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We’re now at one of the best places in Kerala to visit in this Monsoon season. We’re filming this video from ‘900 Kandi’. Let’s see about Wayanad tourism in this video. There are two ways to reach Wayanad 1st one is through Palakkad ->Kozhikode ->Wayanad. But the roads are bad in that route. It takes same time anyways to reach by both the routes. Other way is Mettupalayam ->Ooty ->Gudalur ->Wayanad The route looks beautiful throughout the journey. You’d like to drive in this route 🙂 Our journey was started from Coimbatore, We started at early morning 6 and crossed Mettupalayam, Black thunder and en route to Ooty now… From this place the temperature starts to drop. Most of them who take this route stop at this junction and To have refreshments. Queen of Mountains, Ooty we’re near it. My friend had vomiting sensation while climbing up the hills That’s a usual feeling for many who travel uphills. Eat less 😛 The reason behind it is, There’s a synchronisation between eyes and body, So while travelling if you’re using Mobile phone or sleeping or sitting in the opposite direction Our eyes doesn’t match the motion That’s the most common reason. Look through the window to avoid that sensation. He’s driving since morning, Still 5 hours to go 😛 Looks tired already. we’re going to have tea for refreshments. When we enquired about this blue bottle, they said us this is to scare monkeys. It’s common between students in Coimbatore who come up all the way to Ooty just to have a Tea. We’re kind of doing such things now.. We’re done with it, lets see in the next pitstop. The reason for choosing this route is because of the ambience and smooth roads and that’s the reason. Time is 1:30 now, Hungry… Heard from a friend that this hotel is good. So we’ve parked here. Let’s go inside… Next stop is going to be Wayanad. Viewers are going to comment about the quality of the video Viewers, it’s not the fault of camera, it’s the Fog outside. Go fast….. How…! Can’t go any faster. Bikers are going faster…? He can see the roads better may be. Let’s follow this biker :v be careful.. only a red dot is visible. That too is fading away slowly. Buy and keep Fog lights next time. Biker is gone 😛 There’s a bus coming opposite. Was afraid of his vision while driving in Fog 😛 Backlogs… Arrears? Ok, ok 15.. I had 40 backlogs when I passed out of the college. But now i have only 15. Most of them are Maths I guess? yes.. Maths, Mechanics… Totally how many properties are here other than yours. 46. how many accommodation you have in your property? are those 6 cottages booked? Then we also have cave house. Then we have 30 tents. are tents booked? We aren’t renting tents now Because of rain? Yes, heavy rain. is it infested with leeches as well? yes We’ve seen already in this video how to reach Wayanad, and this is the place we’re going to stay tonight. This feels like living in between a jungle. not only that, To reach here, we took around 7 kms off-road Jeep safari. Safari was so adventurous, we thought we almost fell down and since this is Monsoon here, there are lot of leeches crawling remain calm if a leech bites you, it can be taken out by applying salt. you might bleed for few minutes. We’ve come here to explore few places in Wayand. Meaning of this place ‘900 Kandi’ is 900 Acres. This is a 900 Acre forest with few properties. You can find cardamom plantations everywhere. So inside this 900 acres, many people have built resorts, we’re staying in one of the resorts. This is our room, for 4 persons. they don’t charge separately for rooms, instead along with other activities like waterfall trekking inside their private property. they arrange campfire in the night if it’s not pouring heavily. Morning break fast and night dinner is included in this package. you can purchase other foods as well, like Tandooris etc but that’s separately charged. So this all comes under a package along with the stay. it costed us 1500 per person for a group of 4 members. But one of our friend was unable to join the trip this is all about the rooms. we’re going to waterfall tomorrow morning, even while coming here they showed us a stream and asked if we wanted to refresh in it. but it was too cold so we skipped :3 end of vlog…. we’ve planned to roam for two more days in Wayanad. I’ll list down the other places to visit in Wayanad at the end of the Wayanad series. I’ll show you more about the places that we’re about to explore. Let’s see tomorrow.

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