morning folks today we’ve got Ben myself
and Keith Keats back there in the back seat so yesterday Ben and Keith saw a
big buck back in this area that Ben is scouted and we’ve hunted a little bit in
the past during the late season doesn’t seem like there’s gonna be much pressure
back in here based off what these guys saw they basically did an observation
sit more or less than an open area it’s all buck with a doe yeah I guess our
hope is this morning to kind of attack this buck from a couple different angles
it’s a big Ridge with a hay field on top so we’re gonna get a couple different
setups in there we feel like we got a pretty good idea of where these do
you’re going to be cruising and if a buck how to go in there surely there’s
gonna be some other bucks that are kind of working around that area we’re just
gonna get set up on two different areas where we think bucks are going to be
coming through and hopefully at first light that puts us in the game that
doesn’t work we’re gonna start moving around kind of moved to an observation
point where we think that they are gonna be betting we’ll talk about that more
once we get back there but the first thing that we’re gonna do is try to get
set up where they saw this buck yesterday just because we think if she’s
in there she’s obviously leaving a tray all around that area where she’s been
walking so so since she’s walking out there surely some other bucks of caught trail of her and even if we don’t see that buck with the doe again there’s
probably gonna be other Bucks cruising through that area we’re gonna get
aggressive on him and put a couple different setups and then kind of move
throughout the day we plan on pretty much being out here all day so it’s
gonna be pretty fun temperatures are too low it’s 29 degrees right now is what
it’s saying then it’s only supposed to get to like thirty five degrees
throughout the day so it’s starting to get to be that time frame where we
really think these big bucks are gonna start getting up moving around they’re
gonna start losing those first few hot does that they had they’re gonna start
getting up and cruising hopefully that’s case this morning
we’ll be out there after them well we just got up to the high point
where the buck came out last night we got him pretty late this morning it was
shooting light as we got up here to the top of the hill we decided that rather
than blowing everything out on this field on the way in we just sit at this
high point see what’s going on first light and then make a move in winds
being pretty squirrelly up here on top at least on this side of the field and
we’re just trying to be a little conservative and not go crashing in here
we did see one guy on the way in he appeared to be heading away from us it
is Saturday and we’re expecting a few more people be out in the woods today Hunter walking through the field headed east headed right where we were
just gonna go set up so that eliminates that yeah welcome to Saturday just saw
another guy cross right to where we were gonna go kind of makes her mind up for
us I guess we keep going there’s only three and a half miles is rich top yeah
that’s a good till we hit the next access this guy’s coming right up on us so not
real sure what we’re gonna do at this point
lots of pressure where you had it where you headed down there in those trees cool good luck
what’s that yeah now let’s go man it’s a big every look like a huge body
dear yep that’s kind of how it works sometimes
you just have to stumble into him I guess we’re just sitting here
speculating on all the spots of the Bucks might be and I think Zach hit it
right on the head he looks up and he’s like I could also see a buck
being up in those orange trees and I just looked up and glass and saw shiny
back moving he came up to the right and then just turned down and just worked
his way down the hill and crossed the footpath down there and he’s just he
just straight like I mean just notice the ground he’s big he was he’s a good
nine hundred yards away well we set up on the first spot this morning and we
had a guy walk right past us so we decided to keep working to the south
there’s a bunch of planted Pines down here and planted Oaks on the end and
there’s three or four ridges that run parallel nowhere back there to put a
stand tree so we’re kind of focusing on these areas trying to get a visual on
deer popped up off this hay field and Zach
was looking around saying there’s tons of trails and here tons of browse
there’s got to be deer back here we saw a couple fresh shrubs
we’re glass in that hillside and sacks like I could definitely see a buck being
up in those orange trees which are planted oak and I just glanced up and as
soon as he said that I saw one running to the right and then he ran it back
down to the left it’s a big buck I mean it’s definitely the biggest buck that
we’ve seen body size for sure he’s just straight like dogging so he’s looking
for something to chase and we’re gonna have to go in there and get on him yeah my thinking is
yeah maybe he cruises been off for the next two
hours but if we’re gonna be ahead of him I think he ends up back up there you do
cuz there’s stove I mean I assume there’s does up there too
yeah keep checking and if he keeps going farther that way he just runs into a
bunch of strip hits and eventually like a real steep bank dropping down to think
what is another access road and the 15 minor freaking people in these woods a
guy would think he’s gonna end up in there well we had another friend come by
today this is actually the friendliest of all the ones we’ve met so far
he said he shot a buck earlier this morning he’s just walking through to go
get his uncle who’s down here below us his uncle’s already tagged out as well
so yeah they didn’t shoot this one just another reason for us to kind of stick
to that open ground I think man the buck came down right here behind Ben but
we’re not sure what your direction you win that guy’s going through anyway so
we figured we just kind of wait I’m assuming dude that he just went straight
down there then looked right back up there yeah I was friendly I would be too
if I just shot a deer I did seem nice he’s not practice and scent control
though you know it smells swisher Sweets smoke from a mile away well we walked through where that guy
was up here there’s tons of bedding habitat like the best stuff we’ve seen
there’s tons of trails tons of browse so we’ve only left her scent on this old
whatever path the old strip-mine path I guess we’ve got a couple ideas for
setups here in the future but we’re just gonna keep walking around this path
basically around this bedding area seeing how the sign comes out of it see
if there’s any spots that are just as good or better we haven’t been here you
got to learn as much of it as we can before we set up we feel like we’re so
far from any access and like we said there’s no stand trees up there at all
that was a big buck but just know know where he went he could have just kept
going and be a mile away by now but it’s just hard to say so we’re just gonna
keep scouting trying to find where the sign goes into this bedding area and
then hopefully we can make a really good solid set up later I guess what I’m thinking dude is if
we’ve got a gut wind we’re looking over this and there’s this much buck sign we
just stop big buck we got to be somewhere up here looking this evening
just to get a little bit better feel so I’ve had two days that we can execute on
the spot it’s a good spot we have not seen a scrape like that and this type of
stuff at all we haven’t seen this much betting either there’s hot trails like
fresh tracks on them there’s buck sign to that Valley that
big buck cross through that valley surely this evening they’re gonna be
going through there a lot like if they’re feeding on these hillsides all
this thistle and just browse is there’s certainly a good chance those books are
going to be cruising around here well this afternoon we just dropped
Keith off at his lookout point we’re gonna head up this point now zach was
just looking at the map and there’s there’s a spot way back in there where
the pines kind of tapered down and then drop down into the drainage and there
atleast on the map there’s a ton of trails coming through there that’s gonna
kind of be our end point but we don’t really have anything set in stone so
we’re thinking about just getting up here to the edge of the pines just still
hunt our way through with the wind in our face maybe end up at that point from
there we should have a pretty good spot to set up ideally there’s some kind of
scrape or at least heavy trails coming through there and then we’ll be able to
see across the valley to the other hillside where we saw that buck this
morning something we learned on our way out too as we walk this trail out and we
stop seeing deer tracks pretty much past the point where we just dropped Keith
off just kind of interesting there’s something going on up here and this
pines and planted oak there’s a lot more browse here I think too and it’s just
pretty internal it’s far for anybody to get to it Browsing on the hillside face in the pond
I get sad hours there’s two there dude here I’d say just stay in the shadows what’s getting to be about shooting
light and how we worked our way up to the edge of the pines here I’m just
trying to keep a vantage point so we’ve been doing all evening it does sound
like Keith keeps us sitting on the across the valley from us it does sound
like he saw pretty good buck tonight I’ll have to get back there and see what
happened with this situation but they’re in here man we plan on hunting the spot
the next couple mornings so we’re gonna try to ease out without bumping anything
pretty excited about the sign we found I think we’re in a really good spot it’s
definitely the best bedding area we found so far didn’t see any other people
back here so that’s a plus try to get out of here quietly as we possibly can
it’s pretty calm

81 thoughts on “WE FOUND THE HOT SPOT! Ohio Public Land – DEER TOUR E42

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