100 thoughts on “WE CLOSED the WORST TOURIST TRAP in PRAGUE! THANK YOU (Honest Guide)

  1. Hi honest guide I just want you to know that I really appreciate what you do I just subscribed yesterday but I already watched a lot of your videos ❤️❤️❤️

  2. I wouldn't be brave enough to do the stuff you do, confronting scammets and stuff. I just wanna say thanks.

  3. Then India is a large scam for tourists! The Taxi driver tryed to kidnapp me and drive me so far thet i would have to pay alot. People followed me and asked for money and followed me for like 50min and the public transport is more expensive for me then the locals and thet is so unfair because their trains are so bad and i pay alot more and so on..

  4. Your channel is amazing. My friends from Prague said this scams is real. Furthermore you are very cute! Thanks for all

  5. Thank you for your awesome videos.

    You inspired me to start my own traveling channel and I already posted one vlog from my trip to Athens. I try to make it all rather artistic 😊😊😋😋🌺

  6. ahhhh… i just love chernobyl and wake up to my three armed son and getting sick from the radioactive water

  7. can you mention Restaurant ve staré radnici in one of your videos? its a really bad tourist trap restaurant.

  8. I have been watching your videos for quite sometime. I was in Prague two weeks back… I loved your beautiful city and hope to return back to see more of it in the near future.

  9. Proc je nadpis v nemcine, kdyz ty potom mluvis anglicky !!!? Podle nadpisu jsem se uz tesila, ze konecne budu jednomu videu rozumet; zase nic!!😅

  10. Guys I am looking for a nice place to horse ride in Czech Republic somewhere away from the cities but somewhere in mountains or forest or beaches , please let me know if you can suggest anyone

  11. i was two years in Prague for work and I lived near the place with the cheapest beer 🙂 when I invited a friend he could not believe it

  12. Once again a fine example of a young man exposing the crooks and thieves where you go on holiday yes prog I have to turn around and say a personal thank you to this man people like him but their self at Great risk but at the same time exposed those horrible people who take advantage of the vulnerable

  13. I do visit Prague after watching your videos thank you very much your videos help me with everything in Prague i love that City and I'll back in next year how many thank you i said it's not enough big big big thanks to you and your team 🌹🌹

  14. Guys, my trip to Prague would never be as amazing as it was without your tips and hints. From the moment we stepped on the airport and knew how to take the bus to the metro station until the last moment we spent in your Country, everything was great (hmmm, I try not to remember of the many xenofobous reactions of the older people, even before our respectful behaviour). Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    If I might suggest you one thing, I'd ask you to talk about Regio Jet bus scam. They sold me a marked seat pass to get back from Karlovy Vary to Prague, but later I found out they would not only disregard the seat number but also tell me I should get on an older bus, with no air conditioner, that would follow "my" bus. And there was no use in complaining: the answer was like "if you want us to take you back to Prague, just get on that bus. Nothing else can be done".

  15. Dávám jediný dislike ze všech videií, které jsem od vás viděl a to kvůli té narážce na nejlepší město této republiky, Brno.

  16. They should’ve played the clip where the. Scam exchange best place said “you think you’re gonna make a difference to us”

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