6:15 pm I am tired now. Have been walking since morning This is National Mall I thought this would be similar to a shopping mall quite similar to the lawns at India gate in New Delhi This is a must visit place its 3:30 pm Now I am going to leave this place Let me arrange all the things properly I stayed in this room for 3 days how to put this off! This house belongs to Mr Rusheb and his familiy a garden neighbours let me introduce you with everyone He is Sarfaraz I felt this place as just like my home I had Indian food I am sure viewers from Bangladesh, Pakistan and India…. will stay together, united and happy and progress We used to be the super power of the world when we were united today US is the Super power but we will achieve our lost strength if we stay united He is Rusheb’s father travelled 68 countries Best wishes to all of you 🙂

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