We braved the HEAT for a LOLITA PICNIC

We braved the HEAT for a LOLITA PICNIC

16 thoughts on “We braved the HEAT for a LOLITA PICNIC

  1. And after 800 It will be 900 and after 900 It will be1000 I really can’t wait for you to get 1000 subscribers

  2. Arf moi j'ai mit le lolita de côté pour l'été. La sudiste qui ne veut pas suer un océan dans ses tenues…..

  3. 32°C!!!wow yes is too Hot … Even for me that I live in a city with a max thermal sensation of 53°C, I think that 32° is so Hot for wearing a complete or complex coord lolita

  4. Wearing wigs with that heat could be even dangerous! You all look very cute. Happy you had a lovely day :3

  5. Did I hear correctly that you can purchase specifically Lolita fabric? Can you provide a link please if you have one? I love the coords by the way ??

  6. "Braving" the heat is the right term! But it just goes to show you can adapt Lolita to the seasons and that was very refreshing to see.

  7. Thank you for this video. Nice meetup and nice dress. You're so brave to go outside wearing lolita with this heat ! I hope that you had some fun. 🙂

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