We Followed A Day In The Life of Zendaya

We Followed A Day In The Life of Zendaya

100 thoughts on “We Followed A Day In The Life of Zendaya

  1. They even stopped trying ? telling all that "I LOVE it" with stone cold faces ?

    Why does this girl needs a whole shelf of "routine" while her face looks just average (not like luxuriously glistening).

    And lastly – this Zendaya is obviously working out – it's just humanly impossible to be slim eating icecream in bed.

  2. z is perfect and beautiful and amazing and iconic and talented and i just love her so much and aspire to be like her every day

  3. Zendaya doesn’t work out?? She must not eat a ton then. Holy crap.

    Edit: they also kept saying, if she saw this I think she “would be proud”. I think she would be more proud of women just being themselves and loving their life unapologetically.. not copying after her specific life.

  4. Person that isn’t Jazzmyne: it was literally one day as Zendaya not trying to cure Cancer ? I never thought one person could complain so much about not eating meat for one single day. The struggle of your job is sooooo hard ?

  5. Jazzmyne i love you!!! You slayed that suit honey❤❤❤❤❤

    Ehis has too much of an attitude its a challenge video quit complaining geez ?? i would not watch another video with her in it sorry

  6. If anyone is wondering Zendaya also used African black soap cleansing wipes from Shea moisture in her skincare routine ??

  7. My name’s Jazmine and I complain when my name gets spelt wrong but I can’t imagine how frustrated Jazzmyne gets???

  8. Ok for everyone complaining about the girl not wanting to give up exercise for one, chill out let her complain, she likes to exercise. If it was sweets/junk food no one would be complaining about her y'all be agreeing

  9. OMG Jazzmyne!!!….YOU are EVERYTHING!!! You go girl!! YOU ARE LIFE!!!! You are SOOOO much fun!!!! I LOVE ALL of the videos about you!!! You are such the fun friend I want to have!!! And your fashion sense is so amazing!

  10. They went to bed after supposedly washing face and taking off makeup but still looks like they have makeup on. Why do they have blonde hair. Its not looking good.

  11. the girl who had to give up meat and working out no shade but STFU and stop complaining its legit 24 HOURS YOUR GOING TO SURVIVE FOR THE NEXT DAY lol don't sign up then tf

  12. Frankly I understand not skipping work out. If you do it everyday you end up feeling some sort of sick if you skip. I was what happened to me back when my body was kind enough to let me work out everyday anyway

  13. Jazz: gets exactly what Zendaya gets to eat

    Ehis: "I got fries, cause I feel like Zendaya would eat fries."

  14. Wait wait wait. Jazz, where did you get your phone case???? I need it. I used to have that phone. Lol. Please tell me they have it for android. Lmao.

  15. no one should ever call any celebrity "effortless" – like they have squillions of dollars and stylists and trainers like none of this is effortless

  16. I think it’s crazy how many products people use on their face and/or hair. My face is just fine with a morning scribe. Science has found that a lot of chemicals in soaps actually strip your skin of the vital things it needs like minerals and oils. Without this OF COURSE you need to buy bottles of this or that to replace what you’ve stripped away. I’m not saying you shouldn’t wash yourself with soap. Just be aware of what kind of soap you buy.

  17. I legit thought they were gunna follow Zendaya around for a whole day. I think I just got clickbaited but cool video nonetheless ??

  18. To the not Jaz person, the one who complains a lot of not eating meat and not to work out, SIZ IF YOU ARE NOT HERE TO COMMIT THEN DO NOT COMMIT AT ALL!! THERE ARE A BUNCH OF BUZFEED EMPLOYEE WHO WOULD BE MORE LOVELY TO REPLACE YOU


  19. Buzzfeed, stop getting people who aren’t gonna do the damn challenges properly. It’s irritating and takes away from the quality of the videos.

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